February 23, 2017   27 Shevat 5777
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Shabbat Mishpatim/Shabbat Shekalim
Scholar in Residence Weekend with Rabbi Balinsky
honoring Rabbi Mitch Parker on his installation as rabbi.
Friday, February 23rd 
6 p.m., Chapel
Saturday, February 24th
9 a.m., Sanctuary
Rabbi Mitch Parker will officiate at Shabbat Morning Services.
10 a.m. Youth Room is open and staffed.  
Kiddush  Lunch is sponsored by Bev Avadenka, Bernice Jacobson, Linda and Steve Jacobson, Pearl and Seymour Manello Ruby Robinson, Lou and Sally Soverinsky and Ruth  Webber.  Lunch is co-sponsored by the B'nai Israel Synagogue Kesher Group.

To help support Kiddush Lunch, please consider becoming part of a Kiddush Lunch Bunch Group or making a one-time donation to the Kiddush Lunch Fund.  Please contact the synagogue office for details.

Rabbi Michael Balinksy
Featuring Rabbi Michael Balinsky
FRIDAY NIGHT, February 24th:  "A Word of Torah" 
Rabbi Balinsky will offer words of Torah between Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv services.

SATURDAY MORNING, February 25th: 
Rabbi Balinsky will offer the D'var Torah during Shabbat morning services: "A Running Commentary and Discussion on the Torah Reading: Mishpatim"

SATURDAY EVENING, February 25th: 
7:30 p.m.  at the home of Rabbi Mitch and Cheryl Parker
"All is Forbidden, Yet Permission is Granted- A Journey into the Thought of Rabbi Joseph Soltoveitchik"
Through the study of key Rabbinic texts, a key line of thought of Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik, one of the leading Jewish thinkers of the 20th century, will be explored.  Focus will be on how this line of thought is applied to a number of areas including prayer, blessings, Shabbat and how the basis of ethics and ritual merge together.
SUNDAY EVENING, February 26th:
Rabbi Balinsky will speak honoring Rabbi Parker during the dinner in Rabbi Parker's honor: "Where the Intellect Meets the Divine: Reflections on Torah Study" Dinner  Reservations required for this event.

Rabbi Michael Balinsky is the Executive Vice President of the Chicago Board of Rabbis. In this capacity he works with rabbis of all denominations in a range of professional, communal and inter-religious activities. He co-chairs the Chicago Catholic Jewish Dialogue , is a past president of the Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago and was a board member of the Council for the Parliament of the World's Religions.  He served as Director of Faculty Development for the Florence Melton Adult School and has taught for Melton since 1986. For twenty two years Rabbi Balinsky was a Hillel director, serving the University of Michigan as associate director followed by twenty years at Northwestern University. He is a graduate of Yeshiva University.


for Shabbat Observant family of 5 the weekend of April 1st.  Family will be attending a bar mitzvah at Temple Kol Ami. Please contact Faith Brasch: FBrasch@tkolami.org if you are able to assist.

Youth Room open every Shabbat beginning at 10 a.m.

Application deadline is February 17.  Click here for application.


Sunday Morning Minyan 3D, February 26th 8:30 a.m.
Scholar in Residence Rabbi Michael Balinsky will speak:  "Interdenominational Cooperation:  Fact or Fiction?  All are welcome for services, breakfast and speaker following.  Thank you to Laurie and Robert Kimmel for sponsoring breakfast for this event.

Taste a Treasure! Short Stories of S. Y. Agnon
Tuesday evenings at 7:30p.m. February 28, led by Rabbi Berger
Thirty years ago, Shmuel Yosef Agnon was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature; he was the first (and so far the only) Israeli to win. His writing is lonely and spiritual, and sometimes Kafka-esque, and contains many rich allusions to Biblical and Rabbinic literature that are fun to uncover. We will read and discuss a few of his short stories, starting with Agadat Hasofer, "The Tale of the Scribe." All stories may be read in English.  This exciting and informative class will be led by Rabbi Jonathan Berger.   RSVP to Mitch, mitch@bnaiisraelwb.org.  There is no charge to attend.

Study with Rabbi Mitch Parker, "A History of God,"
Wednesdays mornings, 9:30-11:00, beginning March 8th, Federation Building
Interested? Contact Federation:    248-205-2557 to register.

INTRODUCING . . . DATE NIGHT for parents of School-Age Children
date night
Saturday Evenings, 8 p.m. jerusalem
March 18            April 29          May 20
Mitch Parker will be leading learning sessions devoted to the History of Jerusalem.  The last session will take place on the weekend before Yom Yerushalayim which this year will mark the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem.   Sessions will be hosted in member homes.  Saturday February 4th session will be hosted by  Leah and Joe Bernstein.   RSVP directly to   lsbhome1@yahoo.com  if you plan to attend.   Host homes are still needed for March, April and May. Please e-mail David Saperstein  if you are interesting in hosting.

Talmud class with Mitch Parker
Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30 p.m., at the synagogue
We are currently studying Brachot, the first section of the Talmud.  Interested?  Contact Mitch:  mitch@bnaiisraelwb.org

Mazel Tov 
Happy Birthday!
Birthday Cake
25 Sheila Kurland,  Sharon Rosen
26 Aaron Orel 
 1 Ronald Gadoth-Goodman
 2 Joshua Abramson 
 3 Donald Nusholtz 
 7 Oren Duer 
 9 Rita Goldstone 
12 Loraine Kuhn
13 Frank Ellias 
14 Larry Charlupski,  Lisa Goldenberg 
20 David Pappas,  Ariel Taub 
23 Mindy Shuback 
24 Talya Berger,  Jeremy Rosenberg 
26 Karen Orzach,  Roi Orzach 
30 Ryan Schmeltz 
31 Sharon Knoppow,  Meredith Weingarden 

Jewish Wedding

12 Craig & Stacy Gittleman 
17 David & Susan Feber 
22 Michael & Cathy Graub 
28 Bob & Joyce Breitman
31 Henry & Janice Citron 

If your birthday or anniversary information is not listed, please  email the synagogue  so we can update our records.
May Their Memories Be For a Blessing 
2/20/2017 (24 Shevat) Betty Crone
2/21/2017 (25 Shevat) Betty Ginsburg
2/22/2017 (26 Shevat) Joseph Langnas
2/27/2017 (1 Adar)  Oscar Kuhn, Arnold Lada
2/28/2017 (2 Adar) Rabbi Julius Shuback
3/2/2017 (4 Adar) Freida Citron
3/3/2017 (5 Adar) Sylvia Cohen, Henrietta Hamburger
3/4/2017 (6 Adar) Jack Gruber, Stanley Saperstein
3/6/2017 (8 Adar) Wesley Brown, Marvin Rosen
3/7/2017 (9 Adar) Dennis Cangemi, Max Silverstein, Sharon Florence Weiss
3/8/2017 (10 Adar) Nancy Fischer, Rhea Lazarus, Klara Stark
3/10/2017 (12 Adar) Theodore Jacob Levine, Betty Margolis, Ricki Nederlander, Leah Yudell
3/11/2017 (13 Adar) Gloria Braverman, Arthur Goodman, Sol Reichberg Taub, Leo Weber
3/12/2017 (14 Adar) Wolfe Brown, Esther Nusbaum
3/13/2017 (15 Adar) Katy Erdos, Ruth Kimmel, Rebecca Wolfman
3/14/2017 (16 Adar) Yetta Langfelder
3/15/2017 (17 Adar) Ann Doneson, Maurice Katz
3/16/2017 (18 Adar) Alan Breitman, Rose Finkelstein
3/17/2017 (19 Adar) Jewel Dorothy Shuback, Joseph Weiss
3/18/2017 (20 Adar) Doris Barahal Tron
3/19/2017 (21 Adar) Arlene Beals
3/20/2017 (22 Adar) Edith Nusholtz, Ruth Raimi
3/21/2017 (23 Adar) Bruria Melman
3/24/2017 (26 Adar) Esther Patent
3/25/2017 (27 Adar) Tillie Kaufman
3/26/2017 (28 Adar) Isadore Goode, Anne Wechselfeld
3/27/2017 (29 Adar) Harold Goldstone
3/29/2017 (2 Nisan) Leonard Kershenbaum

To make a donation to commemorate a yahrtzeit, please click here .  If you are a member of the synagogue and a yahrtzeit for your loved one is not on the list, please contact the synagogue office so we can update our records.   Please click here if you wish to permanently memorialize a loved one by purchasing a yahrtzeit plaque.  
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