February 8, 2018 23 Shevat  5778
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Friday, February 9th 
6 p.m.,  Services,  Chapel
Saturday, February 10th 
9 a.m.  Services,  Sanctuary
Rabbi Mitch Parker
will officiate at Shabbat morning services.
Kiddush Lunch is sponsored by:  Debbie and Michael Balkin, Sue and Sandy Birnholtz, Nancy Benchell Eisman and Jeffrey Eisman, Joan and Steve Freedman, Bernice Handler, Marla and David Weiss, David Pappas and Howard and Trudy Jacobson.

Shabbat Youth Programming this week with Joe Bernstein
Upcoming Dates:  
February 10th,  10:30 a.m., Lower Level
Join Joe Bernstein for this dynamic, educational experience.  Ages 10 and over.

limmidmi Limmud Michigan 2018
March 11th, Wayne State University Student Center

Talmud Class with Rabbi Mitch Parker 
Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30 p.m., at the synagogue
We are currently studying Brachot, the first section of the Talmud.  Interested?  Contact Rabbi Parker:  mitch@bnaiisraelwb.org

Mazel Tov 
Happy Birthday!
Birthday Cake
 9  Alan Agauas 
12  Constance Victor 
14  Jeffrey Eisman,  Rebecca Tron 
16  Benjamin Eisman,  Brian Newhouse,  Miriam Saperstein
17  Michael Golob 
19  Mrs. Nancy Silverman 
20  Colton Graub,  Jack Lawson 
21  Inez Stevenson 
22  Seymour Manello 
25  Sheila Kurland,  Sharon Rosen 
26  Aaron Orel 

If your birthday or anniversary information is not listed, please  email the synagogue  so we can update our records.
May Their Memories Be For a Blessing 

2/9/2018 (24 Shevat)  Betty Crone
2/10/2018 (25 Shevat)  Sylvia Berkowitz, Betty Ginsburg
2/11/2018 (26 Shevat)  Joseph Langnas
2/16/2018 (1 Adar)  Oscar Kuhn
2/17/2018 (2 Adar)  Rabbi Julius Shuback
2/19/2018 (4 Adar)  Freida Citron
2/20/2018 (5 Adar)  Sylvia Cohen, Henrietta Hamburger
2/21/2018 (6 Adar)  Jack Gruber, Stanley Saperstein
2/23/2018 (8 Adar)  Wesley Brown, Marvin Rosen
2/24/2018 (9 Adar)  Dennis Cangemi, Max Silverstein, Sharon Florence Weiss
2/25/2018 (10 Adar)  Nancy Fischer, Klara Stark
2/27/2018 (12 Adar)  William Fischel, Theodore Jacob Levine, Betty Margolis
2/28/2018 (13 Adar)  Gloria Braverman, Arthur Goodman, Sol Reichberg Taub, Leo Weber

To make a donation to commemorate a yahrtzeit, please click here .  If you are a member of the synagogue and a yahrtzeit for your loved one is not on the list, please contact the synagogue office so we can update our records.   Please click here if you wish to permanently memorialize a loved one by purchasing a yahrtzeit plaque.  
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