The Games He Plays
There is much to discuss this week with the Memo, the Olympics (Opening Ceremony today), the government budget and lots more. So, with no holds barred, lets begin with the "much to do about nothing" memo release theatrics, staring our despicable "dictator" and his power-seeking posse.  No, the memo did not vindicate our current corrupt commander, it actually added fuel to the fire which will hopefully vindicate all of us, sane Americans, who insist that, not only does the Emperor have no clothing but he's a lying, cheating narcissist who's only in this game to boost his Monopoly holdings.  Though he might think more seriously about obtaining a "get off of jail" card with Justice Obstruction hanging over his head. And of course his lawyers insist he refrain from an under oath chit chat with Mueller (due to his lying habit) but could this lead to a subpoena?  More concerning than the selfish acts of #45 is the depth of doofus devotees (Nunes and others) who continue to prop up his deviancy for power and gain. What happened to our moral and ethical compass? I've always believed that good wins out in the end but truly wish we would hurry up and reach the end of this Drumpf debacle.  Hopefully Mueller and his team will complete the inquiry soon and prove that indeed POTUS and his posse colluded with the Russians in the last election and then tried to obstruct the investigation. In the meantime, we need to figure out how to protect our 2018 election from more interference.  And one last thing, after last week's State of the Union, Doofus announced that Dems who didn't applaud during parts of his speech were acting "treasonous".  We know his vocabulary sucks as he often misunderstands and mispronounces words, so here's Congressman Hakeem Jeffries from Brooklyn/Queens, NY to give him a Treason Lesson: 
Playing Fair
Russia has never held a high moral reputation and this extends throughout their global activities, like their well known drug-enhanced Olympic athletes. The Olympic Charter states,  "respect for universal fundamental ethical principles" .  Respect, Ethics and Principles are antithetical to Russia which is why the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has banned 13 Russian athletes from competing this year. Apparently, like Drumpf's golf cheating strategy, the Russian government condones cheating with the use of illegal enhancement drugs during (probably all) previous Olympics to give their athletes an edge while competing.  On the respected spectrum of athletes, Israel will be sending their largest Winter delegation this year with 10 competitors.  For a desert region country, it's not surprising that Israel has never won a Winter Olympic medal, but this could be her victorious year. Also in Olympic news, althetics from both North and South Korea will be marching and competing together for the first time.  And the North Korean dictator's sister, Kim Yo Jong will be representing her country but hopefully won't face off with Otto Warmbier's father who will also attend the opening ceremony. FYI, just as this email arrives to your inbox or on Facebook at 6:00am Eastern Time, the Olympic Opening Ceremony will be taking place in South Korea, but it will also be replayed at 8pm tonight on NBC. Our US team will be led by VP Mike Pence
Good luck to these fresh faced Israeli athletes!

New Owners
So we know Russia has it menacing tentacle all over the world and another novarious cash deposit was found at the NRA to help broadcast $30 million worth of ads supporting Dangerous Don.  The NRA was founded in 1871 to protect the rights of gun owners but in this century their focus has shifted to protecting the profits of gun manufacturers. The facts (not rhetoric or opinion) are that a majority from both political parties want safer gun regulations, but this fact doesn't seem to translate into DC legislation.  I've got a solution.  I suggest someone create a Billionaires Coalition ( Warren Buffett, Oprah, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos, George Soros and others) to pools some pocket change together and purchase (or attempt a hostile takeover) of the largest gun manufacturers so they can create an internal sensible supply chain for their products. Sure, there will be Profits Lost but this will convert to many more Lives Saved. That's the idea so if anyone wants to share this business plan with Warren, Oprah, Bill or anyone else... be my guest. 

Games Countries Play
You win some, you lose some.  Israel won the Irish BDS attempt with diplomatic efforts to discourage the boycott deviance.    But  she lost the battle with Poland's new Holocast law that essentially states that Poland was a war victim and any statement indicating Poland's complicency would be considered a crime.  Yes, Poland was occupied by the Nazis and millions of their citizens did died during the war but there is still plenty of blame to go around for many Poles during the evil era. Plus censoring languge is a slippery sloop. The law is now up for Polish constitutional review and might be overturned.

Spending our Money
Thursday at Midnight was the deadline for Congress to pass their 2 year budget deal. This bill will deal with the biggies like Military, Infrastructure, Opioid Addiction, Debt Ceiling, Disaster Relief and more... all with the promise that Congress will bring the Dreamers issue to a seperate vote but #45 still wants his wall built and his new idiotic idea of a (time/$$ consuming) Military Parade down Penn. Ave. All the other big global dictators have military parades.  Boo hoo, it's not fair that Drumpt doesn't get to show off his "power" to the world.

Jewish  Tradition
Our community has a new website called jhelp which will help connect people to the services they are looking for. We have an amazing umbrella of assistance and this new site will centralize our location of help.  If you are in need of assistance for Children, Teens, Family, Career, Mental Help, Elderly, Housing, Food, Finance, Transportation, Wellness, Abuse and much more, this is the site you should click:
What we don't have, here in Michigan, is an Elderly Shabbat dinner at the local Wendy's restaurant.  But Jews in Palm Desert, CA have been enjoying this tradition for years.  There is even a short documentary about this Shabbat gathering.  Here's the Tablet Mag article:

Musical Duos
I enjoyed Justin Timberlake's halftime show but it seems many critics found it out of sync and disrespectful of Prince who objected to post-mortem appearances.  You can judge for yourself about his new video, Man of the Woods, from his new album with a cameo by his wife, Jessica Biel.  I found it catchy and enjoyable to watch:
But if you prefer a sweet vintage video of iconic Paul and his photographer wife, Linda , I think you'll enjoy this 3 medley collection with pop up harmonies: 

Wishing you and your family a 
Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom.

Condolences to dear friends Doron and Adina Levin and their family on the passing of Doron's mother, Ruth Levin z"l.  Ruth was an Israeli Pioneer as she volunteered her skills as a nurse during the birth of our Jewish Homeland.  She was a beloved  wife, daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and loyal friend to many.  May her love and spirit bring comfort to those who mourn her passing as she was truly a blessing unto her family and community.

Condolences to the family and friends of Marc Ruben z"l (age 62). Marc was the husband of Linda Ruben and father of Allie (Eric Wizenberg) Ruben and Lauren (Max Weberman) Ruben.  He was also the brother of Bruce (Mindy) Ruben. May his memories and spirit bring comfort to those who knew and loved him and may he be a blessing unto his community.

Condolences to our Metro Detroit community on the passing of a renowned philanthropist, Madeleine Berman z"l (age 90) widow of the beloved Bill Berman z"l. Their contributions to Jewish Life, Cultural Organizations and Animal Welfare was legionary and their generosity and kindness will be greatly missed. 

Condolences to the family of former Congressman Joe Knollenberg on his death this week at age 84 of complications from Alzheimer's disease.  Congressman Knollenberg represented our district for 16 years and was a very good friend of Israel and was well respected by both sides of the aisle. May his memories bring comfort to those who mourn his passing. 
Shame on the Illinois GOP party as it seems the only candidate they have running in their 3rd District is a Holocaust Denier, Anti-semite and White Supremacist.  I'll keep you posted on this race:

As of last Monday, Feb. 5, we have a new Federal Reserve Chairman by the name of Jerome Powell who is well respected by our previous well respected Chairperson, Janet Yellen, who would have liked to continue for a 2nd term like most past Fed. Chairs have done, but her old boss said 'No thanks". 

There are 269 Days till our  November 6, 2018  election with lots of new positions to fill. I'll try to keep you updated on the candidates and issues of concern.  We'll be voting for:

-Michigan  Governor
Did you know there are 20 candidates running for our Michigan top seat.  8 Republicans including our current AG Bill Schuette  (extremely conservative) and our Lieutenant Gov. Brian Calley who thinks our Michigan Congress should be part time (bad idea).  There are 4 Dems including  Dr. Abdul El-Sayed , who needs to secure his ability to run by confirming that his voter registration was valid even though he didn't vote in the Michigan elections the full 4 prior years. There is also Gretchen Whitmer and (scientist) Shri Thanedar but the 4th Dem Candidate I just learned about seems very intriguing.  He's name is William Cobbs and he's  a Navy Vet, Xerox Exec. and Wayne State educated Lawyer. I'll keep you updated on his campaign. Then there are 8 other obscure folks seeking the office.  Here's the complete list: 

-Michigan Attorney General - My Choice: Pat Miles

-Michigan Secretary of State - No Contest! Jocelyn Benson 

-Re-election of Senator Debbie Stabenow

-All Congressional Seats are up every two years. Here are those I'm supporting in the upcoming election:
Dan Kildee - 5th District
Gretchen Driskell - 7th District
Elissa Slotkin - 8th District
Andy Levin - 9th District
Tim Greimel - 11th District
Debbie Dingell - 12th District
Brenda Jones - 13th District
Brenda Lawrence - 14th District

-Various Michigan Senate and House seats

-University Regent and Trustee seats: U of M Regent Jordan Acker

-School Board seats

-County and City seats

Feb. 9
Michelle Guttenberg Wexler
Maria (Charlie) Kao
Richard Burstein 

Feb. 10

Feb. 11
Ryan Friedrichs
(Big) Al Muskovitz 
Dodo Kepes
Keith Famie
Char Yates
Amy Schram

Feb. 12
Lori Oberfelder Siegel
Pamela Franklin Azaria
Steve Frank
Chuck Collins

Feb. 13
Linda Zelch Rouff
Robert Stone
John Jacobs 
Feb. 14
Liz Kanter Groskind
Betsy Snider Heuer
Robin Tobin-Murav
Maurice Pogoda
Pam Feinberg-Rivkin
Richard Krugel
Robert Chonoles
Linda Berke
Lori Katz Cantor
Steve Rotenberg

Feb. 15
Marcy Feldman
Fred Leeb
Cathy Radner
Doreen Hermelin
Stacy Gordon
Janice Rosenhaus
Rob Strasberg
I'm prone to mistakes, so if I missed your birthday 
or got the wrong date or spelling, please let me know.


February 13 (Tuesday)
Doing the Impossible - Israel Disaster Relief
Guest Speaker: Dr. Ariel Bar
Maple Theater
Bloomfield Hills
Free with limited seating. Registration requested by 2/7
Sponsored by JCRC/AJC & Jewish Federation of Metro. Detroit

February 18 (Sunday)
Sunday Brunch Fundraiser for
Elissa Slotkin running for Congress 
With special guest: Dem Whip Steny Hoyer
Our home
10:30 - Noon
Please join us for a full Bagels/Lox Bunch spread to meet and help support Elissa who is skilled, intelligent and one of the most qualified people to represent Michigan in DC.

February 24  (Saturday)
Jewish Historical Society of Michigan
Nosh Gen: A Night at the Schvitz
Re-discover this iconic building with current owners and special guests, Richard Meltzer (son of the original owner) and Rabbi Pinson (who is working to restore the Mikvah)
7:00 p.m. 
Dinner, Drinks and History

February 27 (Tuesday)
Detroit Crime Commission
Movie Night Screening
"Break the Chain"
An award-winning documentary produced and directed by Michigan filmmakers, Laura E. Swanson and Kirk Mason, that addresses the often "hidden-in-plain-sight" issue of Human Trafficking within Michigan communities and the United States.
Maple Theater
7:00pm Door open
7:30pm Screening
8:30pm Q & A with Directers
$10 admission plus donations of gently used clothing and/or hygiene products.
For more info and ticket registration


April 27 
Theme: "Standing up to Extinction"

May 3  (Thursday)
Jewish News 75th Anniversary Gala
Congregation Shaarey Zedek
Recognition of the Davidson, Gerson and Wetsman Families
Also Recognized: Those in attending who were born in 1942
Entertainment by: Klezmatics

May 17 (Thursday)
City Year Detroit
Red Jacket Gala
Little Caesars Arena
5:30 Cocktails and Reception
6:30 Dinner and Progrm
Honoring: Arn Tellem, Vice Chairman Detroit Pistons 

May 18 (Friday)
Starfish Family Services Great Heart's Gala
Ford Field
Honoring: Beaumont Health
For information contact-Lori Fidler  734-713-9224

 Final Meow...