September 29, 2016   26 Elul 5776
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Shanah Tovah in Hebrew
Friday, September 30th
6 p.m., Chapel
Saturday, October 1st
9 a.m., Sanctuary
Dr. Mitch Parker will officiate at Shabbat morning services.
D'var Torah this week and next week will be led by Rabbi Jonathan Berger, and will include melodies for the High Holidays.
10 a.m.   Supervised Youth Room
Kiddish is sponsored by the Kiddush Lunch Fund and will be in the lobby following

To Irvin and Barbara Kappy, Brandon and Michelle, on the passing this week of Irvin's mother, Viola Kappy.  Condolences as well to Irvin's father, Garry, and to his brother and sister-in-law, Ira and Ilse Kappy.

High Holiday Sanctuary Set-Up, Covenant Baptist Church
Sunday, October 2nd and Sunday, October 9th.
We will be creating our sacred space for Rosh Hashanah on Sunday, October 2nd at 
1 p.m.  Set-up takes approximately 45 minutes if we have a sizable crew to help.  Please 
e-mail John Marcotte: if you will be able to attend. Please also remember that we need people to remain following the conclusion of services on the second day of Rosh Hashanah to re-set the sanctuary for our friends at the church.
We will be setting the sanctuary at the church for Yom Kippur on Sunday, October 9th at 
1 p.m.  All who are able to assist will be welcome to join us. 

We will be collecting non-perishable kosher food items to be donated to Yad Ezra after Yom Kippur.  Please bring your food items to services on Kol Nidrei evening.  Thank you to Marty and Sheila Kurland for once again collecting and delivering the food.


Sunday, October 2nd
Erev Rosh Hashanah
6 pm
Covenant Baptist Church
Monday, October 3rd
First Day Rosh Hashanah
Adult Services
Youth Services and Supervision
8 am
10 am - conclusion of services
Covenant Baptist Church
Please bring your own breadcrumbs.
6:00 pm
Abramson Home
( maps with address provided
 at morning services)
Mazhzor will be -provided
6 pm
Abramson Home
Tuesday, October 4th
Second Day Rosh Hashanah
Adult Services
Youth Services and Supervision
8 am
10 am - conclusion of services
Covenant Baptist Church

To Mindy and Fred Shuback for sponsoring bimah flowers for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in loving memory of their parents, Rabbi Julius and Jewel Shuback and Ormond Sacks.


Kesher-Connection wishes our Bnai Israel family a happy and delicious holiday with these recipes! Enjoy making and eating Gail Beale's noodle pudding, Nancy Benchal-Eisman's guide to baking challah and a gluten-free challah recipe from Karen Lovinger. If you would like to share your holiday recipes, please contact Cheryl Berlin at Shana ova!   Click here for Rosh Hashanah recipes

Saturday, October 22nd
sukkkah 2
Following Shabbat morning services, there will be a congregational Sukkah Hop and Potluck. Thank you to the Freedman, Lupovitch and Kimmel families for opening their sukkot and their homes.  To register for this event, please e-mail Mechelle or Cheryl Berlin: To sign up to bring a dish, please click here for the event flyer and further information.

Volunteers Welcome to help kids in Detroit
It only takes a few hours per week to make a difference in a child's life.  Join our tutoring group at Bennett Elementary School in Southwest Detroit.  We will arrange for a carpool for you to do one-on-one tutoring with students who just need someone to read and discuss with them.  You can do this without any special training!  Choose from a schedule of days and times.  It's easy and SO worthwhile. 
Contact Sue Birnholtz,

To join the B'nai Israel Synagogue Family Facebook Group, contact  Ilana Glazier
Shabbat Kulanu-Shabbat together for all!
shabbat whimsy
Shabbat Morning Tot Shabbat and Youth Activities, 
Shabbat Morning Teen Scene Dates for 2016-2017
10/15/16, 11/12/16, 12/17/16, 1/21/17, 2/11/17, 3/18/17, 4/8/17, 4/18/17, 5/20/17
These dates are for both Tot Shabbat (Ages 2-5) and Youth Ages 10-17.
All activities are in the lower level on Shabbat Morning beginning at 10:45 a.m.

Talmud class with Mitch Parker
Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30 p.m., at the synagogue
We are currently studying Brachot, the first section of the Talmud.  Interested?  Contact Mitch:

"You too can give a D'var Torah"  
Between October 29th and January 14 we will read the book of Braishit. This first book of Torah scroll the Torah is full of stories of love, conflict and intrigue as families try to grapple with both the mundane and the extraordinary.  Here is your chance to prepare a dvar Torah on the lives of our earliest ancestors and their families.  If you are interested, please let Mitch know.  A little secret: the preparation is often the best part of the process.

Travel and Learn:
If you are interested in being on the organizing committee for a potential B'nai Israel tour of the Jewish South, please contact Mitch:

Mazel Tov 
Happy Birthday!
Birthday Cake
  4    Ilene Miles,  Emilie Weingarden
  5    Beth Avadenka
11    Jonah Wolf
15    Joe Bernstein,  Erin Graub
16    C. Michael Graub,  Roxane Newhouse,  Jordan Weiss
17    Lenny Jacobson
19    Kenneth Brown,  Ruth Kozlowski
20    Adam Marcotte
21    Annie Jacobson
23    Jerome Beale,  Carrie Roth
24    Steven Dines
25    Ruby Robinson
26    Mechelle Bernard,  Stacy Gittleman
29    Libby Beider,  Adina Robbins
30    Jeremy Baruch,  Philip Epstein
31    Benjamin Chudnow
Jewish Wedding

13   Howard and Karen Rosenberg
14   Arnie and Cheryl Berlin
18   Jordan and Inez Stevenson
22   Warren and Sandy Lada
If your birthday or anniversary information is not listed, please  email the synagogue  so we can update our records.
May Their Memories Be For a Blessing 
9/29/2016 (26 Elul)       Ida Goode, Sophie Blau Konek, Mr. Robert Nusholtz
10/2/2016 (29 Elul)           Malkah Muchkies
10/3/2016 (1 Tishrei)        Nathan (Bob) Crone, Tillie Kershenbaum
10/4/2016 (2 Tishrei)        Abraham Lewis
10/6/2016 (4 Tishrei)        Louis Glazier
10/7/2016 (5 Tishrei)        Moishe Haar
10/8/2016 (6 Tishrei)        Paul Feiner
10/10/2016 (8 Tishrei)      Alvin Martin Friedman
10/11/2016 (9 Tishrei)      Sidney Kaye
10/14/2016 (12 Tishrei)    Esther Berkowitz Ellias
10/16/2016 (14 Tishrei)    Irving Morris Wiseman
10/17/2016 (15 Tishrei)   Jerome Burbank, Anita Harris, Ben Kert, Sophie Kuhn
10/23/2016 (21 Tishrei)    Richard Sisler
10/24/2016 (22 Tishrei)    Oscar Altshuler
10/25/2016 (23 Tishrei)    Evelyn Gruber
10/26/2016 (24 Tishrei)   Betty Segal
10/29/2016 (27 Tishrei)   Rae Jacobson, Barbara Keila, Sidney S. Stark
10/30/2016 (28 Tishrei)   Carl Cohen, Rachel Goodman, Allan B. Rimar, Rosann Toby
10/31/2016 (29 Tishrei)   Milt Fishman
  To make a donation to commemorate a yahrtzeit, please click here .  If you are a member of the synagogue and a yahrtzeit for your loved one is not on the list, please contact the synagogue office so we can update our records.   Please click here if you wish to permanently memorialize a loved one by purchasing a yahrtzeit plaque.  
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