Weekly Shabbat Greeting
January 17, 2019
11 Shevat 5779
There is a TKA bar mitzvah this Shabbat. Please use the shuttle from Prince of Peace.
Friday, January 18th
6 p.m., Chapel
Saturday, January 19th
9 a.m., CHAPEL

Kiddush is in the lower level following the conclusion of services and is sponsored by the Kiddush Lunch Fund.
Stitch your stress away
Calling all Stitchers! First Gathering
Sunday, January 20th, 1 p.m.,
at then home of Mechelle Bernard
Bring your current knitting, crochet, needlepoint or other project, pro come prepared to learn. RSVP to Mechelle: mbernard1026@gmail.com
Tot shabbat
Returning this Shabbat: Tot Shabbat
January 19th, 11 a.m., Lower Level
Questions? Contact Joanna: joannaabramson@gmail.com
keep calm and eat shabbat lunch
Home Hospitality Shabbat January 19th.
Looking for hosts and guests for home-hosted Shabbat Lunch. Please contact Cheryl Berlin if you are interested in participating. ACBerlin_MI@yahoo.com.

SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, February 17th
Bowling at Country Lanes, 1 p.m.
Details coming soon.
Adult Learning Opportunities
Talmud Class with Rabbi Mitch Parker 
Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30 p.m., at the synagogue
We are currently studying Brachot, the first section of the Talmud. Interested? Contact Rabbi Parker .
18 Benjamin Schmeltz
Ehud Kapen
21 Gail Beale, Susan Feber
23 David Hundiak
25 Itzhak Elrom
29 Becky Bernard
31 Robin Pappas
11   Leah and Randall Gawel
15   Edith and Marvin Kozlowski
23   Elaine and Mark Segal
Mazel Tov
May Their Memories Be For a Blessing  

1/20/19 (14 Shevat)  David Agauas, Mel Rogoff
1/21/19 (15 Shevat) David Eisman, Sylvia Berkowitz, Ted Berman
1/22/19 (16 Shevat) Harry Doneson, Sheila Cohen
1/23/19 (17 Shevat)  Alvin Nusbaum
1/24/19 (18 Shevat)  Richard Reinherz
1/25/19 (19 Shevat)  Molly Abrams
1/27/19 (21 Shevat)  Arlene Delidow
1/29/19 (23 Shevat)  Sophie Freed
1/30/19 (24 Shevat)   Betty Crone


2/1/19 (26 Shevat)      Joseph Langnas
2/2/19 (27 Shevat)      Violeta Duer
2/3/19 (28 Shevat)      Edith Adler
2/5/19 (30 Shevat)      Shirley Harriet Beider
2/6/19 (1 Adar)           Oscar Kuhn
2/10/19 (5 Adar I)       Henrietta Hamburger
2/11/19 (6 Adar I)       Jack Gruber
2/13/19 (8 Adar)         Marvin Rosen, Wesley Brown
2/14/19 (9 Adar I)       Max Silverstein, Sharon Florence Weiss
2/15/19 (10 Adar I)     Klara Stark
2/17/19 (12 Adar I)     Betty Margolis, Theodore Jacob Levine, William Fischel
2/18/19 (13 Adar I)     Arthur Goodman, Gloria Braverman, Leo Weber,
Sol Reichberg Taub
2/19/19 (14 Adar I)     Esther Nusbaum, Wolfe Brown
2/20/19 (15 Adar)       Katy Erdos, Rebecca Wolfman, Ruth Kimmel
2/21/19 (16 Adar I)     Yetta Langfelder
2/22/19 (17 Adar)       Ann Doneson, Maurice Katz
2/23/19 (18 Adar I)     Alan Breitman, Rose Lifshitz
2/24/19 (19 Adar)       Lillian Ruskin
2/25/19 (20 Adar)       Doris Barahal Tron
2/26/19 (21 Adar)       Arlene Beals
2/27/19 (22 Adar)       Edith Nusholtz, Sharon Friedman
2/28/19 (23 Adar)       Bruria Melman

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