And The List Goes On...
Tomorrow marks the day we have endured one year of our Doofus President.  Besides the vomit that spews from his thumbs and tongue, his year has reversed the progress of our nation in numerous ways from Federal Judges with lifetime position to Environmental Protection rollbacks to Expulsion policies for Immigrants to Tax Gifts for the Rich to Lifesaving Health Care cuts for millions to reeking havoc of our Country's Global Reputation...and the list goes on.  Also, his claim (last week) to be "the least racist person you will ever interview", doesn't quite substantiate his decades long demonstration of racism. For example, he insists (to this day) that our first Black president must have been born in Kenya; that Mexicans coming to this country are rapist; that a Mexican Judge already in this country is unqualified; that there should be "a complete shutdown of Muslims entering the US"; that we should focus on welcoming immigrants from (White) Countries like Norway; that some White Supremacist are "very fine people"...and of course, the list goes on. Good thing we live in a democracy with elections that can help change the course of this disastrous mistake we infamously made on Nov. 8, 2016. There are 291 days till our next midterm election which could alter the power in Congress and help shield our Nation from our Doofus POTUS.  All US Congressional seats are up (with many incumbent repubs retiring) and 34 US Senatorial seats are in play, including our good friend, Debbie Stabenow.  Here is a list of retirements:  We must jump full force into electing level headed legislators who can compromise and pass legislation to make our country sane again.
I enjoyed Conservative Columnist, Bret Stephens' NYT article 
"Proud to Live in a Nation of Holers" 

Child Protection
The public bipartisan Pow Wow last week with POTUS was suppose to hash out a compromise to help Dreamers (who were brought to this country as kids) sustain their status by renewing DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) which is Humane and Right.  But then Doofus spewed his "holer" comment and all hell broke loose.  No one could focus on saving the Dreamers and of course, Trump still insists on funding his Mexican Wall. The Budget Can keeps getting kicked down the road but the final deadline of March 5th for DACA is quickly approaching.  In the meantime, the deadline was up for upstanding Michigander, Jorge Garcia (who was brought here at age 10 but is now 39 and aged out of DACA without the extension).  On symbolic MLK day, he was deported back to Mexico leaving his American wife and kids behind.   while another Michigander is taking sanctuary in a church to avoid deportation and separation from his ailing wife.
Then there is the urgent concern to re-establish funding for CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program) which expired last October. This program literally provides lifesaving medical care to 9 Million kids with no who have diabetes, cancer, asthma and all the typical medical concerns parents have for their children. What would you do if you couldn't afford insulin for your child or chemotherapy?  Many families are facing these anxieties as the rug is pulled from beneath them.  In December, CHIP was temporarily funded to last till March but the stopgap fell short and many States are running out even sooner. Congress needs to deal with this asap. Kids health should never be a bargaining Chip for governmental budget negotiations

Incoming Warning
For a full 38 minutes, Hawaiians and visitors were preparing for a missile attack and taking cover wherever possible.  As we all know now, someone pushed the wrong button and it took them more than a half hour to correct the mistake.  Japan was jealous, so a few days later, they too mistakenly alerted their country to an incoming North Korean missile but they corrected their error within minutes.  A real warning would have been nice when I witnessed a flash of light and a rumble of the house while relaxing in our Sunroom Tuesday evening around 8pm.  Hannan thought I was crazy when I told him about it, till it was confirmed that a meteor shot across the sky and exploded in the atmosphere.  It was a very cool experience and they say fragments (meteorites) could be worth up to $1 Million per pound. 
Happened between Brighton and Howell
(Elissa Slotkin's district, good omen, stars are aligning)  

Pendulum Swing
With years, decades even centuries of imbalance between the gender power structure in almost all aspects of human existence, the momentum and pendulum is trying to make a correctional swing.  But with most pendulums, they often swing excessively to help correct the injustice. Yes, men have always had the upper hand (and use it extensively) and women tend to be less assertive than we should be (or could be), but with each new chip (Madeleine Albright, Sheryl Sandberg, Sandra Day O'Connor, Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, Amelia Earhart...) in that glass ceiling, our societal norms are reaching for alignment.  I gratefully can NOT say "me too", but far too many women have been subjected to unwanted behavior ranging from obnoxious to criminally abusive.  They have been put in subservient positions by men who have power over their lives and livelihoods.  I hope this new era brings equal pay, equal power, equal influence to our gender gap but we mustn't let the pendulum do damage unnecessarily.  You wouldn't think Catherine Deneuve and Aziz Ansari would be connected, but they both made news this week in the fringe pendulum zone.  Catherine Deneuve and 100 other French women penned a letter trying to defend seduction and flirtation to delineate the difference between a man clumsily trying to flirt on the subway and a boss requiring/demanding "favors".  Attacks agaisnt her letter caused her to apologize and try to clarify.  
Then a "bad date" of Aziz Ansari published a scathing detailed article using his real name but not hers that seemed to question its "me too" worthiness.
We must continue to fight to correct the injustice and power imbalance in our society and the most meaningful method is through the teachings of our young girls and boys.  We need to follow the preachings of Aretha and teach R.E.S.P.E.C.T. early and repeatedly to our future generations.   Check out Aretha's "Think" message that leads to Freedom, in this 1980 classic from The Blue Brothers. We all need a little Aretha to remind us of our power.

Welcome Back
Just in the nick of time, when our nation needs it most, it is back with vigor and a new purpose to Make America Straight Again (with a gay flair).  Welcome back "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" on Netflix next month.  It is so exciting and overdue.  Check out the trailer: 

More Base-Baiting
The Queer Eye Guys should straighten out the doofus in the oval office as again he seems to abandon our constitutional framework to appease his base.  Our founders (Thomas Jefferson specifically) believed in separating our country's freedom of religion with government meddling, well known as Separation of Church and State. This week, Drumpf offered a shield to Health Care Workers to protect them from performing legal procedures (abortions, gender alteration surgery, distributing contraceptives...) if it offends their religious beliefs. This initiative was conceived in secret behind closed doors and of course could have detrimental consequences by a vast array of people.  Instead of a Mexican Wall we need to remember to focus on the wall between Church and State.

Unfortunately, Detroit wasn't on the coveted list announced this week for  HQ2 by Amazon.  We were one of 238 cities who vied for the new Headquarter but we were absent on the whittled down list of 20.  I assume Bezos wasn't aware of the daily orders emitting from my computer otherwise, I'm sure we would have made the cut.  Do I continue my loyal shopping or punish them for snubbing the best city and state in the union.  If it's not us, then I'm rooting for Columbus, OH.   Here's the full map of who made the grade. 

We may not get Amazon's approval but we've got lots of talent here in Michigan. For the musical selection this week, I'm going homegrown to the talented brother of a high school friend.  Hope your enjoy the new release of Mary Hanlon Stone's brother, Arthur Hanlon ChocQuibTown - No Tuve la Culpa:  
Wishing you and your family a 
Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom.


There are 291 Days till our  November 6, 2018  election with lots of new positions to fill.  I'll keep you posted on the races I'm supporting and will update you on the candidates and issues of concern.  We'll be voting on:
-Michigan  Governor
-Michigan Attorney General
-Michigan Secretary of State
-Re-election of Senator Debbie Stabenow
-All Congressional Seats
-Various Michigan State and House Seats
-University Regent and Trustee seats
-School Board
-County and city seats
-Ballot proposals

Happy Birthday!

Jan. 19th
Adam Blanck 
Howard Friedman
Keith Weinbaum
Debbie Binder

Jan. 20th
State Rep. Robert Wittenberg
Bryan Weinstein

Jan. 21st
Rachel Stone
Susan Feber
Steven Bieda
Harold Rothenberg
Gayle Goodman
Gail Beale
Tzvi Raviv 
(Happy 39th to our favorite son-in-law)

Jan. 22nd
Danny Sillman
Jennifer Vig Wilson (Dakota Chala Baker)
Jim Grey

Jan. 23rd
Lisa Sobel (childhood friend)
Ronen Aviani
Sarah Rabin Butts
Cathy Cohen Rosenhaus
Traci Kornak
Danny Raskin (Upper 90s, bon appetit)

Jan. 24th
Rabbi Aaron Starr
Ellen Maiseloff
Gail Mayer
Chuck Newman
Vera Schoenberger Gell

Jan. 25th
(Cousin) Sid Grossberg
Paul Jacobs (Happy 70th)

I'm prone to mistakes, so if I missed your birthday 
or got the wrong date or spelling, please let me know.

Starting January 14  (6-8 weeks)
Jewish Population Study will help us determine vital information about our community to help plan for our future.  Our last survey was 2005 and updated info is critutial so please participate if you are called.  Names and addresses will not be asked or used. 
For more info, please contact Linda Blumberg 

February 1 (Thursday)
Jewish Community Center presents
Earth Angels Performance
Benefiting Day Camp Department of Special Needs
Congregation Shaarey Zedek
Registration and more info:
Stephanie Zoltowski at
Director of special needs
Dave Sexton at
program coordinator
For more info on this entertaining group:

February 7 (Wednesday)
Fems For Dems
Candidate Speed Dating
The Corners
2075 Walnut Lake Rd.
West Bloomfield
Free Admission

February 13 (Tuesday)
Doing the Impossible - Israel Disaster Relief
Guest Speaker: Dr. Ariel Bar
Maple Theater
Bloomfield Hills
Free with limited seating. Registration requested by 2/7
Sponsored by JCRC/AJC & Jewish Federation of Metro. Detroit

February 24  (Saturday)
Jewish Historical Society of Michigan
Nosh Gen: A Night at the Schvitz
Re-discover this iconic building with current owners and special guests, Richard Meltzer (son of the original owner) and Rabbi Pinson (who is working to restore the Mikvah)
7:00 p.m. 
Dinner, Drinks and History

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