January 20, 2017
Shabbat Shalom
Farewell and Thanks!
Thank You Very Much (English)
Muchas Gracias (Spanish)
Merci Beaucoup (French)
Grazie (Italian)
Arigato   ありがとう(Japanese)
  do jeh, daw-dyeh (Chinese)
Danke sehr (German)
Khop Khun Mak Kha (Thai)
Spasiba (Russian) our future
gamsahabnida  감사합니다 (Korean)
Takk (Icelandic)
  Mahalo (Hawaiian) our past
Toda Raba (Hebrew)
Efharisto (Greek)

"O Say Can You See"
For 8 years and beyond, President Barack Obama has selflessly dedicated his life and efforts with wisdom, wit and even a bit of humor to help make our country and world a better place. He has had successes, setback, barricades, huddles, triumphs and missteps but his intentions and ethics have been stellar.  His moral behavior throughout his life in the White House has been admirable. He is a true role model as a president, father, husband and statesman. A large dose of appreciation is due to Barack, Michelle, their family and all those who choose a life of civic duty as their calling. In contrast, Trump has chosen a life of profit for himself and his family.  No criticism, just fact.  So the contrast of our next POTUS is stark and foreboding. Like it or not, tomorrow morning we will all awake to the first full day of President Trump (difficult words to type).  I assume my (and your) life won't change too much but what about the lives of those with a less secure future?  How will this next president and our republican controlled Congress govern those who live in circumstances that continually present obstacles to their success and rights.  "Feet to the Fire" is needed to keep Trump and his supporters on track for the benefit of all American citizens. We must be vigilant and inquisitive of all their actions and amplify our voices when needed.  

"By the Dawn's Early Light"
Protocol for inauguration day always includes the festive parade.  And tradition for the parade (since Eisenhower) included announcer Charlie Brotman (age 89)...but not this year. Brotman was booted from his cherished position and replaced with a Trump supporter.  Brotman was devastated but he won't be home moping that day since the local news affiliate invited him to broadcast the parade from their station. This story is a symbol of the minor and massive changes we should expect from this administration.  Those who voted for Trump did so with the expectation of a "shake up" to make some big changes. Trump is a wildcard, but will these changes benefit or do harm.  Another question is how long will Trump actually stay in office. All unknowns during this strange drama of our reality.  

"At the Twilight's Last Gleaming"
What is known is Trump's widely unpopular status.  He has the highest unfavorable stats than any other president-elect.   In complete contrast, Obama has the highest approval rating of any departing president.  Also, this is the first time more than 60 (and counting) Congressmen/women will skip the inauguration.  And we've all heard that the big names in music have also opted out.  But those who've opted in, could be concerning to our future.  For example, it was just reported that 2016 experienced record high temps which surpassed the record high for 2015 and then again for 2014. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/18/science/earth-highest-temperature-record.html?emc=edit_na_20170118&nlid=69613202&ref=cta
These wild temps have already caused devastating affects to humans and animals all over the world (floods, droughts, melting habitat, extreme weather...).  Environmental protections are needed more than ever, yet, the man Trump selected to protect our environment has a history of fighting against the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).  This is a typical example of his cabinet selection. We must all be on guard and heed the warning of the great Senator from Michigan Gary Peters and his concerns of Scott Pruitt   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMpmLRhDwXY

Google any of these people and see what comes up...Betsy DeVos will forever be connected to a Grizzly Bear just as Rick Perry forgetting the Department of Energy which he might end up running. Oy vey!

"And the Home of the Brave"
In local politics, our Governor Snyder gave his State of the State address this week and noted with only an increase of 70,000 people we could reach a 10 Million population milestone.  In the last 6 years we've gained 400,000 people according to the 2010 census.  But our highest population was in the year 2000 when we were only 60,000 short of that 10M mark (We had a huge net loss between 2000-2010).  So, all you childbearing couples...get to work. 
And let's bring our ex-pats back to our thriving state. Here's a lure.  Our great city of Detroit made another list this week as National Geographic included us as one of only 6 (worldwide) unexpected cities for Food Lovers. Proud to say our coney dog is spotlighted among other fine establishments.

"That our Flag Was Still There"
Detroit is the IT spot right now.  We seem to be on all the Who's Who lists of "where its at".  With this in mind, a brilliant (in my opinion) idea has surfaced recently to re-ignite our  National Democratic Party (boy does it need help) by moving the headquarters to Detroit.  We are perfectly located within the midwest rustbelt that needs invigorating. Rent in Detroit is significantly less costly than DC and our Detroit spirit could surely add a boost to the moral of the DNC.

In the "D"

"The Bombs Bursting in Air"
Last week it was 16 JCCs, this week it jumped to 28 JCCs that were threatened with bomb threats including our own Metro Detroit JCC.  Evacuating the campus filled with infants and toddlers in the day care center to teens at the High School and elderly throughout the building is a mammoth undertaking that was handled smoothly and professionally. Unfortunately, we must always be prepared for anti-semitic incidents in our community. Thank God all are safe but the big question is what is the impetus of these threats and will they continue?   http://www.haaretz.com/us-news/1.765875  
Metro Detroit JCC

"What's So Proudly We Hailed"
Nothing ever stays as is and case in point...after 146 years the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus has reached its end point.  The final show will be May 21st in Uniondale, NY.  Since the elephants were humanely phased out last year, attendance had dropped and costs have risen to this final conclusion. Efforts around animals these days concern their conservation and welfare. 
Olden Days

"O'er the Land of the Free"
And speaking of animal welfare, bravo to Saltwater Brewery for inventing edible (from leftover barley and wheat) 6-pack packaging rings that can now feed sea creatures rather than (the old plastic version) killing them.  Our seas are infested with plastic.  If we continue on this track, it is estimated that there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish by the year 2050.  Humans drink over 6 billion gallons of beer a year and half of that amount is consumed via 6-packs. Check out this cool video that explains how we can reverse the amount of plastic rings that kill our wildlife...cuz let's face it, humans will never give up their beer. 

"Were So Gallantly Streaming"
The 40th Annual Ann Arbor Folk Festival starts next week Jan. 27.  We are fortunate to have The Ark in our region where the finest perform.  This year's highlights include the Indigo Girls. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUgwM1Ky228   For m ore in on the festival: http://www.theark.org/shows-events/events-workshops/folk-festival

Wishing you and your families a 
Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom,

Camp Sea-Gull Alum, details of a 2107 reunion are in the works.
Stay Tuned...

Condolences to the Goldenberg family on the passing in Israel of  Shmuel Goldenberg z"l father to
Michael (Micky) and Beverly Goldenberg and grandfather to  Oren Goldenberg and related to the HarPaz and Gontovnik Families.  
Happy Birthday

Jan. 20th
State Rep. Robert Wittenberg
Bryan Weinstein

Jan. 21st
Rachel Stone
Tzvi Raviv (Wonderful Son-In-Law)
Susan Feber
Steven Bieda
Harold Rothenberg

Jan. 22nd
Bill Graham
Danny Sillman
Jennifer Vig Wilson (Dakota Breadmaker)
Jim Grey

Jan. 23rd
Lisa Sobel
Ronen Aviani
Sarah Rabin Butts
Cathy Cohen Rosenhaus
Traci Kornak

Jan. 24th
Rabbi Aaron  Starr
Ellen  Maiseloff
Gail Mayer
Chuck Newman

Jan. 25th
(cousin) Sid Grossberg

Jan. 26th
Brenda Rosenberg
Katie Germesh 

I am prone to mistakes so if I missed your birthday or got the wrong date, please let me know.

Volunteer opportunities for all ages at 32 of our Detroit Jewish Community agencies are a simple click away.  Check out this easy to use website to get started.

January 21 (Saturday)
Women's March on Washington
The March will start at 
3rd and Independence Ave.
This updated website has more details:

January 21 (Saturday)
If you can't make it to the DC March, many States (including Michigan) are hosting their own Capitol March.  
Lansing, Capitol Steps
If you want to ride on the NCJW bus to Lansing, 
please contact Irma Glaser
248-355-3300 ext. 0

February 4  (Saturday)
Nosh Gen: Bowling in the Motor City
Jewish Historical Society of Michigan & Michigan Jewish Sports Foundation
Food, Fun and A Dash of History
Century Bowl - Waterford
6:30 p.m. - Dinner and a brief presentation of Bowling History in the Motor City
8:15 p.m. - Bowling

February 5 - 9
The Jewish Federations of North America
Heart to Heart
Women's Journey to Israel

February 11 (Saturday)
Cabaret 313
Marin Mazzie and Jason Danieley
My Funny  Valentine
Riviera Court @ Detroit Institute of Art
7:00pm and 9:30pm performances

March 25 (Saturday)
Cabaret 313
Gabrielle Stravelli
Black Box Theatre @ Detroit Opera House
7:00pm and 9:30pm performance

March 29 (Wednesday)
JVS  Trade Secrets 
Fundraiser for Women to Work Program
Troy Marriott
Keynote Speaker: Connie Holzer
For more info, please contact Andrea Stone
248-233-4210 or astone@jvsdet.org

May 3 (Wednesday)
Congregation Shaarey Zedek
Lois Linden Woman's World Luncheon
Celebrating 50 years of Woman's World
Woman of Valor honor: Sally Orley (well deserving)
Guest Speaker: Lesley Stahl (of 60 Minutes)
Save the date, more details to come.

May 10  (Wednesday)
Planned Parenthood of Michigan event
The Cube at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra 
Guest Speaker: Dr. Willie Parker
More details to come.

May 11 (Thursday)
City Year Red Jacket Gala
Cobo Center, Grand Riverview Ballroom
1 Washington Blvd.  Detroit
2017 Idealist in Action Award:
Matthew Simoncini 
President and CEO of Lear Corporation

May 20 (Saturday)
Cabaret 313
Chuck Cooper and the Clan
Marlene Boll Theatre at the Boll Family YMCA
1401 Broadway St., Detroit
7:00pm and 9:30pm performances

June 4 (Sunday)
Hillel Day School
Annual Dream Maker Gala
David and Nadine Farber
Steven and Janice Traison
And Alum awards to:
Edward Alterman (class of 86)
Rabbi Jennifer Kaluzny (class of 91)
Jonathan Ozeran (class of 97)
Stay tuned for more details.

Parting Thoughts...