Never Forget
"Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it"  This is happening all over the world as our humanitarian freighter is sailing backwards, ignoring the lessons of history.  Holocaust Remembrance Day (tomorrow, Jan. 27) was specifically established by the United Nations (back in 2005) to remind us NEVER to repeat the genocide of the Nazi era and all genocides prior to that time.  Since the liberation of  Auschwitz-Birkenau on January 27 in 1945, humanity has been a poor student in absorbing the lessons of her ancestors. We can do a much better job in the area of Compassion, Acceptance, Understanding and Sensitivity.  As Warren Buffet says: "Be fearful when others are greedy, be greedy when others are fearful".  May the souls and memories of those who perished during the evil era of genocide give us strength to prevent future alienation and annihilation of innocent people.  Tomorrow and everyday, we should  remember and pay tribute to those  who were killed during the holocaust:  
6 Million Jews
3 Million Poles
3 Million Ukrainian Slavs
3 Million Soviet POWs
1.5 Million  Belarusian Slavs
1/2 Million Sebs
270 Thousand Disabled people
220 Thousand Romani (aka. Gypsies) 
200 Thousand Freemasons
15 Thousand Homosexuals
7 Thousand Spanish Republicans
5 Thousand Jehovah Witnesses  

Tree Gratitude
This Tuesday evening, January 30, is the start of our holiday Tu B'Shevat which celebrates the underappreciated and overachieving Trees of our world.  Did you know an acre of trees provide a years worth of oxygen for 18 people.  They also help filter out noxious gases like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide.  Plus they offer refuge and home to numerous animals, birds and insects.  Not to mention producing the delicious apple, orange, peach, pomegranate, avocado, coconut, almond, cherry, lemon, fig and gooseberry to name a few.  And how about the reliable shade we take advantage of in the Summer.  Yes, trees deserve much praise and a dedicated holiday to celebrate their existence.  Tu B'Shevat is observed by participating in a Seder (yet much shorter than our Passover seder). Here is a wonderful website that explains the Tu B'Shevat holiday and seder.

Promises Made 
Happy first anniversary to our first incompetent unprecedented president as he is the first POTUS to preside over a government shutdown while his party is in full control of the House, Senate and Oval Office.  And he has done it in record time as the quickest of any shutdown, just one year to the day of his inauguration.  Yet, not surprising our current POTUS criticized the past president who held the Oval Office during the last shutdown and blamed it all on him.  Who's to blame this time...certainly not Drumpf.  Yes, a deal was struck to reopen for 3 more weeks, but can we believe their promise to help resolve the Dreamer's immigration limbo status. On the plus side, this agreement did include CHIP funding for 6 more years.  On the negative side, looks like negotiations are just as far apart as ever.  And on that fateful anniversary weekend that brought incompetency to the White House, 100s of cities held 100s of 1,000s of marchers to advocate for Decency, Morality, Respect and Dignity for all Americans.  The tidal wave from last year's march has grown in strength and purpose.  One year ago, we protested our disgust. This year, we protect and promise our political ambitions to replace the disgust with competency at our November Elections. Maybe not the Oval Office just yet, but certainly the US House, Senate and hopefully our State Congress.

No Planet B
As we work toward changing our political climate, our environment's climate will also change (for the worst) if we don't stop  #45's destructive policies that reverse global protections.  The map below indicates comparisons of our last 2 presidents (2 left maps) and our current Dufus (right map) and their oil drilling accepted coastal areas.  
As you can see, Bush and Obama limited the drilling to only a select area to help preserve our oceanic wildlife.  Dufus (just using a nickname like he does for his adversaries) wants to open all coastal waterways to the outdated oil drilling process because his "stable genius" brain seems to have forgotten how dangerous it is, but mostly because he only thinks about adding to his friend's bank accounts. Hey Dufus, remember the massive destruction of BP's Deepwater Horizons oil explosion of 2010 which killed 11 people, spilled 210 Million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico and completely devastated the wildlife and human life in the area. Unfortunately, this is only the tip of his catastrophic anti-environmental iceburgh.  What will he do in the next 3 years?  Here is the respected National Geographic's long running tab of devastations already accomplished by our "stable genius":   

This Week...
No Sense
Two 15-year-old students ( Bailey Nicole Holt and Preston Ryan Cope) are dead and 18 others were wounded when a crazed adolescent, with access to a gun, shot his peers at a Kentucky High School.  This was the 11th school shooting this year.  Yes, people, the 11th in the last 26 days.  Sadly, history will repeat itself as nothing will be done in Congress to stop these murders and more will erupt as the year progresses. Sensible gun legislation is far from a priority in DC right now. Condolences to the victims and their families.

State Status
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder gave his 8th and final State of the State on Tuesday and kept his remarks to pure "back patting" while whitewashing the serious blunders of his tenure.  Michigan is definitely better off in 2018 than we were 8 years ago, but there is so much more work to do and we need to flip the governor's office with a strong future leader. 

State's Disgrace
Teen girls, women, parents...all victims of Dr. Larry Nasser spoke their peace in a Lansing court prior to his sentencing for heinous crimes of sexual abuse over his decades long career.  The wise and compassionate judge cleared her docket to allow all who wished to voice their feelings against Dr. Nasser.  After 7 days, over 160 distressed voices were heard and in the end, Nasser was sentenced to 40-175 years in addition to the 60 years he already got for child pornogrophy.  He will not see the light of day without barbed wire but the battle will continue to ensue at Michigan State University, the NCAA and USA Gymnastics.  Following the sentencing, MSU president Lou Anna Simon tendered her resignation after pressure was rising for those in charge during the era of abuse to defer to the victims who just want answers to why their claims were ignored. 

State by State
Money Magazine posted a list of each State's most desirable city to live in.  The only problem was Michigan's selection.  I'm not complaining since they choose our city of  Farmington Hills, however they didn't realize that the description they provided was of Farmington (not the Hills) which is a seperate city though many think we should combine and conserve our two city resources.  Here's the full list:

Detroit Attractions
This weekend marks the opening of our Detroit Velodrome ...what is a Velodrome you ask?  It's an indoor bicycle track for novice and professional cyclist.   Also staring in the D this weekend is  Meridian Winter Blast  at Campus Martius with music, free ice skating, skiing/snowboarding, ziplines, s'mores and more:  Lots to enjoy!

Song Sung Blue
The beloved and extremely talented singer, songwriter and actor, Neil Diamond (age 77) announced his retirement from performing and cancelled the remainder of his 50th anniversary concert tour due to his Parkinson's diagnosis.  Thankfully he plans to continue writing and recording his gifts. Many of his devoted fans are donating their refunded concert tickets to Parkinson's research in his honor. "This is not a sad song" from 1972

Another Farewell
Elton John (age 70) also announced his retirement with a 
3 year/300 date tour he's calling "Farewell Yellow Brick Road" which comes to Detroit on Friday Oct. 12.  He plans to spend more time with his two young sons and his husband.

For this week's musical selection, I've gone to the humor side... first with the fun-loving Holderman Family and then with Doogie Howser, MD aka. Neil Patrick Harris, as a Smooth Criminal on the entertaining show called, Lip Sync Battle.  
This family is talented, funny and a little eye candy as well:
Doogie became a child star success story:

Wishing you and your family a 
Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom.


Condolences to  Robby and Lori Nusbaum and their family on the passing of Lori's mother,  Carole Rose Sher z"l (age 81).  May Carole's spirit and memories bring comfort to those who knew and loved her and may she be a blessing onto her family and community. 

There are 283 Days till our  November 6, 2018  election with lots of new positions to fill.  I'll keep you posted on the races I'm supporting and will update you on the candidates and issues of concern.  We'll be voting on:
-Michigan  Governor
-Michigan Attorney General
-Michigan Secretary of State
-Re-election of Senator Debbie Stabenow
-All Congressional Seats
-Various Michigan State and House Seats
-University Regent and Trustee seats
-School Board
-County and city seats

Voting Rights
As you know, I am committed to improving our voting system.  We need to eliminate gerrymandering which makes our districts lopsidedly partisan.  I am also involved with another initiative call Promote the Vote which will demolish the current voting barricades making it easier and more accessible to vote and ensuring that every eligible voter is counted. If you want to help, please check out their website: and join the webinar on Monday Jan. 29 @ 7pm.  All the info is on the above site.  Your help is needed and appreciated.

Happy Birthday!

Jan. 26th
Brenda Rosenberg
Katie Germesh 
Lisa Brown (Oakland County Clerk)
Donald Epstein

Jan. 27th
Diane Kaplan Orley
Dana Vikser Loewenstein
Jeff Schlussel
Max Klar
Owen Perlman
Eli Newman
Beverly Schwartz Dovitz

Jan. 28th
Ruth Kaplan

Jan. 29th
Gail Elkus
Ashley Korn

Jan. 30th
Danielle Winterberger Russell
Deborah Orley Rubyan 
Hattie Groskind 
Ken Gold 
Jan. 31st
Shari Rogers
Mike Jacobson 
Jane Alessandrini
Feb. 1st
Lauren Dworkin Katz
Bobbie Blitz

I'm prone to mistakes, so if I missed your birthday 
or got the wrong date or spelling, please let me know.

Starting January 14  (6-8 weeks)
Jewish Population Study will help us determine vital information about our community to help plan for our future.  Our last survey was 2005 and updated info is critutial so please participate if you are called.  Names and addresses will not be asked or used. 
For more info, please contact Linda Blumberg 

February 1 (Thursday)
Jewish Community Center presents
Earth Angels Performance
Benefiting Day Camp Department of Special Needs
Congregation Shaarey Zedek
Registration and more info:
Stephanie Zoltowski at
Director of special needs
Dave Sexton at
program coordinator
For more info on this entertaining group:

February 7 (Wednesday)
Fems For Dems
Candidate Speed Dating
The Corners
2075 Walnut Lake Rd.
West Bloomfield
Free Admission

February 13 (Tuesday)
Doing the Impossible - Israel Disaster Relief
Guest Speaker: Dr. Ariel Bar
Maple Theater
Bloomfield Hills
Free with limited seating. Registration requested by 2/7
Sponsored by JCRC/AJC & Jewish Federation of Metro. Detroit

February 24  (Saturday)
Jewish Historical Society of Michigan
Nosh Gen: A Night at the Schvitz
Re-discover this iconic building with current owners and special guests, Richard Meltzer (son of the original owner) and Rabbi Pinson (who is working to restore the Mikvah)
7:00 p.m. 
Dinner, Drinks and History

February 27 (Tuesday)
Detroit Crime Commission
Movie Night Screening
"Break the Chain"
An award-winning documentary produced and directed by Michigan filmmakers, Laura E. Swanson and Kirk Mason, that addresses the often "hidden-in-plain-sight" issue of Human Trafficking within Michigan communities and the United States.
Maple Theater
7:00pm Door open
7:30pm Screening
8:30pm Q & A with Directers
$10 admission plus donations of gently used clothing and/or hygiene products.
For more info and ticket registration

 Final Thought...worth repeating.