Weekly Shabbat Greeting
January 31, 2019
25 Shevat 5779
Friday, February 1st
6 p.m., Chapel
Saturday, February 2nd
9 a.m., Sanctuary

Kiddush Lunch is sponsored by Linda and Murray Baruch, Leah and Joe Bernstein, Howard Friedman, Marlene and Steve Myers, Amy and Rabbi Mark Robbins, Stacy and Craig Gittleman, Loraine and Mark Kuhn and Renee and Jay Kozlowski.
memorial candle
Barukh Dayan Ha-Emet
Our condolences to Sandy and Sue Birnholtz on the recent passing of Sandy's father, Cantor Joseph Birnholtz. May the Birnholtz family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.
shabbat dinner october 16th
Shalom Shabbat Dinner February 1st
at the Lupovitch Family home
Join other B'nai Israel Families for Shabbat Dinner. Please RSVP to Alissa: alissacitron@yahoo.com
Tot shabbat
Tot Shabbat February 9
11 a.m., Lower Level
Questions? Contact Joanna: joannaabramson@gmail.com

SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, February 17th
Bowling at Country Lanes, 1 p.m.
Questions? E-mail Bob Breitman: bob@breitman.us
Adult Learning Opportunities
Talmud Class with Rabbi Mitch Parker 
Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30 p.m., at the synagogue
We are currently studying Brachot, the first section of the Talmud. Interested? Contact Rabbi Parker .

May 2019
Jewish South Trip, Memphis to New Orleans: Civil War to Civil Rights
led by Rabbi Mitch Parker.
Click here for detailed itinerary. Please contact Rabbi Mitch Parker directly by February 28th if you wish to participate. mitch@bnaiisraelwb.org

Explore Jewish Mysticism with Rabbi Gutmann, Temple Kol Ami
Four-part series, Wednesday evenings, 7 p.m.
February 20th, 27th and March 6th and 13th
This series is FREE to B'nai Israel and Temple Kol Ami Members
Non-Members $18 for series/$5 per session
RSVP to Cheryl Spektor: cspektor@tkolami.org /248-661-0040
31 Robin Pappas

Murray Baruch
 9  Alan Agauas
14  Rebecca Tron, Jeffrey Eisman
16  Brian Newhouse, Miriam Saperstein
17  Michael Golob
19  Nancy Silverman
20  Colton Graub, Jack Lawson
21  Inez Stevenson
22  Seymour Manello
25  Sheila Kurland, Sharon Rosen
26  Aaron Orel
2 Gail and Jerome Beale
9 Steven and Marlene Myers
19 Lenord and Phyllis Horwitz
Mazel Tov
May Their Memories Be For a Blessing  
2/1/19 (26 Shevat)      Joseph Langnas
2/2/19 (27 Shevat)      Violeta Duer
2/3/19 (28 Shevat)      Edith Adler
2/5/19 (30 Shevat)      Shirley Harriet Beider
2/6/19 (1 Adar)           Oscar Kuhn
2/10/19 (5 Adar I)       Henrietta Hamburger
2/11/19 (6 Adar I)       Jack Gruber
2/13/19 (8 Adar)         Marvin Rosen, Wesley Brown
2/14/19 (9 Adar I)       Max Silverstein, Sharon Florence Weiss
2/15/19 (10 Adar I)     Klara Stark
2/17/19 (12 Adar I)     Betty Margolis, Theodore Jacob Levine,
William Fischel
2/18/19 (13 Adar I)     Arthur Goodman, Gloria Braverman, Leo Weber,
Sol Reichberg Taub
2/19/19 (14 Adar I)     Esther Nusbaum, Wolfe Brown
2/20/19 (15 Adar)       Katy Erdos, Rebecca Wolfman, Ruth Kimmel
2/21/19 (16 Adar I)     Yetta Langfelder
2/22/19 (17 Adar)       Ann Doneson, Maurice Katz
2/23/19 (18 Adar I)     Alan Breitman, Rose Lifshitz
2/24/19 (19 Adar)       Lillian Ruskin
2/25/19 (20 Adar)       Doris Barahal Tron
2/26/19 (21 Adar)       Arlene Beals
2/27/19 (22 Adar)       Edith Nusholtz, Sharon Friedman
2/28/19 (23 Adar)       Bruria Melman
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