July 22, 2016
"May the Lord protect and defend you." 
May you have a Sweet Shabbat Shalom.  
Stop the Hate
Our world has a "new normal" of poisonous terrorism that seems to occur much too frequently. Condolences to the Country of France, the City of Nice and the friends and family of the 84 victims (10 were children) who lost their lives to the barbaric attack and the over 300 who were wounded by the hatred.  It is almost impossible to stop someone who has decided to exhibit evil actions.  The only way to stop this horror is at the source. Those who are able (the moderate Muslim) must  Mute the Tongues and Break the Pens and Keyboards of hateful teachings in the mosques, madrasa (muslim schools) and especially online. We need to halt the seed that plants hate and destruction. Whether this lone killer was connected to ISIS or not, he still expressed his killing in the name of Islamic Jihadism, though he was far from religious as he drank alcohol, used drugs and physically abused his family. While on this subject of Islamic extremism, a repeated example of a barbaric ritual was exhibited this week in Pakistan, when a brother proudly honor killed his sister for her "provocative" videos on social media. Or let's not forget Islamic ritual of female mutilation that occurs en masse all over the world.  When will this global barbarism end?  
Support True Democracy
But the deaths didn't stop with terrorism last week.  A military coup in Turkey added to the week of calamities. Nearly 300 casualties, 1400 injuries and 6,000 detainees resulted from the poorly planned Turkish Coup attempt.  The country was quickly stabilized after President Erdogan urged citizens to resist the small military faction. Though the President was elected democratically, his democratic tendencies are less than stellar. 

Good Stops Bad
We also witnessed a 2nd crazed cop killing gunman who decimated three families and wounded three others in Baton Rouge before he was caught and killed. There are those who feel more guns in everyone's hands would help prevent gun violence, but this didn't help during the Dallas massacre. Texas is a big gun state with many regular carriers and they too experienced a huge open air gun battle with 5 officers dead and many others wounded. A gun in every hand won't stop the violence, it just might add to it.  On a somewhat related issue, bravo to the Atlanta Mayor who rejected the Black Lives Matter demand to stop the collective training of Atlanta and Israeli police officers. Here is the mayor's video repsonse:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1jkTuS4K68


A Few Highlights
But the big news of the week was the Republican Convention in Cleveland.  Here are some fun (and some not so fun) facts:

- Stephen Colbert unofficial opened the ceremony with this great line:  "I know I'm not suppose to be up here but neither is Donald Trump".    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFjDBvRxcbM

- Right off the bat, Never Trump delegates attempted a roll call to change the rules in an effort to allow "votes of conscience".  But alas, they were overruled.

- Several Trump supporting Anti-Semites spewed their Hate which forced the shutdown of the live online chat options during the speech of the Jewish former Hawaii Governor, Linda Lingle. http://www.timesofisrael.com/rnc-shuts-down-convention-live-chat-over-anti-semitic-rants/

- A firestorm occurred after Melania Trump plagiarized some of the exact verses from Michelle Obama's 2008 speech. Two highly paid speechwriters provided the Trumps with a perfectly (clean) speech which Melania deleted and "rewrote" with help from her friend. This Colbert assisted "Melania Response" is bound to cause a chuckle. 

- Their platform this year was hijacked by the far right extreme of the party and even AIPAC disagreed with their exclusion of a Two State Solution regarding Israel. 

- GOP Congressman Steve King of Iowa gets the prize for the most racist comment on broadcast network when suggesting non-Whites have lacked in their contribution to civilization. 

- Ted Cruz was booed for not "toasting" Donald with his endorsement. 

10 facts about VP pick 
Mike Pence
1. He is the 50th governor of Indiana
2. He is 57 years old.
3. He was a radio talk show host and called himself "Rush Limbaugh on decaf"
4. He has a 4% rating by the League of Conservation Voters, which means he votes against most environmental protections. 
5. He signed a religious law allowing discriminating against LGBT community.
6. He signed the strictest abortion laws in our nation and would like to overturn Roe v. Wade.
7. He does not believe in evolution and favors teaching Bible in History classes. (specially the New Testament).
8. He was an early supporter of the Tea Party.
9. He's good friends of the Koch Brothers and the NRA.
10. He voted against Tobacco Regulations stating, "despite the hysteria from the political class and the media, smoking doesn't kill."  His reasoning,..."2 out of every three smokers does not die from a smoking related illness and 9 out of ten smokers do not contract lung cancer" 

Not Surprised 
Turns out Trump did not write his famous book, "The Art of the Deal", which he insists he did. A ghostwriter takes full credit but his account of the real Trump is the troubling part of this story. Besides being a Narcissist, it seems Trump might also have Attention Deficit Disorder which could be a problem when asked to understand complex issues affecting all of us. Here is an interesting interview of Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter, who now is being harrassed by Trump and his cronies.  http://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/donald-trump-threatens-the-ghostwriter-of-the-art-of-the-deal

In Michigan politics last week, Governor Snyder gets the award to the most mismatched appointment as he selected a former Oil executive to head up our Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. The new director of the DEQ is Heidi Grether whose resume includes BP lobbyist for 8 years. Surely there could have been a more appropriate candidate in the running especially while we are closely watching the 63-year-old Enbridge Oil pipeline under the Mackinaw Straits
Our Congress is playing Russian Roulette with lifesaving Zika funding as they fight over sabotaging the health of our citizens.   A bill was nearly passed and ready for Obama's signature until  Republicans decided to include restrictions on abortion, reverse clean water regulations, overturn parts of ObamaCare and stop the ban on  flying the Confederate flag  at federal cemeteries. These bitter pills were rejected so Congress went on vacation without injecting the CDC with funds to help find this deadly disease

Breakout Time
A new Iran Deal document was brought to light this week which indicated that when Iran is able to refocus on their Nuclear ambitions, it might take them a shorter time (6 months instead of 1 year) to enrich the uranium they will need for the breakout time (to make a bomb).  The article states that this new piece of information was an addendum added to the deal but the White House insists the is not a new document and it was always in the Deal. "He said, she said..who to believe".

Happy Days, Sad Days
Rest in Peace Garry Marshal z"l (age 81) creator genius of many "Happy" viewing hours from TV to Movies. He directed 18 movies including Beaches and Pretty Woman and had just completed the screenplay for the Broadway musical version of Pretty Woman. Condolences to his wife of 53 years, his family and his sister, Penny Marshal.  Condolences also to his friends and colleague, Ron Howard and congrats to Ron on his upcoming documentary "Eight Days a Week: the touring years".   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mj0KLrrl2rs  And to coincide with the the film, there will be a new album called, "Live at the Hollywood Bowl" featuring recordings from 1964 and 1965.

MI Music
Also on the musical scene, the Top 10 Michigan songs were compiled from a massive survey (of the top 100 songs) while Don Was and his friends performed them last weekend at the Concert of Colors. Drumroll... Here is the number one song:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0XAI-PFQcA
And for the top 10 list:  http://tinyurl.com/MITop10Music

Wishing you and your family a 
Sweet and Peaceful  
Shabbat Shalom 
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P.S. Annabel Cohen (Detroit's premier caterer) should run for President. Her slogan, "outlaw shredded cheese, that will make us Grate Again". Thanks, Jack Lessenberry for sharing this suggestion.

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10 days till the
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Michigan State Primary Election is
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Sample Ballots
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Absentee Ballots
If you plan to vote absentee for either the August Primary or the November General Election, please check out this site which gives you all the details.  You can download your absentee application though you will need to give a reason of why you can't vote in person. Politically, they (Lansing) should remove the "Reason" requirement and just let anyone vote absentee.  http://www.michigan.gov/sos/0,8611,7-127-1633_8716_8728-21037--,00.html

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August 17th  (Wednesday)
Ort Rub-A-Dub
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August 21st (Sunday)
Jewish Historical Society of Michigan
J-Cycle 6
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August 28th (Sunday)
Hazon Detroit
(First Ever) Michigan Jewish Food Festival
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September 8th (Thursday)
National Council of Jewish Women
Women of Vision 
Congregation Shaarey Zedek
Guest Speaker: Jenna Bush Hager
Honoring: Alicia Stillman and Ellie Slovis

September  11th  (Sunday)
eRace Mental Illness and the Silence
5K Family Run/Walk
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September 8th (Thursday)
Jewish Historical Society of Michigan
Exhibit Opening and Fundraiser
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September 13th (Tuesday)
Hadassah's Opening Meeting
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Guest Speaker: Nancy Spielberg 
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September 20th (Tuesday)
Jewish Women's Foundation
Women Lighting the Way
Detroit Athletic Club
Keynote Speaker: (gay rights)  Attorney Dana Nessel

September 22nd (Thursday)
Friends of the IDF Women's Luncheon
Tam-O-Shanter Country Club
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September 26th (Monday)
Dr. Gary Burnstein Community Health Clinic
2016 Esteemed Women of Michigan 
Centerpoint Marriott, Pontiac

September 27th (Tuesday)
Detroit Zoological Society
Hidden Gems of the Detroit Zoo
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September 28th (Wednesday)
Yad Ezra Annual Dinner
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6:00pm Strolling Supper
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October 1st (Saturday)
Humble Design
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The Fillmore, Detroit
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October 7th (Friday)
Florine Mark's 17th Annual
Remarkable Women Charity event
The Henry Hotel, Dearborn
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October 10th (Monday)
MI Women Win 
Our home
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October 13th (Thursday)
Michigan League of Conservation Voters
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Westin Book Cadillac Hotel, Detroit
Honoring: Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha 
Lifetime Achievement: Honorable Dr. Joe Schwarz

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