Shabbat Shalom
June 16, 2017
From famous forefathers like Abraham, Moses, Abe Lincoln, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr. to fictional fathers like Mike Brady, Howard Cunningham and George Jetson to all fathers, grandfathers and father stand-ins, may your Sunday be filled with joy, gratitude and respect. And of course, Happy Abba/Saba day to the awesome father/grandfather of our family, Hannan, as we celebrate 35 years of marriage this week on June 20th. 

No Respect
Now to the other end of the spectrum. The root of the word Idiot is "one's own" and the ancestry is ancient Greek which defines the word as a layperson with no professional skills or someone who leeches off society and gives nothing in return. Why give you this definition...? Well, in a recent poll, asking the first word that comes to mind to describe our current Oval Office Occupier (O to the 3rd), Idiot topped the list followed by Incompetent, Liar, Leader, Unqualified and in 6th place President.  His approval rating is at 38% and his disapproval rating is 58% (4% have no opinion).  It seems obvious from his behavior that this polling is correct as he truly seems only interested in "one's own" or just himself.   This is the opposite of what we need from the leader of our country. Though we'll need to wait till Triple "O" self implodes before he is replaced, we do have the opportunity to elect respected legislators who represent our interests and not their own in the next 2018 election cycle. And, quite frankly, the most important decisions we have are in our local board, city council, State congress.  Do some homework and find out who is running to represent you so you are educated when poll time rolls around. Just google "Local Elections" and all kinds of helpful info will pop up.  For example, voters in Farmington Hills will go to the polls on Nov. 7 to elect a new mayor, 3 city council members and possibly vote on a proposal or two. 

Police Respect
Gun violence never takes a vacation yet most killings don't warrant Breaking News status, but this week two caught the headlines. Early Wednesday morning in Virginia, at a baseball practice, 4 people,  including Republican Congressional Whip,  Steve Scalise, were shot and wounded by a rifle-tooting crazed anti-Trump activist. Because of the congressman's presence, capitol police were on duty to shot and kill the gunman. The second incident occurred at a UPS facility in San Francisco where the perpetrator killed 3 people, wounded 2 others and when police arrived, he turned the gun on himself.  Bravo to the professional actions of the police officers on duty and shame on our society for sanctioning the continued power and influence of the NRA. Did you know that since 1997, the CDC (the governmental agency which studies our health) has an operational clause that prevents any study the would "advocate or promote gun control", essentially tying their hands from any research of gun deaths, which (BTW) is one of the top 5 causes of fatalities. In addition, our country is in need of some serious "Marriage" counselling. We are spewing hatred everywhere and not listening to each other.  

Deep Respect
General Electric has it right. What would our society be like if we idolized "Do Gooders" rather than the "Rich and Famous"? They produced this wonderful commercial which makes just that point and spotlights the first female MIT professor, Millie Dresselhaus (born Mildred Spiewak to Polish Jewish immigrants).  Millie was also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2014 among a long list of other honors.  All our daughters and granddaughters (and sons/grandsons) should have a Millie doll.

True Hero

We need brilliant minds like Millie's to run our country as I'm sure she wouldn't propose this idiotic plan to prevent unintended pregnancies. DJT's budget includes spending $277 Million on programs to teach kids not to have sex before marriage. Also, he has appointed an Abstinence Only (AB) supporter as Chief of Staff to the Department of Health and Human Services.
It's been scientifically proven that trying to teach AB does NOT work. Again, just ask Sarah Palin and her family.  But that is just want Prima Donald (the hypocrite) plans to addition to cutting support and funding to Planned Parenthood, the only proven way which DOES help to decrease pregnancies.  Vice News did a story on the States with only one provider and their desperation to serve those in need.  Check out this article and the short video embedded at the end.  And stay tuned for the devistating health package of the secret Senate sessions to overhaul Obamacare due to be release in a few weeks. 
More Idiocracy
Israel is ALWAYS the scapegoat, especially at the UN and this week is no exception.  Debate at the Human Rights Council blamed the Israeli Occupation for the violence against women in that region.  It's absurd to the unbiased mind that Israelis are forcing the hand of Palestinian men to beat their wives but this "fact" was repeated by several nations until there was a irrefutable rebuttal by Hillel Neuer from UN Watch.  Though the chair thanked all of the previous speakers, he unprecedentedly refused to thank Neuer for his facts.

"Trusted" Leadership
Comey told the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Sessions told the whole truth (that he could "recall") and nothing but the truth (that wasn't "confidential").
How long would POTUS last on the stand before perjury sets in. I estimate 45 seconds...max.  Is he so delusional of his teflon shield that he would put himself under oath?  I truly hope so. And now it seems Mueller IS investigating Donny for Obstruction of Justice.   Another issue (and the main issue) at the Senate hearings was the fact that neither Comey nor Sessions remembered our "trusted" commander ever asking them about the Russian interference of our campaign and our democracy.  Any other commander in chief (without ties to Putin) would be most concerned and ask lots of questions about this very concerning issue, but not The Donald. 

Frank Lloyd Wright would have been 150 last week. His contributions to architecture are legendary.  Michigan is fortunate to have dozens of FLW homes.  The legend also designed building, museum and religious institutions like Beth Sholom Synagogue in Elkins Park, PA that resembles our Southfield congregation Shaarey Zedek. 
Beth Sholom Synagogue
Bravo to Detroit PBS on this week's fundraiser and broadcast of the Florine Mark (aka Mom) Documentary.  It was a lovely and heartfelt tribute to our mother and we are deeply grateful to DPTV for producing it.  If you missed viewing it, you can see it at this link and help support the efforts of DPTV in bringing quality, respected and award winning programs to our community.

Sorry to run out of time and space for more in depth commentary of the following topics, but they are all google worthy:
- Lord Buckethead and the GB election
- London Apartment Tower Fire
- Dear Evan Hanson's Tony wins
- Michigan Chaldean deportations
- Puerto Rico's Statehood referendum
- Cher's Broadway Musical announcement
and the  pièce de ré·sis·tance
- This weekend's (June 16-18) NYC Presidential Tweet Library sponsored by the Daily Show located at 3 West 57th Street.

Pick Me
And lastly, if you only have time to click on one site in this week's message, I strongly suggest you pick this one.  This week's musical selection is the essence of Shabbat for today's society.  This new video/message teams a classic Simon and Garfunkel song with the a capella voices of Maccabeats to remind us of our priorities. Though the song was written nearly 50 years ago, the message is prophetic for today.

Wishing you and your families 
Peaceful Shabbat Shalom and 
Happy Father's Day.

Condolences to the family of Michael Kroopnick z"l (age 30) on his passing last week. May his life be a blessing unto his family and friends as his spirit and memories will live strong within those who loved him.

Adam West, our TV memory of Batman and defender of Gotham City, died last week at the age of 88.  His career was stymied after the cancellation of Batman due to his typecast rut, but he moved on to various roles including a 2013 documentary about him called Starring Adam West and his famous voice-overs on the Family Guy.

June 16th
Ettagail Benyas Shatz
Harriet Fortgang Orley
Todd Sachse
Marty Shichtman

June 17th
Vivian Henoch
Heidi Lowen Zabik
Tom Woiwode
Allan Gilmour

June 18th
Sir Paul McCartney turns 74
Happy Father's Day

 June 19th
Barbara Klein Zaltz
Josh Opperer
Marc Berke
Jan Blacher 
Carley Sirlin

June 20th
Debra Cohen
Shelley Wainer
Iris Eckhous
Shelley Wright
Jason Bodnick
Leo Szlamkowicz
Deborah Pohlot
and last but not least:
Happy 35th Anniversary to my husband, Hannan

June 21st
Keenan Wolens
Naomi Miller 
Noah Liebman
Sharon Schumer Schwartz
Estie Tolwin
Amy Hunter
Leslie Ann Pilling

June 22nd
Bennett Terebelo
Tom August
I am prone to mistakes so if I missed your birthday or got the wrong date, please let me know.

June 16 (Friday)
Detroit Zoo
Sunset at the Zoo
This year's theme, Green is the new Black, will highlight the remarkable environmental & sustainability efforts of the Zoo. 

June 17 (Saturday) 
Forgotten Harvest 25th Annual Comedy Night
Featuring Seth Meyers
Fox Theatre

June 20 (Tuesday)
2017 Activist Award 
Presented to Jeannie Weiner (excellent choice)
Guest Speaker: Mayor Mike Duggan
Congregation Adat Shalom

June 25 (Sunday)
Tamarack Camps
Family Fun Day
$30 per car or $10 per person
No RSVP needed
Kosher lunch provided

June 26 (Monday)
U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow Fundraiser Breakfast
Home of Zina and Michael Kramer

July 26  (Wednesday)
Nosh Gen: Food, Fun & A Dash of History  
Detroit Farm & Garden
Agriculture in the "D," a look at the  current status of home grown food in Detroit and look back at the Jewish agricultural movements of the early 20th century.
6:00 p.m. Repair the World tour
6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Nosh Gen event

August 20  (Sunday)
J-Cycle 7: Bicycle Tour of Historic Jewish Detroit
This year's route begins at Northwest Activities Center (former Meyers & Curtis JCC) and heads north
Registration opens mid-June.

August 27 (Sunday)
The 2nd Annual Michigan Jewish Food Festival
Eastern Market

September 13 (Wednesday)
Jewish Women's Foundation
Women Lighting the Way
18th year anniversary
Featuring Cabaret Performer, Liz Callaway
Max and Marjorie Fisher Music Center

September 23 (Saturday)
Camp Sea-Gull Reunion
Camp Ticonderoga
5725 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48085
Please RSVP at this site:

October 19  (Thursday)
Exploring the Jewish Art and Artists in the Private Collection of Doreen and David (z'l") Hermelin
Save the date for this docent-led, first-of-its-kind benefit for the Jewish Historical Society of Michigan  at the Hermelin home. More details coming soon.

Parting Thoughts...