June 5 - 10, 1967
Shabbat Shalom 
June 2, 2017
50 years ago...
- Senator  John McCain  was captured in Vietnam.
- Minimum Wage was  $1.40 per hour.
- The  National Transportation Safety Board was created.
Thurgood Marshall became the 1st Black Justice on SCOTUS.
- The first edition of  Rolling Stone rolled off the press.
- The case of  Loving vs. Virgina allowed for interracial marriages.
- The  Corporation for Public Broadcasting was established.
Elvis marries Priscilla.
Detroit erupted in Riots.
-Israel fought the self-defense  Six Day  War  that resulted in a territorial transformation of the tiny Jewish State. Prior to the war, there was a thin width in the middle of the country between her East and West coast.  After the war, Israel gained Gaza from Egypt (who never wanted it back), Sinai from Egypt (exchanged for peace in later years), the West Bank and East Jerusalem (including The Wall) from Jordan and the (strategic) Golan Heights from Syria (never going back).  Here is (the brilliant and articulate) David Harris' historic take on this transformative war: http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/50th-anniversary-of-the-1967-six-day-war-why-history-matters/?msource=DHBlog0601&tr=y&auid=17343248
And also 50 years ago..
-The Groundbreaking new album, Stg. Pepper's Loney Hearts' Club Band premiered on June 1 with bizarre and new sounds never recorded in the past. This legendary band only played together for 10 years from 1960-1970 but during those short years they created a culture of music that is timeless. This Saturday June 3 @ 8pm (Eastern Time), Detroit Public TV will broadcast "Sgt. Pepper's Music Revolution".   http://video.dptv.org/video/3001103801/
We must keep the free access to quality programing of Public Television safe from the chopping block of DC. For many in our country, this is their only connection to culture, education and much much more.
This is the real Sargent Pepper depicted on the album cover.  
His name was  James Melvin Babington.

Just this week...
Sadly, something else that is timeless is our brutality against each other. We began our week (following last week's Manchester attack) with the murder of 28 Coptic Christians on their way to a Monastery in Egypt. This adds to the long list of terrorist attacks against Egyptian Christians. Then came the Baghdad Ice Cream Parlor bombing in Iraq which killed 31 innocent souls (targeting young families). By midweek, a truck bomb decimated 80+ people with 350 injuries near the Afghan President's Palace. How many more generations need to pass till we evolve out of hatred?

Just this month...
The month-long Islamic holiday of Ramadan started last week.  Since the religion of Islam follows a Lunar Calendar their holidays fall different times throughout the year.  We, Jews, also follow a Lunar Calendar but we add an extra month to our calendar every 2 to 3 years to adjust it so our holidays fall in the correct season. Ramadan is when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset and during the spring and summer, this could last upwards of 15 hours.  If you want to know the correct etiquette for how to discuss Ramadan with someone who is observing it, please check out these simple ten step rules.  https://goo.gl/eXfyCK

Just what we need...
Do you know the common denominator to help prevent disease and combat jet lag.  It's something we all need more of in our lives and Today's Kids are getting much less than their ancestors.  The answer is dirt, soil, earth, grass... Our cities need more soil and less asphalt. 
First, kids need to get off the computer and play in the dirt more.  This helps build their immune system. Second, it's been found that earthing ourselves after a long flight can help cure jet lag. What is "Earthing", well it's just as it sound. Barefeet touching local soil, grass, rocks or sand. According to author  Dave Asprey , " earthing is a way of recharging our cellular batteries"

Just what we don't need...
According to the CBO (the NONpartisan Congressional Budget Office), the current Health Care Bill passed in the House last month will knock 14 million people off their insurance in the first year and over the next 10 years, 23 million will lose out. It will cut $834 Billion from Medicaid, while older and poor people will suffer the worst from this insane legislation. And don't even get me started on POTUS' idiotic Budget Proposal. The Senate now has a crack at this Healthcare nut and most Americans want them to scrap the House "suggestions" and start over.  Their plan is to provide something during the Summer, before the August recess. We'll see what they come up with...

Justice for our Climate
The Global community had pledge its support of the Paris Climate Agreement last year and now our asinine #45 has officially joined Syria and Nicaragua as the only other counties to snub the Paris Accord and ignore environmental pollution concerns.  

Hard to believe she is only 12 year old.  
Darci Lynne truly deserved the Golden Buzzer:

Wishing you and your families 
Peaceful Shabbat Shalom and 
a Happy Covfefe.

Famous Deaths
Rest in Peace Gregg Allman age 69 - The Midnight Rider
Rest in Peace Frank Deford age 78 - NPR Sports Guy
Manuel Noriega age 83 - Notorious Panama Dictator

June 2nd
Sue Folbe Curhan
Mike Binder
Blanche Mindlin

June 3rd
Joel Kelman
Linda Yellin
June 4th
Carly Mark
Jill Syme
Howard Lazar (Happy 50th)
Mark Rosenthal

June 5th
Chris Mark
Janie Liebowitz
Kevin Giles
June 6th
Carli Siegel Gribov (Happy 30th)
Doug Stone
Barbara Cook
June 7th
Susie Feldman
Lynn Rubin
Harlene Appelman
Craig Erlich
June 8th
Gabby Giffords
Marla Folbe Butler
Rob Orley
Alan Bishop
I am prone to mistakes so if I missed your birthday or got the wrong date, please let me know.

June 3 (Saturday)
American Cancer Society
Relay for Life
St. Mary of Orchard Lake

June 4 (Sunday)
Hillel Day School
Annual Dream Maker Gala
David and Nadine Farbman
Steven and Janice Traison
Alum awards:
Edward Alterman (class of 86)
Rabbi Jennifer Kaluzny (class of 91)
Jonathan Ozeran (class of 97)

June 6 (Tuesday) 
Jewish Family Service Annual Event
Congregation Shaarey Zedek
Evening with Author  Jennifer Teege
Who learned later in life that her grandfather was a Nazi Commandant.
Debra Marcus 

June 8  (Thursday) 
Starfish Family Services
Great Hearts Gala
Cobo Center, Grand Riverview Ballroom
Honoring The Jewish Fund
Lori Fidler

June 11  (Sunday)
Defending Freedom: 
A Jewish Historical Society Roving Symposium
Explore the Jewish responses to Anti-Semitism and Hate
10 a.m. - 3 p.m. 
Lunch at former Temple Beth El in Detroit included
Bus Departs from Cong. Shaarey Zedek

June 11 (Sunday)
Jewish Ferndale
A Day Of Jewish Learning
Jewish Ferndale
1725 Pinecrest
Ferndale, MI
Reservations and Information: 
(248) 542-5087 
Cost: $25

June 12 (Monday)
Hank Greenberg Memorial Invitational Golf Outing
Franklin Hills Country Club
Honoring: Fergie Jenkins, Dick Enberg & Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg (Kids Kicking Cancer)
Benefiting  the Lawrence & Idell Weisberg Cancer Treatment Center - Karmanos
For more info:

June 13 (Tuesday)
Detroit Public TV
Bravo 2017
DPTV Riley Broadcast Center, Wixom
Spotlighting & Honoring:  Florine Mark (aka:Mom/Bubbie)
For more info: Jamie Westrick

June 16 (Friday)
Detroit Zoo
Sunset at the Zoo
This year's theme, Green is the new Black, will highlight the remarkable environmental & sustainability efforts of the Zoo. 

June 17 (Saturday) 
Forgotten Harvest 25th Annual Comedy Night
Featuring Seth Meyers
Fox Theatre

June 20 (Tuesday)
2017 Activist Award 
Presented to Jeannie Weiner (excellent choice)
Guest Speaker: Mayor Mike Duggan
Congregation Adat Shalom

July 26  (Wednesday)
Nosh Gen: Food, Fun & A Dash of History  
Detroit Farm & Garden
Agriculture in the "D," a look at the  current status of home grown food in Detroit and look back at the Jewish agricultural movements of the early 20th century.
6:00 p.m. Repair the World tour
6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Nosh Gen event

August 20  (Sunday)
J-Cycle 7: Bicycle Tour of Historic Jewish Detroit
This year's route begins at Northwest Activities Center (former Meyers & Curtis JCC) and heads north
Registration opens mid-June.

August 27 (Sunday)
The 2nd Annual Michigan Jewish Food Festival
Eastern Market

September 23 (Saturday)
Camp Sea-Gull Reunion
Camp Ticonderoga
5725 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48085
Please RSVP at this site:

October 19  (Thursday)
Exploring the Jewish Art and Artists in the Private Collection of Doreen and David (z'l") Hermelin
Save the date for this docent-led, first-of-its-kind benefit for the Jewish Historical Society of Michigan  at the Hermelin home. More details coming soon.

Parting Thoughts...