Shabbat Shalom
May 6, 2016
Happy Birthday Israel!
(Your brief Hebrew lesson for the week)

Tikva = Hope
Jews are a Nation, an Ethnicity and a Peoplehood who share a religion and practice it in varying degrees.  Our Homeland, since biblical times, has always been Israel.  We were expelled several times, just like other ethnicities were conquered throughout world history.  On November 29, 1947, the United Nations approved Resolution 181 that established a plan to partition the land between Jews and the local Arabs. Jews, all over the world, rejoiced and the modern State of Israel officially declared independence on May 14, 1948. During that time, Jews were expelled from their Arab host countries and 850,000 moved to Israel. This video gives a factural view of Jewish refugees compared to Palistian refugees of today: 
Our spirit and hopes for a bright future were optimistic, but sadly 68 years later, our prospects for Peace are dismal. From day 1 of our modern existence, anti-zionists and anti-semites have waged a local and global attack on our right to live in our legal country. We have endured wars, terrorism, BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanction) and lying propaganda (from blood libel to Michigan Radio bias * to British Labour Party ** hatred) yet we continue to strive for Peace and help make the world a better place through activism, volunteerism and innovation. We are not perfect, but nobody is. Will those who despise us as a peoplehood ever accept our existence as a nation? There is always tikva.

Zechor = Remember 
May 11th is Yom HaZikaron when Israel remembers the fallen soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the well-being of their country. Also memorialized are the innocent souls who were taken from their family and friends through terrorist attacks. And yesterday was Yom HaShoah (May 5th) which honors Holocaust victims. Never Again! Sirens are blared on both Yom HaShoah and Yom HaZikaron as Israelis respect a two minute silence no matter where they are.  On the roads, cars pull over and drivers get out and all over the country people stop what they are doing and stand at attention.  Here is the English translation of the famous poem read at memorial ceremonies.

The Silver Platter
 Natan Alterman

The earth grows still.
The lurid sky slowly pales over smoking borders.
Heartsick but still living, a people stand by
To great the uniqueness
Of the miracle. Readied, they wait beneath the moon,
Wrapped in awesome joy before the light. - Then soon,
A girl and boy step forward,
And slowly walk before the waiting nation;
In work clothes and heavy-shod
They climb
In stillness.
Wearing still the dress of battle, the grime
Of aching day and fired night
Unwashed, weary until death, not knowing rest,
But wearing youth like dewdrops in their hair.
- Silently the two approach
And stand.
Are they of the quick or of the dead?
Through wondering tears, the people stare.
"Who are you, the silent two?"
And they reply: "We are the silver platter
Upon which the Jewish State was served to you."
And speaking, fall in shadow at the nation's feet.
Let the rest in Israel's chronicles be told.

Chagiga = Celebration
Our sorrow segues into celebration as Yom HaAtzmaut (Independence day) transitions at sunset (after Memorial Day) from sadness to joy.  As Israel celebrates her modern day establishment, the Arabs in the region have a different name for that day. They call is Nakba Day which means Catastrophe and they commemorate it with rallies, demonstrations and sometime deadly clashes.  For the first 50 year's Yom HaZtzmaut was alone in its commemoration of Israel's establishment, but during her 50th anniversary, Yasser Arafat decided to institute Nakba Day for the media to pick up on their pity which of course is all Israel's fault. It takes "Two to Tango" and for 68 years Israel has been alone on the dance floor.  For those who constantly fight our existence and those who think Obama isn't supportive enough of Israel, thank goodness for the US Congress and the White House who will provide Israel with the largest military aid in US history. 

Ezrah = Help
Aid is also needed in neighboring country, Syria, as the devastating civil war has created chaos throughout the land. Last week an attack demolished a hospital killing 50 people, including the last known pediatrician in the country.   

Ke'ev = Pain
US hospitals could be to blame for our excessive use of painkillers in this country. Opioid is the current buzz word and usage is on the rise. These painkillers, in their legal form, are called OxyContin, Percocet, and Vicodin, while the illegal street form is called Heroin. Whichever form you talk about, it is killing not only pain, but a rising number of people in this country.  US citizens consumes 80% of all Opioid usage worldwide while we are only 5% of the global population. The drug works wonders if you are in pain, but can be highly addictive and are meant as a short term treatment. 40% of all accidental drug overdoses are due to Opioids. This is a serious situation that requires innovative solutions. 

Bet Sefer = School
Another serious situation is the DPS (Detroit Public Schools). Their buildings are deteriorating, some school principals chose to line their pockets instead of the school shelves and teachers are rightly concerned there isn't enough money to pay their salaries.  In the meantime our Lansing legislators are debating and arguing over how to rightsize the sinking DPS financial situation as our Detroit students continue to get the short end of the educational stick. 

Peel = Elephant
No more sticks and podding for Circus elephants as they took their last spin around the rink this week.  The last remaining 3 pachyderm will pack their trunks and snowbird it down to Florida to a conservation center where they will join more than two dozen other friends to live out their lives in retirement.  They will be aiding to human knowledge as part of a cancer research project.  It seems Elephants rarely get cancer so their blood will be tested to hopefully develop a synthetic version of a tumor suppressing gene.  

Tevah = Ark
I don't think elephants will be passengers on the modern Noah's Ark that was recently built by Dutch carpenter, Johan Huibers, after dreaming that the Netherlands will be flooded. The current intent (since the Netherlands are still above sea level) is to sail down to Brazil for this Summer's Olympics. 
The Ark cost $4 million and 4 years to build and will take $1.5 million to barge it across the ocean.  They are trying to raise the funds needed for the journey but time is of the essence so good luck to the project. 

Imma = Mother
40 countries around the world celebrate the admiration of Mothers, which we will be doing this Sunday.  Cheers to famous mums (and mum figures)... Mother Teresa, Mother Goose, Rose Kennedy, Indira Gandhi, Clara Barton, Rosa Parks, Grandma Moses, Carol Brady and (of course) Marge Simpson. Happy Mother's Day to the Mothers/Mommies/Moms/Immas in all our lives.  This quote says it all... "There's no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one." -Jill Churchill

Wishing you and your family a 
Sweet Shabbat Shalom,
 a Happy Mother's Day and Hag Sameach Yom HaAtzmaut.
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Post Script

Evelyn Hoffman Kasle z"l passed away this week.  Condolences to her daughter and son-in-law, Lisa and Gary Shiffman and their family.  May Evelyn's love and spirit bring comfort to those who's lives she touched and may she be a blessing unto her family and community. 

51 is too young to die.  Jodi Yaffe z"l squeezed a lifetime into her short life. After surviving brain cancer at age 13, she went on to become a teacher, wife (and widow), mother and great friend to many.  May her sister and brother-in-law Sheryl and Steve Fellows, her daughter, Rachel Yaffe, her mother, Rita Dictor and her extended family and friends be comforted by her memory, love and spirit. And may she be a blessing unto her community. 

Happy 50th wedding anniversary to Sam and Susie Bernstein and the beautiful family they have created.  May they enjoy many more happy and healthy years together. 

Mazel Tov to Matthew Doctoroff on becoming a Bar Mitzvah this weekend.  Big hugs to Stacy, Andy and all the Doctoroff and Kay family relatives on this wonderful milestone.

Mazel Tov Ofir Klein and Catherine Dehart on this week's wedding.  We look forward to celebrating with the Klein family.  May the new couple share a long life of happiness and health. 

Surprise, surprise... Hamilton broke the Tony nomination record by receiving 16 nods.  I feel sorry for other plays at the ceremony this year.

Looking forward to this new exhibit "The Magical History Tour" of the Beatles at The Henry Ford in Dearborn, now through Sept. 18th

And speaking of the Beatles, check out this Tongue and Cheek creatively produced youtube about Millennials. Ob-la-di, ob-la-da life goes on brah.  Gotta love Millennials.

46 years ago this week (May 4, 1970), Ohio National Guardsmen killed four Kent State students as they were protesting the Vietnam war.  We must remember our history so we never repeat the catastrophes.

 * I am in a battle with Michigan Radio to use my Day Sponsorship to wish Israel Happy 68th birthday. They denied my request because they said it would "compromise the station's commitment to impartiality and that it crosses over into advocacy". Why would Public Radio need to be  impartial  about a legally  recognized  country other than the fact, many want her wiped from the face of the earth.  Would it be a problem if it were the birthday of England, Norway or South Sudan?  Israel is a hot button country that the world has accepted as questionable and debatable and the major infraction Israel has committed is purely her existence. By the way, I truly look forward to expressing my same salutation when  Palestine  can celebrate her birthday.

** The British Labour Party is in hot water as several members are suspended after numerous anti-semitic remarks.  This is the classic case of combining forces of Radical Islamist with Far Left Liberals. Normally these two groups have nothing in common but when it comes to Israel, they seem to march in tune.
 Happy Birthday!

May 6th
Beth Snider
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May 7th
Andrew Echt
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May 8th
Jesse Stern
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May 9th
Julie Kurzmann Bodnick
Paula Radin Lebowitz
May 10th
Paul Magy
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May 11th
Yom HaZikaron 
(Israel remembrance day for 
fallen soldiers and terror victims)
Brianna Mark
Elanah Hunger
Andrea Stone
Zelda Gechter
May 12th
Yom HaAtzmaut
(Israel's 68th birthday)
Shira Elyakin
Rachel Berg (Happy 40th dear cousin!)
Jason Fisher
Barbara Horowitz
Miriam Milen
Mitch Rosenwasser

Current Delegate Count:

Hillary Rodham Clinton: 2,205 
Bernie Sanders: 1,401
2,383 delegates needed to win

 delegates up for grab
Bernie says he'll stick it out till the very last vote.

Democratic Convention
 Philadelphia, PA 
July 25th-28th, 2016 

Since Cruz and Kasich dropped out this week.  
We are down to the One and Only 
Donald Trump
as the presumptive Republican nominee. 
Republican Convention
Cleveland, OH
July 18-21, 2016

Michigan State Primary Election is
Tuesday Aug. 2, 2016
If you live in Bloomfield Township, please vote for 
Brian Kepes for Treasurer
(I will update you on more ballot issues 
as soon as they are available)

Presidential General Election is 
November 8, 2016

May 6th & 7th (Friday and Saturday)
Over the Edge Detroit
Benefiting Detroit2Nepal and American Promise Schools
Assist Nepal's earthquake reconstruction, education and public health as well as education and scholarship programs for Detroit students. 
For more info contact Heidi Hedquist

May 6th (Friday)
Orchards Children's Services
2016 Gerald L. Levin Champion for Children's
Signature Event
Soundboard, Detroit

May 7th (Saturday)
Forgotten Harvest 
24th Annual Comedy Night
Featuring Jay Leno
Fox Theatre
To purchase tickets:
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May 7th (Saturday)
Maxine Linehan
Museum of Contemporary Art

May 11th (Wednesday)
City Year Red Jacket Gala
Ford Field

May 13th (Friday)
Planned Parenthood 100 Year Gala
Detroit Marriott at the RenCen
Honoring (well deserving): Nancy Schlichting

May 17th (Tuesday)
Jewish Family Service Annual Meeting
Congregation Shaarey Zedek
Featuring Natan Sharansky
Honoring Operation Exodus Participants & JFS Award winners
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May 19th  (Thursday)
ORT Spring Fundraiser
ORT and the City
Eastern Market, Shed 5
In collaboration with The Somerset Collection and CCS 
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May 20th  (Friday)
Variety-The Children's Charity
A Star is Born
Honoring: Shinola
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May 22nd  (Sunday)
Hillel Day School Annual Gala
Beverly & Arthur Liss and Norma & Michael Dorman
(Two amazing couples)
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May 22nd (Sunday)
Jewish Senior Life 
8 over 80
Congregation Adat Shalom
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June 8th  (Wednesday)
JCRC 2016 Activist Award
Honoring (well-deserving) Drs. Conrad and Lynda Giles
Adat Shalom Synagogue
7:00 pm
Guest Speaker: Dr. Mark M. Schlissel 
President, University of Michigan 
(248) 642-5393

June 10th (Friday)
Starfish Family Service
Great Hearts Gala
Eastern Market Shed 3, Detroit
Honoree: Mariam C. Noland and the Community Foundation for SE Michigan
(734) 728-3400

June 11th (Saturday)
American Cancer Society
Relay for LIfe
West Bloomfield High School

June 20th (Monday)
Congregation Shaarey Zedek
Free Admission
Distinguished Scholar: Rabbi David Wolpe
Highly acclaimed Rabbi of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles

June 23rd (Thursday)
JVS Strictly Business
MGM Grand Detroit
Keynote Speaker:  John Rakolta, Jr.
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