Thursday, August 19, 2021 | 11 Elul 5781
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Friday Night Candle Lighting 7:43 PM
Shabbat Evening Services 5:30 PM (In-Person)
Hachanah L'Shabbat & Shacharit 9:00-9:50 AM (In-Person, Outdoor Tent)
Shabbat Morning Services 9:00 AM (In-Person & Live-Stream)
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Torah Readers - Leo Carroll, David Lyman, Joel Sachs, Judah Silverman
It is with much joy that Leo Carroll will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, August 21, 2021. Leo’s parents, Keren Gordon and Adam Carroll, as well as his siblings Simon and Elise, are beyond proud of all of the hard work and dedication Leo has shown in preparation for this experience. Leo is so thankful that he will be surrounded by loving family on the big day, including his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, as well as OJCS friends. It is so special to be able to come together in-person and our family understands what a significant gift this is. Thank you to the congregants who will be joining us for the Simcha, both in-person and through the Livestream.
Leo will be entering Grade 8 at the Ottawa Jewish Community School and is particularly looking forward to the Middle School Retreat, class trip, and other finishing year experiences. Leo is very at home outdoors and loves hand-feeding birds, squirrels, and chipmunks. He loves visiting his Grammy’s cottage for family time, bonfires and kayaking. He has a passion for writing, as well as gaming, and is hoping to build his own computer. 
Leo would like to extend special thanks to Cantor Green for meeting each week to help him prepare for this milestone. It was very special to be able to read from the Torah and chant the Haftorah. We also want to thank Rabbi Kenter for meeting so often to discuss the portion in detail and with helping to consider so many different perspectives. Rabbi Kenter also supported with Leo’s Bar Mitzvah project. With community support, Leo made ‘Good To Go’ bags to keep in cars for easy distribution to people who need supplies like water, food, and dry socks. He hopes his ‘Good To Go’ bags will help people having a hard time smile and feel cared for.
“I guess there’s no stage four and no other changes are coming regardless of our excellent vaccination rates?”
“I guess this is as good as it’s going to get, at least for the time being…”

So went the conversation in our most recent staff meeting as we discussed our plans for the week ahead. I can’t imagine this conversation was so different than the conversations that many of us are having.  When will it be time to have people over for dinner again? When will everyone feel comfortable returning to those activities and programs that we did before?

Beyond the justifiable concerns related to the Delta variant and other people’s vaccination status, I’m sure some inertia has also kicked in over the last 17 months. It’s easy to do something with regularity once it has become routine, but how do you start that routine all over again? 

Additionally, we have heard from some of you that you just aren’t sure how you are going to feel about attending High Holy Day services in-person. What will it feel like to be with 100 other people again? How will the seats be set up? What will the big tent look like? 

For all these reasons, we organized our welcome-back-a-palooza weekend next week. We want you to take shul for a test drive in a “lower stakes” environment than the holidays. We want to show off the tent and how physical distancing is working in the sanctuary. We want to remind people that you can have a full shul experience and never enter into the building, and we want to solemnize the experience of what it means for us to return into the sanctuary after the longest break that most of us have ever had. 

So, please join us next weekend for whatever parts of the weekend will mean the most to you. Participate in our Pride services and programming on Friday night or the wealth of prayer and study options that will be available Saturday morning. There is no better way to know how it will feel to be back than to just “dive in” and give it a try.

To register for all of these programs and services and let learn more, please go to:

Shabbat Shalom
We are excited to welcome you and your families back to KBI over the weekend of August 27th and 28th for some fun, exciting, and spiritual programs for all ages. 
Click Here for more details and to register.
Senior Rabbi ■ Rabbi Eytan Kenter
Associate Rabbi ■ Rabbi Deborah Zuker
Cantor ■ Cantor Jason Green
President ■ Judah Silverman
Gabbai Rishon ■ Norm Ferkin
Interim Executive Director ■ Elisheva Brantz
Please notify the Shul office of any congregant and/or family member who is ill or hospitalized; or, if you know of an individual who has moved or entered a residential placement. Additionally, please let us know if you or someone you know may require some additional support in this challenging time. Your call will ensure that our Clergy can follow up with visits, calls, and healing prayers 613-728-3501 Ext. 221
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Mazal Tov to the following couples on their wedding anniversary!
Leila & Stuart Ages
Marsha and Warren Black
Lauren Segal & Ronnie Borsuk
Beverley & Abraham Feinstein
Kayla & Matthew Ford
Carol & Mark Froimovitch
Barbara & Steve Levinson
Joseph & Nicole Noble
Marsha & Arthur Saper
Shelley & Morris Schachnow
Betty & John Telner

August 21-27
Gertrude Aranoff
Lawrence Arron
Earl Howard Blevis
Sidney Blumenthal
Doris Borer
Michel Capelle
Jacob B. Dover
Sheva Engel
Abe Fleming
Harry Froman
Leo Gershkovitch
Robert Glustein
Lawrence Goldberg
Ben (Berchik) Greenberg
Eleanor Greene
Jack Gula
Chaya Hart
Sydney Kerzner
Julia Kessler
Jacob Kimmel
Joseph Korngold
Louis Kostove
Bert Krugel
Mack Levin
Anne Levine
Leon D. Petigorsky
Louis Pinsky
Ruth Baron Ralfe
Sara Ritter
Merida Sachs
Sarah Silverman
Samuel Slack
William Sternberg
Moses Wolfe

Ha Makom Yenachem
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There are many blessings that happen in all of our lives such as the birth of a child, grandchild, or great-grandchild; the engagement or marriage of a loved one; or a promotion at work or a volunteer award.  These events lend balance to times of sadness, such as the death or illness of a loved one. We at Kehillat Beth Israel are grateful for the opportunity to share these moments with you - to be a source of community in both times of celebration and times of sorrow.  Below you will find some of the events in our community from the last few weeks. Please continue to share with us your happy occasions so that we may share them here in the future.  

ברוך אתה ה' אלקינו מלך העולם הטוב והמטיב
 Barukh Atah Adonay Eloheynu Melekh Ha-olam 
Ha-tov V'hameytiv
Blessed are You, Lord our God, Sovereign of the universe
Who is good and bestows good
And in the spirit of gratitude, we also take this opportunity to thank the members of our community for their charitable gifts to the synagogue. We could not do the important work that we do at Kehillat Beth Israel without your generous support. We are so thankful for your continued contributions that allow us to grow and thrive. Todah Rabbah!
In honour of David Roytenberg
Jill Pomerantz

In honour of Cantor Green's inspiring musical programming & connectivity
Teresa Kosmin

In honour of Kalman Estrin
Nina May & Jeremy Rudin

Thank you for your generous donation
Sara & Les Breiner
Gary & Kim Garber
S. E. Waudby Smith

In memory of Martin Stern z"l
Michael & Rhoda Aronson

In memory of our parents z"l
James and Rena Borovay

Mazel Tov to Carol & Laurie Pascoe on your wedding anniversary & Carol's birthday.
Brenda & Steve Saslove

Mazel Tov To Leo Carroll & family on his Bar Mitzvah
Mitchell Novick & Ilana Albert-Novick

Mazel Tov to Dahlia, Jonathan & Marcus Kandelshein on the birth of your baby boy & brother
Judith & Jonathan Bosloy

Mazel Tov to Karen & Walter Fogel on the upcoming marriage of Steven to Tiffany
Andrea Shabinsky-Borer

Mazel Tov to Judith Stoler on her special birthday
Paula & Manny Agulnik

In observance of the Yahrzeit of his mother Rozica Brantz z"l
Andre Brantz

Thank you for your generous donation
Kayla & Matthew Ford

KBI apologizes for any errors or omissions.
Dear Friends,

I am writing today on behalf of a friend to so many of us, Dr. Kathi Kovacs, who needs a living kidney donor. Kathi is suffering from end-stage renal failure - a condition her father also suffered from. With only 11% function of her kidneys remaining and in decline, the clock is ticking.

Kathi is a wife, mom, grandmother to three young children, and a pillar of the Ottawa Jewish community and community at-large. As the current Chief of Staff of the Queensway-Carleton Hospital (QCH), Kathi is leading the community through COVID with grace, humility, and collaboration. Formerly, as Chief of Psychiatry at QCH, Kathi transformed mental health outcomes by putting patients at the centre of care.

Kathi was also Chair of NCSY Ottawa for over 10 years and is a Co-Founder of Torah High alongside Rabbi Simes (of blessed memory) and myself. And when Rabbi Simes was in his terrible car accident and became a quadriplegic, Kathi immediately stepped up as their patient advocate with her typical generosity and compassion. When the Simes family needed something in the middle of the night, they called Kathi. And every time Rabbi Simes was in the hospital, Kathi was by his side ensuring proper care.

Kathi has spent her entire life giving to others, and is now in need of a significant gift - a kidney from a living donor. While we are born with two kidneys, we can live a normal, healthy life with just one.

Kathi requires a donor with blood type A positive, A negative, O positive or O negative who is 18 and older. There is no upper age limit. Someone who is not eligible to donate blood may be eligible to donate a kidney as the criteria are different. Also, thanks to the national Kidney Paired Donation Program (, people who are not a direct blood match to Kathi can still donate to save her life.

To contact the Living Kidney Donor Program at The Ottawa Hospital for more information, or to be tested as a match, please call 613-738-8400 ext. 82719 or visit:

For further general information about being a living kidney donor, please visit (Not where to apply. To apply, call The Ottawa Hospital number above):

If you’re on Facebook, please share this post:

If you’re on Twitter, please share this tweet:

If you’re on LinkedIn, please share this post:

Thank you - and let’s get Kathi healthy so she can continue to keep us healthy as a community.

Respectfully yours,

Bram Bregman
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