Shabbat Shalom
November 24, 2017
Shabbatical Shalom
Though you are reading this message the day after Thanksgiving, it was actually written several days before.  As usual, when I travel, I pre-write my Shabbat messages and schedule them to arrive in your inboxes at their regular 6am Michigan time slot.  I take a writing sabbatical while on vacation and (as mentioned from last week) this vacation has brought us back to Israel to help celebrate the wedding of Jessica Curhan and Itzik Lulu Shamriz.  As our friend (Jess' dad) Mike would wonder...what if they have a daughter and name her Hannah? Would they need to move to Hawaii?  Back to business, you get no news or commentary this week but just some random stuff I thought you might find interesting.

Strong Currency
First off, did you know that the  Israeli Shekel is the 2nd strongest currency in the world? When I arrived to Israel for the first time in 1980, the currency was the old Lira which was replaced by the (old) Shekel which suffered severe inflation till it was replaced by the (new) Shekel which is now holds 2nd Place to China's Yuan. 

Real ID Act
2nd, did you know that very soon (Jan. 22, 2018 for non-compliant state) you'll need a special document to travel by air. If you use your Driver's License as most people do, you'll need to update yours to make it ID compliant.  Michigan is a compliant state so our deadline is October 1, 2020.  Other forms of compliant IDs are passports, Global Entry, Nexus Card and Resident Alien Cards.  All the details are in this website:  

You'll need that corner star to use when flying

Movie Night
3rd, here is our trusted Detroit Free Press movie suggestions to see over the holiday.

Bravo Morrissey
And lastly, for all the (anti-Israel) Roger Waters of this world, there are several pro-Israel supporters like the British singer/songwriter Morrissey who is in the process of recording an album with a tribute song to Israel:  and   Nick Cave  who annoucnced his performance in Israel to combat BDS: 


The dump was closed on Thanksgiving
I really don't know much Morrissey or Nick Cave music so instead I will leave you with a Thanksgiving musical tradition.  Hope you enjoy this abbreviated but classic version with Arlo and Johnny. 

Wishing you and your family a 
Peaceful and Sweet Shabbat Shalom. 



Happy 70th anniversary to Phil and Lizzy, aka: Queen and Prince of Great Britain.  Any couple who reaches that milestone deserves praise.

Though it doesn't soften the sorrow of the horror, it probably is a good thing the Charles Manson has left this world. 

Last week's Holocaust video didn't work.  Here is the correct version:

RIP David Cassidy as he passed away this week at the young age of 67.  May his contributions to pop culture live on in the hearts of teens of the 1970s.

Happy Birthday!

Nov. 24th
Gail Rosenbloom Kaplan
Lori Bennett
Anna Kohn

Nov. 25th
Barbara Madgy Cohn
Michelle Nelson
Chuck Randolph

Nov. 26
Stuart Sklar
Norm Pappas

Nov. 27
Dorothy Benyas
Howard Tapper
Laura Champagne
Stacy Kay Doctoroff

Nov. 28
Todd Wyett
Pamela Bluestone Dangovian

Nov. 29
Jerry Acker
Sophie Levy
Sandy Nelson

Nov. 30
Andi Kahn Wolfe
Harris Van Cleef
I'm prone to mistakes, so if I missed your birthday 
or got the wrong date, please let me know.

If you would like to help keep the wonderful Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue continue offering programs free of charge and be an open gathering space for Detroit's community, please join me in supporting their efforts. For this final week of the campaign, all donations will be matched by the generous Agree family. Click here for more details and thanks:

December 5   (Tuesday)
Fundraiser for Elissa Slotkin for Congress
Home of  Anessa and David Kramer
For questions and address to home:
FYI, we are very impressed with Elissa's experience, skills and intellect and she will be an excellent Michigan Representative.  We hope you are willing to support her efforts.

December 10 (Sunday)
Birthday Brunch Fundraiser for Senator Gary Peters
Home of Roz and Stanford Blanck
For questions, please contact  Elisa Malile
Gary is a good friend and an excellent Senator who deserves to continue his efforts at advocating for Michiganders and our nation.

Parting Thoughts...