November 3, 2016   2 Heshvan 5777
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Friday, November 4th
6 p.m., Chapel
Saturday, November 5th
9 a.m., CHAPEL
There is TKA Bar Mitzvah this shabbat.  Please use the shuttle from Prince of Peace.
Dr. Mitch Parker will officiate at Shabbat morning services.
10 a.m.   Supervised Youth Room
Kiddish is sponsored by the Kiddish Lunch Fund and will be in the lower level at the conclusion of services.

Don't forget to set your clocks back one hour 
this Saturday Night.

Sunday minyan times:  8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.


Veteran's Shabbat, Saturday November 19th
We will honor our veterans during the course of the Shabbat morning services.  If you wish to participate in planning for this event, please e-mail Rebbeca Tron.

TKA logo Installation weekend for Rabbi Brent Gutmann
November 18-19
Events include Wine and Cheese reception, Shabbat Installation Service, and Saturday evening event. All are welcome to attend. Click here for event flyer.

To join the B'nai Israel Synagogue Family Facebook Group, contact  Ilana Glazier
Shabbat Kulanu-Shabbat together for all!
shabbat whimsy
Shabbat Morning Tot Shabbat and Youth Activities, 
Shabbat Morning Teen Scene Dates for 2016-2017
11/19/16, 12/17/16, 1/21/17, 2/11/17, 3/18/17, 4/8/17, 4/18/17, 5/20/17
These dates are for both Tot Shabbat (Ages 2-5) and Youth Ages 10-17.
All activities are in the lower level on Shabbat Morning beginning at 10:45 a.m.


INTRODUCING . . . DATE NIGHT for parents of School-Age Children
date night
Saturday Evenings, 8 p.m. jerusalem
November 5     December 17     February 4     
March 18          April 29             May 20
Mitch Parker will be leading learning sessions devoted to the History of Jerusalem.  The last session will take place on the weekend before Yom Yerushalayim which this year will mark the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem.   Sessions will be hosted in member homes.  Saturday November 5th session will be hosted by  Stacy and Craig Gittleman.   RSVP directly to if you plan to attend.   Host homes are still needed for March, April and May. Please e-mail David Saperstein  if you are interesting in hosting.

SUNDAY MINYAN 3D 5777   3d
Sunday, November 6th beginning at 8:30 a.m.
Minyan, followed by breakfast and discussion.  Guest speaker:  Rabbi Shneur Silberberg. Thank you to our breakfast sponsors, Gail and Jerry Beale.

Talmud class with Mitch Parker
Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30 p.m., at the synagogue
We are currently studying Brachot, the first section of the Talmud.  Interested?  Contact Mitch:

Contemporary Jewish Novelists and their Impact on Jewish Thinking
led by Rabbi Norman Roman
Wednesdays in November, Noon-1 p.m.
$38.00 for all 3 sessions ($15/session) Includes catered, boxed kosher style pareve lunch. RSVP to TKA office:  248-661-0040 or  e-mail Cheryl Spektor.
11/9:  Isaac Bashevis Singer     11/16:  Amos Oz

"You too can give a D'var Torah"  
Between October 29th and January 14 we will read the book of Braishit. This first book of Torah scroll the Torah is full of stories of love, conflict and intrigue as families try to grapple with both the mundane and the extraordinary.  Here is your chance to prepare a dvar Torah on the lives of our earliest ancestors and their families.  If you are interested, please let Mitch know.  A little secret: the preparation is often the best part of the process.

Mazel Tov 
Happy Birthday!
Birthday Cake
 3   Jason Bank
 4   Amy Robbins
 5   Debra Singer
 7   Michael Karesh
11  Nathan Gittleman
13  Lorne Newhouse
14  Joshua Jacobson
16  Judah Karesh
19  Gail Kaye
19  Martin Kurland
19  Shelli Orzach
20  Robert Kimmel
21  Adele Band
26  Leah Bernstein
26  Sharon Friedman
26  Jerry Knoppow
28  Paula Levy
Jewish Wedding

  7  Brian & Roxane Newhouse
14 Dave Hundiak & Fran Stark-Hundiak
20 Larry & Elyn Charlupski
26 Miles & Debra Singer

If your birthday or anniversary information is not listed, please  email the synagogue  so we can update our records.
May Their Memories Be For a Blessing 

11/3/2016 (2 Heshvan) Sam Thomas Balkin, Edith Rosenberg
11/4/2016 (3 Heshvan) Renee Rochlin, Rhea K. Sossen
11/6/2016 (5 Heshvan) Harry Handler, Mr. George Kohn
11/7/2016 (6 Heshvan) Marilyn Breitman
11/8/2016 (7 Heshvan) Martha Faxstein
11/9/2016 (8 Heshvan) Lorraine Eras,
11/11/2016 (10 Heshvan) Morris Kimmel, Morris Lantor
11/13/2016 (12 Heshvan) Kayla Kapen
11/14/2016 (13 Heshvan) Philip Dines, Joseph Irving Friedman, Gertrude Nusholtz
11/15/2016 (14 Heshvan) Yusef Hakimian
11/18/2016 (17 Heshvan) Manny Chudnow
11/20/2016 (19 Heshvan) David Harris,
11/21/2016 (20 Heshvan) Naomi Lillian Markowitz, Irving A. Rubin, Martin Segal
11/22/2016 (21 Heshvan) Ethel Berman, Nathan Weiner
11/23/2016 (22 Heshvan) Serena Weiss, Serena Weiss
11/25/2016 (24 Heshvan) Mary Katz, Mr. Alvin Jacobson
11/26/2016 (25 Heshvan) Fara Caplan Baer, Robert Braverman
11/27/2016 (26 Heshvan) Nathan Silverman
11/28/2016 (27 Heshvan) Linda Kozlowski
11/30/2016 (29 Heshvan) Harry Golob 

To make a donation to commemorate a yahrtzeit, please click here .  If you are a member of the synagogue and a yahrtzeit for your loved one is not on the list, please contact the synagogue office so we can update our records.   Please click here if you wish to permanently memorialize a loved one by purchasing a yahrtzeit plaque.  
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