Shabbat Shalom
November 4, 2016  
This is it, People!  This is our country's moment of truth. Will we choose to continue our 240 year progression of Tikkun our Nation or will the selfish irrational dark side of our psyche pull the foreboding lever in the voting booth to set our Country and World on a downward spiral? Though I always choose the progressive candidates, I've known that my sheltered life under a (normal/rational) conservative president wouldn't change much (though the principles I value would be compromised).  I'm not sure that would hold true if Hillary doesn't win this election.  Who knows what monkey wrenches might be thrown into our global machinery. Philip Roth wrote a novel called "The Plot Against America" with the premise that Isolationist and Anti-Semite Charles Lindbergh defeated FDR in the 1940 election. A Lindbergh presidency was not a pretty picture. Monday evening Daily Show's  Noah Trevor jumped into the (hopefully fictitious) future of a Trump presidency to find a destroyed society where women wear identity bracelets ranking their beauty, John Oliver is arrested and deported and the Trump News Network dominates the airwaves. And how can we ignore the KKK wholehearted endorsement of Terrifying Trump. Let's hope and pray we don't give Dangerous D the opportunity to turn our clocks to disaster.
How can this be legitimate?

The only clock turning we should do this week is on our nightside alarm, our microwave, our oven, our kitchen radio and our Shinola (whoever still wears a watch). Saturday night or Sunday morning, don't forget to turn your clocks back 1 hour as we end Daylight Saving Time. That gives us an extra hour this weekend and a darker morning when we rise from slumber. Let's hope our future won't be as dark as our Winter mornings.
Time is wasted by the Republican Senators who continue to refuse the progression to seat our 9th Supreme Court Justice. As the highly qualified nominee, Merrick Garland, remains in limbo till after the election, many GOP Senators (Cruz, McCain, Burr) are stating (if they had it their way), the seat wouldn't be filled till a Republican sits in the White House. Well... if we have it our way, the Republicans will lose their Senate majority and this whole issue will be moot with the bonus of a levelheaded brilliant new 9th SCOTUS voice to help repeal Citizens United, keep Choice safe and accessible, level the Playing Field for the LGBT community, support equal pay and civil rights and protect our planet.
We deserve a full bench. 

To secure a safe and healthy planet for us and our descendants, we must focus on mastering non-polluting energy sources to power all our needs. Of course Trump wants to bring back the (polluting) coal industry to its full force and oil pipelines (when they burst) causes damage to water, land, air and people. Just this week a pipeline in Alabama exploded, killing one, injuring 7 and causing wildfires and gas leaks.  And the big news recently is the North Dakota pipeline protest by the Native Americans and supporters who are concerned their water source (the Missouri River) will be threatened by the underground oil tunnels.  These protesters aren't just concerned for themselves, but for everyone in the region who Drinks Water.  Here in Michigan we have an old pipeline under our Straits of Mackinac that was built in 1953 (that's old!).  A leak or burst could be devastating for our Great Lakes and region. Until we can live on other planets, we need political leaders who know the difference between Need and Greed and who will protect our only home.

Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, 
moving at different speeds. 
A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing. 
Clive James
With tongue planted deeply in cheek, here is an option for our future.  A hero has stepped up to save our election day.  She (not the one you are thinking of) has offered to resume her rule after observing the last 240 years and determining that her intervention is needed.  If you enjoy Andy Borowitz, you'll enjoy this "news" story.

Someone who lacks common sense is Roger Waters. Its ironic how he compares Trump to Hitler yet his Hitler-esque blatant anti-semitism doesn't seem to conflict with his blind support of Palestinians and his hatred of Israelis and Jews. 
Bravo to American Express and Citibank for turning their backs on this bias fool after years of spewing hate speech against Jews and Israel during concerts and interviews. Thankfully many fellow musicians have ignored his plea to Boycott Israel but these finanical institution have seen his venom and choose not to sponsor his shows.

"All our dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.
Walt Disney
After begging, pleading, petitioning and more, our President of the United States has agreed to appear on the Bill Maher Show this evening. Real Time is on at 10:00pm (Friday - Tonight) on HBO.  
What would Obama say about this election and his presidency with "no holds barred".  Well, the show This American Life asked the talented Sara Bareilles and Leslie Odom, Jr. to imagine these thoughts into a song.  Hope you enjoy this poignant and beautiful musical compilation

Wishing you and your family a 

 Peaceful Shabbat Shalom,


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Condolences to Hilary and Selwyn Isakow and their family on the passing of Hilary's mother, Celia Chavkin z"l. May her spirit and love bring comfort to those who mourn her passing. May her soul be a blessing unto those who knew and loved her.

Condolences to the people of Mosul, Aleppo, Yemen and all other parts of the world that are experiencing death, destruction and dismay. 

Congrats to the  Chicago Cubs  and their fans on breaking their 108 year losing  streak  by winning Baseball's World Series this week. 

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Hillary Rodham Clinton and Tim Kaine
Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence

Presidential General Election
November 8, 2016
(Just 4 more days)

Important Voting Information
You can vote absentee by requesting your ballot now and returning it (in most States) in person or postmarked by Nov. 7th.  Or you can vote early in many States.  For example, in Michigan you can vote early at your local Clerk's office from Sat. Sept. 24th - Nov. 7th. Here are early/absentee dates and deadlines for each State: 

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Yes  - Regional Transit Authority for SE MI
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Hillary Clinton  - POTUS  

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November 10  (Thursday)
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November 26 (Saturday)
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