Weekly Shabbat Greeting
December 6, 2018
28 Kislev 5779
Friday, December 7th
6 p.m., Chapel
Saturday, December 8th
9 a.m., Sanctuary

Kiddush Lunch is sponsored by Linda and Murray Baruch, Leah and Joe Bernstein, Howard Friedman, Marlene and Steve Myers, Amy and Rabbi Mark Robbins, Stacy and Craig Gittleman, Loraine and Mark Kuhn, and Renee and Jay Kozlowski.
happy chanukah
happy chanukah
Chanukah Pot-Luck Lunch
11 a.m. - 1 p.m. at the home of Laurie and Robert Kimmel
address available upon rsvp: robert@kimmelscrap.net.
To bring a dish to share, please click here.
wrapped gifts
8 :30a.m., Tuesday, December 25, 2018
Meet at St. Stephens Lutheran Church
1235 Lawndale, Detroit, MI 48209
In addition to home visits and deliveries on Christmas Day, we are also collecting toys, hats, scarfs, and gloves for children. Please place your items in the box in the small chapel before December 8th   Questions?   Contact Randy Soverinsky brsov@yahoo.com
B'nai Israel 2019 Softball Team Info
It may be cold outside, but we're warming up for Softball Season! Please contact Joe Bernstein, jmbernstein@yahoo.com if you are interested in being
part of the team.
Calling all Stitchers!
Interested in getting together monthly to stitch together and schmooze? Want to learn how to stitch? Contact Mechelle Bernard: mbernard1026@gmail.com
Coming in January: Shalom Shabbat
Home hosted family to family Shabbat Dinner.
Interested in being a host or a guest?
Contact Joanna: joannaabramson@gmail.com
keep calm and eat shabbat lunch
Home Hospitality Shabbat Returns January 19th.
Looking for hosts and guests for home-hosted Shabbat Lunch. Please contact Cheryl Berlin if you are interested in participating. ACBerlin_MI@yahoo.com
Adult Learning Opportunities
Talmud Class with Rabbi Mitch Parker 
Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30 p.m., at the synagogue
We are currently studying Brachot, the first section of the Talmud. Interested? Contact Rabbi Parker .
3    Fred Shuback,
Harrison Feber
  4    Cindy Victor, Mark Robbins
  6   Robyn Canvasser
11    Hallie Bernstein
12    Rich Lawson
13    Janice Citron
14    Miriam Lupovitch
15    Michael Balkin
Louis Soverinsky
16    David Victor
Sheldon Wolberg
17    Jolie Gittleman
18    Benjamin Canvasser
19    Norman Silverman
22    Lori Orel
23    Joyce Breitman
26    Linda Baruch, Steve Myers
30    David Ruskin
31    Gaye Taub
   2  Robert & Robyn Canvasser 
   7 Sheldon and Iryna Wolberg
19  David and Diane Victor 
20  Raymond & Nancy Silverman, Alan & Gaye Taub 
23 David & Marla Weiss 
25 Sy & Pearl Manello 
26 Frank & Lisa Ellias 
30 Mitch & Cheryl Parker 
Mazel Tov
May Their Memories Be For a Blessing  

12/2/2018 (24 Kislev)            Megan Lewis Graub
12/4/2018 (26 Kislev)            David Benjamin Levy
12/5/2018 (27 Kislev)            Richard Rosen
12/8/2018 (30 Kislev)            Helen Rosenthal Levine
12/10/2018 (2 Tevet)             Helen Feiner, Ethel Fishman, Shula Keret,
Diana Nussbaum
12/11/2018 (3 Tevet)             Sophie Chitkin
12/12/2018 (4 Tevet)             Edith Gans, Harrison Myers,
Linda Tucker Roberts
12/15/2018 (7 Tevet)             Steven Lawrence Beale, Kenny Birnholtz,
Mark Lieberman, Julian Nusbaum,
Leonard Sonenshein
12/16/2018 (8 Tevet)             William Erlich, David Kaufman
12/17/2018 (9 Tevet)             Lillian Lewis
12/20/2018 (12 Tevet)           Betty Berman Ellias
12/21/2018 (13 Tevet)           Howard Feigelson, Sussel Jakobes
12/22/2018 (14 Tevet)           Morris Rochlin, Benjamin Williams,
Elenore Winkelman
12/23/2018 (15 Tevet)           Donald Irwin Kapetansky, Gertrude Lind,
Bernard Tucker
12/25/2018 (17 Tevet)           Mark Adler
12/29/2018 (21 Tevet)           Marvin Finkelstein, Hyman Ribiat Robert,
Rose Silverman
12/30/2018 (22 Tevet)           Fay Janet Gollob, Jacob Wapner
12/31/2018 (23 Tevet)           Muriel Trager
please click here . Please click here  if you wish to permanently memorialize a loved one
by purchasing a yahrtzeit plaque.   
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