Weekly Shabbat Greeting
April 25, 2019
20 Nisan 5779
Friday, April 26th, Pesach Day 7
9 a.m., Sanctuary
The Crossing of the Sea will be read during the morning Torah Service. Joel Goldstein will offer the D'var Torah:
"50 Plagues by the Sea: Is Passover Only About the Exodus?"
6 p.m., Chapel - Minha Only
Saturday, April 27 th
Yizkor and dedication of memorial plaques, chanting of Shir Hashirim are all part of the morning service.
Kiddush is sponsored by the Kiddush Lunch Fund.

Upcoming Community Events
Sunday, April 28th: Bagels and Basics
 What's happening at the Southern Border:
Asylum Seekers, The Law and a Jewish Response.
10:30 a.m., TKA/BI Social Hall
Panel Discussion featuring Ruby Robinson, Rabbi Brent Gutmann, Rachel Goldberg and Wendy Lawrence. Free of charge and open to the community. PLEASE RSVP to cspektor@tkolami.org.
blood drive
Dave Henig Memorial Blood Drive Monday, April 29th
2  -8 p.m., TKA/BI Social Hall
Go to: redcrossblood.org   use code: tka13 to find the drive and make an appointment.)
Questions:  Call Nena Chenof:  248 701 6345
memorial candle
Yom Hashoah/Holocaust Remembrance Observance
Wednesday,May 1st, 7 p.m., Congregation Beth Ahm
B'nai Israel Synagogue, along with Adat Shalom, The Holocaust Memorial Center, Beth Ahm, and Shaarey Zedek will read Megillat HaShoah, the special Holocaust Scroll created to honor the memory of the victims of the Holocaust. This event is free and open to the community.
Israeli Flag
Yom Haatzmaut/Israel Independence Day, Monday, May 9th
Joint celebration with B'nai Israel Synagogue, Adat Shalom,
and Congregation B'nai Moshe
7:00 a.m. Shacharit at Congregation B'nai Moshe
Israeli breakfast, Soul Café immediately after services.
Cost: $10.00/person for Bnai Israel members.  RSVP by Monday May 6 th , to  mitch@bnaiisraelwb.org .
26 Evan Chudnow, Marvin Kozlowski
27 Adam Weingarden
30 Charles Seigerman, Nathan Soverinsky

3  Naomi Bernard
 6  Susan Knoppow
 8  Geri Feigelson, Howard Rosenberg
10  Jay Abramson, Armando Duer, Casey Ginsberg
11  Rhonda Duer
16  Trudy Jacobson
18  Gloria Ruskin
22  David Feber
27  Susan Gartenberg, Jay Kozlowski
28  Susan Birnholtz, Hilda  Hamburger
31  Irvin Kappy, Marlene    Myers
27   Michael and Carol Golob

  4   Warren and De-De Robinson
  6   Sue and Sandy Birnholtz
20  Joanna and Jay Abramson
25  Joe and Leah Bernstein
26  Jeffrey and Alissa Citron
28  David Saperstein and Susan Knoppow
30  Ed and Fran Chudnow
30  Linda and Steve Jacobson

Mazel Tov
May Their Memories Be For a Blessing  
4/27/2019 (22 Nisan) Shmuel Muschkies
4/28/109 (23 Nisan) Julius Abramson
4/30/2019 25 Nisan) Max Fischel
5/1/2019 (26 Nisan)  Lottie Kwiatek
5/3/2019 (28 Nisan)  Morris Soloway, Sara Garber
5/5/2019 (30 Nisan)  Harry Abrams
5/7/2019 (2 Iyyar)  Shmuel Muchkies, Malkah Muchkies, Avraham Gershon Wygoda, Devorah Leah Wygoda
5/8/2019 (3 Iyyar)  Anne Altshuler, Marty Apple
5/10/2019 (5 Iyyar)  Lillian Ruth Levin, Lillian Sonenshein, Allen Charlupski, Lillian Sonenshein
5/11/2019 (6 Iyyar)  Max Nusbaum
5/12/2019 (7 Iyyar)  Irving Victor, Sarah Kurland Fridenberg, Ethel Freedenberg, Sarah Kurland Fridenberg
5/13/2019 (8 Iyyar)  Sarah Kurland Fridenberg, Imre Erdos, Sandy Short
5/14/2019 (9 Iyyar)  Donald Nusholtz, Robert Perry Schloss
5/15/2019 (10 Iyyar)  Gabor Fenyes, Marc Silverman
5/16/2019 (11 Iyyar)  Gertrude Greenbaum, Avrum Greenbaum
5/17/2019 (12 Iyyar)  Gertrude Wapner, Evelyn Graub, Jay Stark
5/20/2019 (15 Iyyar)  Marilyn Soverinsky
5/21/2019 (16 Iyyar)  Bert Sigal
5/22/2019 (17 Iyyar)  Sally Margolis
5/24/2019 (19 Iyyar)  Moshe Funk
5/25/2019 (20 Iyyar)  Pearl Mirkin
5/26/2019 (21 Iyyar) Abraham Joseph Kleinbard
5/28/2019 (23 Iyyar)  Jean Rappaport
5/31/2019 (26 Iyyar)  Harry Seigerman
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by purchasing a yahrtzeit plaque.   
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