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Parsha of the Week: Yitro

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In this week’s portion Jethro, Moses’s father-in-law, brings Moses’s wife and children to meet up with him after he heard about the fantastic miracles that God had performed for the Jews- both in Egypt and at the Red Sea.

Although he was a Midianite priest, Jethro nonetheless blessed the God who had rescued the Jews and openly pronounced that the God who rescued the Jews (as opposed to the other so called “gods” in the world) was truly the Almighty who controlled the universe .. the commentators are quick to point out that unfortunately Jethro was the only one who came to this realization.

I had surgery this week and although the technology is amazing, I know without God looking out for me, things could go south quickly.. the point being, If we can’t appreciate the “extraordinary” things that God does for us, then how can we ever expect to apprehend the “ordinary” miracles that He does for us every minute of the day!

Remember, “If we take things God gives us for granted, then the things we are granted might get taken!”

Courtesy of Dr. Larry

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