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~Warm Feelings for a Cold Winter~

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Bringing Warmth to Winter     
By Talia Armoza    
A USY Bedtime Story     
By Kayla Ain    
The Ins and Outs of My Chapter Life: What Makes it Special      
By Jason Tischler  
Ask a Staff 
מילים עם סיבורד: Words with Seaboard  
Israel Update   
Parents' Corner
  Winter Kadima Kallah 2017
USY & Kadima Basketball League
Grades 6-12
Sundays in January-March 2018 
Frost Middle School, Rockville, MD

Claire Sodden Memorial Weekend
Grades 9-12                                    
February 9-11, 2018
Beth Israel Congregation, Owings Mills, MD

Grades 6-8             
February 16-18, 2018 
Capital Camps, Waynesboro, PA 

USY Mid-Winter Kinnus (Registration opening soon!)
Grades 9-12                                    
March 10-11, 2018 
Congregation Beth Emeth, Herndon, VA
Bringing Warmth to Winter   
By Talia Armoza, Ohr Kodesh's Social Action/Tikun Olam Vice-President, 
Regional Tikun Olam Co-Chair
With its freezing temperatures, dry weather, and annoying layer of crunchy ice that permanently coats the streets, winter weather definitely doesn't make this season the most enjoyable time of the year. When everything is gloomy in these winter months, I like to warm myself up by spending time with friends. If you're having a hard day, call a friend or initiate a conversation with someone new. A simple gesture like starting a conversation or complementing a stranger's shoes can really brighten up their day. Something USY has taught me is that although approaching somebody new can be scary, in the end, it will be worth it.
I also like to add a little extra warmth to the world in the winter by making a change in my community through school, a USY event, or just helping a neighbor. Finding something I enjoy adds excitement to my winter, and you should try it too! Find what makes YOU happy and stick with it, because it will make the cold winter months feel a little bit warmer.
Ask a Staff!
By Morgan Fuentes
We asked Morgan to describe why she decided to come back to staff USY. 
After high school, I missed having a Jewish community. Seaboard is a place where I can ask hard questions and get honest answers about Judaism. It is a place where I can run around singing at the top of my lungs, forget about everything else, and just enjoy the moment. You never get to be a part of something like Seaboard USY again.
I started staffing because I wanted to make sure that the next generation of USYers have staff who they feel safe with, can be goofy with, and can make them laugh. Most people don't realize how much of an impact staff have on USYers' experiences, but I know that if I can make one USYer's experience a little bit better, I have done my job. The most rewarding part of staffing USY is getting see a USYer grow year after year into an amazing person. I hope that I can continue to staff, so I can see more USYers mature in to wonderful people and make their experiences worthwhile.   
A USY Bedtime Story
By Kayla Ain, Beth Israel - Owings Mills' Tikun Olam Vice-President,
2017 Fall Convention Tri-Chair

Welcome to my USY journey. My journey began at Spring Convention 2013. I was a scared 8th grader about to spend a weekend away from home with a couple of friends and over 100 strangers, but within seconds of walking into the convention, my good friend Jake Rosenbaum introduced me to some kids my age and everything clicked. I walked into USY and found a home where I felt safe. The people I met my first day in USY are still some of my closest friends and the best people I know. They've helped me to step outside of my comfort zone and have taught me many life lessons. If it weren't for these people, I would never have Tri-Chaired Fall Convention 2017: one of the best experiences of my life. As a senior, I am sad to leave this amazing home, but I'm ready to step aside and watch new people step up to lead the USY community.   
USY Mid-Winter Kinnus 2017                               USY  Basketball 2016           
The Ins and Outs of My Chapter Life: What Makes it Special  
    By Jason Tischler,  Agudas Achim Congregation Chapter President

My div erse Agudas Achim Congregation USY (AAC USY) community is quite special to me. Having teens that are affiliated with  other  Jewish youth groups, our progra ms tend to be different from most USY events. We often have learning-focused prog rams which encompass a  variety of di alogues between other cultures and import ant organizations such as the Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse (JCADA). Along with our unique programming, AAC USY wouldn't be the same without our amazing youth advisor, Kyra Schuster and her husband, Mike Scheinberg. Together they have guided me through International USY and have helped our chapter succeed.
מילים עם סיבורד  (Meleem Eem Seaboard) 
Phrase: יוֹרֵד שֶׁלֶג (yored sheleg)
Meaning: "It's snowing."
Example: Look outside! יוֹרֵד שֶׁלֶג 
Israel Update   
By Michelle Bradley, Regional Israel Affairs Vice-President  
          This past November, Prime Minister Netanyahu announced an international deal to expel over 40,000 African refugees due to the major problems some have caused in Israeli communities. Instead of just arresting the refugees who have been attacking members of Israeli communities, Prime Minister Netanyahu has decided to deport them along with all other refugees from Sudan and Eritrea. Although it has not yet been decided whether these refugees will be sent back to their homelands or to another country, Israel wants to deport them to Rwanda and Uganda (English-speaking, mostly Christian countries). However, since the Sudanese people in Israel are non-English speaking Muslims, there would be a cultural and ethnic barrier for them in either country.
         Some activists argue that the refugees who weren't causing problems do not deserve to go back to their homelands. Since they were only seeking asylum, they should not have to start their lives all over again. The criminals should be locked up or sent back to their homelands. The activists argue that the Africans who came in search of better lives and jobs, however, should be allowed to stay, since Israel was originally founded as a country that takes in refugees. It is clear that we will find out how Israel deals with its own immigration issues in the near future.
Chapter Spotlight
  Check Out What's Happening in Chapters Across Seaboard!
  This month, Tifereth Israel had a Tzedakah Dinner. Let's take a closer look with Chapter President, Allegra Levone!
"This was our t hird year doing TIUSY's Tzedakah dinner, and this year we also had a teen led service beforehand. The dinner was prepared by USYers (with the help of our kitchen staff). USYers set tables, led a Shabbat service, and served congregants from our synagogue (and some guests) a southern-style dinner. Congregants were then given the option to donate money, all of which went to USY's Tikkun Olam fund." 

B'nai Israel recently had their Tu B'shvat Tea and Tie Dye event. Chapter President, Julian Gruber says at the event, they tie dyed and drank tea. 
To submit your chapter's event for the chance for it to be featured in the next edition of the Seaboarder, contact Julia at comm@seaboardusy.org for the form!! 
Parents' Corner 
By Jake Foreman, Beth Israel Congregation, Owings Mills, Social Action Vice-President, Regional Abraham Joshua Heschel Society Chair  
          USY has made me a more caring person, changed how I treat others, and given me a sense of belonging. Through social action programs at conventions, I have been exposed to what is happening in the real world and ways I can help my community. USY has also taught me to get to know others, showing me that everyone has their own story with something to contribute to the world around them. Finally, thanks to every single person in Seaboard, I now have a sense of belonging and a family that I can turn to whenever I need help.
"My favorite dance move is a little something people like to call 'the Talia'
#commtest #okusy"
- Talia Armoza (10th Grade) 
"Well I think anybody who knows me has probably figured out I have no dance moves to show off.  #commtest"
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