Dear Friends,
Shabbat Shalom! I've heard of so much loss this week, loss of jobs, recent deaths of loved ones and friends, hopes of summer experiences and dreams.  There are no words that can resolve these, but I hope that the knowledge that you are not alone and that we are thinking of you brings some sort of strength.  Please, let us know if we can help you in any way. 

This week's Torah portions Acharie-Mot and Kiddushim contain the famous line " You shall be holy, for I, Adonai your God, am holy". For many it sums up the very meaning of what it means to be a Jew. Rabbi Hiyya, who lived in Israel during the third century wondered why this charge was addressed to the "whole Israelite community" and suggested that in order to achieve a state of holiness, is not something that one person or even a small group of persons can do alone but rather requires the whole people - or perhaps the whole world? 

We offer our condolences this week to: 
Lisa Steier and her whole family on the death of her father, Marty Kaplan.
Roman Khalatnikov and Anna Braginski and their families on the recent death of their Mother, Ester Khalatnikov. 
Howard Lantner and his whole family on the death of his Father, Melvin Lantner.
Marta Goldman and her whole family on the death of her Father, William Schulz.
Joanne and Jared Blume and their whole family on the death of her Husband and Father, Daniel Blume.

Here are a few prayers and thoughts as we enter into Shabbat.

1.  Let us treasure the time we have,
and resolve to use it well, 
counting each moment precious
 - a chance to apprehend some truth, 
to experience some beauty, to conquer some evil, 
to relieve some suffering, 
to love and be loved, 
to achieve something of lasting worth.
Help us, God, to fulfill the promise that is in each of us,
and so to conduct ourselves that generations hence 
it will be true to say of us:
The world is better, because for a brief space, they lived in it.    

2.  The pauses between the notes
A great pianist was once asked by an ardent admirer:  "How do you handle the notes as well as you do?"  The artist answered:  "The notes I handle no better than many pianists, but the pauses between the notes - ah!  That is where the art resides."  In great living, as in great music, the art may be in the pauses.  Surely one of the enduring contributions which Judaism made to the art of living was the Shabbat, "the pause between the notes."  And it is to the Shabbat that we must look if we are to restore to our lives the sense of serenity and sanctity which Shabbat offers in such joyous abundance.
Likrat Shabbat

You have loved the house of Israel with Eternal Love. Torah and Commandments, Statutes, and Laws you have taught us. Therefore, Adonai our God, in our lying down and rising up, we will meditate on your statutes, and rejoice in the words of your Torah and your commandments forever and ever. For they are our lives and the length of our days, and we will meditate upon them day and night.

4.   Rachmana - Merciful God
In a time of fear we pray for calm.
In a time of illness we pray for health.
In a time of isolation we pray for community.
As we worry about ourselves and those we love
Help us to keep others in our minds and in our hearts:
The bereaved, the bereft, the workers, the healers.
May the night find us courageous and compassionate
And the dawn come soon.
Rabbi David Wolpe

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