Shabbat to Shabbat

March 25, 2022 - 22 Adar II, 5782

TBD Interim Rabbi Search Committee Update


Shabbat Sholom!


I am pleased to report that the Interim Rabbi Search Committee has continued to make steady progress with our mission to find an interim rabbi for Temple Beth David.  Since the last Shabbat-to-Shabbat message the following actions have been taken:


• On March 16, 2022, I received an email from the CCAR with an attached resume from a candidate who is interested in our posted position for interim rabbi.  I immediately communicated with the rabbi candidate to acknowledge and discuss potential dates for an initial Zoom interview with our Committee. 


• Communicated with both the Committee and interim rabbi candidate, and eventually settled on a date for the Zoom interview.


• Created a list of significant questions for anticipated Zoom interview by gathering input from Committee members and referencing material from the CCAR.  Created a ratings sheet for Committee members to use during Zoom interview. 

• On March 20, 2022, I conducted a successful 60-minute Zoom interview according to the CCAR guidelines. Seven Committee members were present on the Zoom. On Monday, March 21, the two Committee members who were unable to participate in the Zoom interview watched a recording of the Zoom interview. 


• Over the next 48 hours the Committee engaged in a thoughtful discussion to share impressions, observations, and feedback.


• On March 22, 2022, the  Committee unanimously decided to move forward and formally indicate our interest in the interim rabbi candidate. Committee requested references, publications, opportunity to attend virtual Shabbat services, and a second Zoom interview. Interim rabbi candidate responded same day and included all requested material, dates for Committee to attend virtual Shabbat services, and happily agreed to a second Zoom interview.


The CCAR understands that we are moving forward with this candidate and following the prescribed guidelines. Although we are taking the next step and moving forward, our application is still active and the CCAR will forward resumes if additional candidates apply. 


Finally, I will stay in contact with Rabbi Hirsch, who is the Interim Director of Congregational Search Services at CCAR. She has been a wealth of information and provided steady guidance throughout this process. The Committee and I look forward to the steps in this process. I will welcome any questions or suggestions you may have regarding this effort.




Gabrielle Tougas

TBD Interim Rabbi Search Committee Chair

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