Shabbat to Shabbat
November 6, 2020 Cheshvan 19, 5781
Friday Zoom Shabbat Services @ 7pm

Join Chris Sheehan for Pre-Shabbat Songs on
Facebook @ 5:30pm.

A Special Message From Jodi Harris
Dear Friends,

After reading Rabbi Micah’s beautiful words of healing for our divided nation, I asked him if I could share a few thoughts of my own with you. He generously agreed.

To say this week has been the tense culmination of the last four years is an understatement. No matter your political leaning, we see from the close races in our swing states that our country has distinct areas that are “purple.” A tense time for sure, but maybe our “blue” and “red” states can learn something from these blurred distinctions. We are impatient, we are anxious, we want answers now!

Our tradition, while not instructing us on the virtue of patience per se, offers many examples of taking it slow. Abraham patiently waits for Canaan to be given to him, while Lot claims his portion of the land early. Additionally, Abraham waits patiently for children, even when Sarah loses patience and offers him Hagar to bear his child. Our people grew tired of waiting for Moses to return from Sinai and constructed the Golden Calf (we know how that turned out!) Esther proceeds with caution before finally revealing to King Ahasuerus of Hamans’ plot to destroy the Jews. There are so many instances of impatience being punished and patience being rewarded- not easy for us to emulate in an age of instant gratification. But as I keep reminding myself, we just must keep breathing!

After the death of my mom, I found that I was literally breathing shallowly. It took me a while to know I could regulate my breaths and in so doing regain control of myself. Singing and playing guitar forced me to breathe deeply and I believe that, along with the community of our Ruach musicians and our Temple family, helped in my healing. While not erasing grief, I found patience and peace within myself. Music really soothed that savage beast!
To that end, I invite you all to join a special hour of reflection and music with Rabbi Micah and the Ruach Shabbat musicians on Zoom this Sunday from 7-8PM for “Proud to be American, Proud to be Jewish, Proud to Rock!” for some pure American music! We hope it will remind you of the things that make us “purple” no matter where we stand and if you sing along, we hope it will bring you some peace and patience mixed in with some fun!

Shabbat Shalom,
Jodi Harris
COVID-19 Update from the TBD President

Good morning congregants. In light of the recent increase in COVID19 cases in the state, a decision has been made to adjust our online format for Shabbat services. Rabbi and Jodi, along with Harold leading our tech crew, will be experimenting with the best way to deliver services for optimal audio and visual quality that do not require multiple individuals in the sanctuary at the same time. We appreciate your patience and support during this difficult time.

Shabbat Shalom.
Kathy Krechevsky

Temple Beth David Thanksgiving Collection

In the midst of this pandemic, there is more need than ever for food assistance, especially during the upcoming holiday season. The Cheshire Community Food Pantry is currently helping 162 local families and they really need our help.

The pantry has requested that we donate gift cards this Thanksgiving in lieu of food as we have done in past years. Please consider a generous donation to the Temple Beth David grocery gift card fund that will be used to purchase Stop and Shop and Big Y gift cards for the Cheshire Food Pantry to distribute. Donate what you can; in doing so, you'll be answering the call of the prophet Isaiah to use this season to inspire justice and generosity.

The Pantry needs the Thanksgiving gift cards by mid-November so our deadline for collecting donations is November 13.

Our goal is $1620 ($10 per Pantry family) and as of today we have collected $756! Check out the temple home page to see our real time goal tracker.

Thank you for your generosity!
Cheshire Food Drive, Inc. provides 100% of the funding for the town’s Food Voucher Program and organizes Cheshire’s town-wide food drive each November.
You can help to feed our neighbors!

“How Can I Help?”

Donate Money
We need your help to fund Cheshire’s Food Voucher Program. Food insecurity has worsened and the need for Food Vouchers greatly increased in 2020. Help us honor every request for a Food Voucher by contributing online or by mailing your check, payable to Cheshire Food Drive, Inc., to P.O. Box 926, Cheshire, CT 06410

The 47th Annual Cheshire Food Drive will happen November 7 and 8! Please bring your donations of non-perishable food or money to the Congregational Church green. Or arrange a family, neighborhood, or business food drive (and earn community service hours) and our volunteers can help deliver what you collect to the green. Contact by November 1 for more information.

Food Voucher Program
Through a unique partnership between Cheshire Food Drive, Inc. and the Town of Cheshire, the Department of Human Services distributes $40 and $60 Food Vouchers year-round to neighbors in need. Cheshire residents may request Food Vouchers on an emergency basis with no paperwork, or monthly if they meet economic criteria. Recipients redeem Food Vouchers for any food items at Stop & Shop and Big Y and we reimburse the stores. This program runs independently from any food pantry. To obtain a Food Voucher, please call 203-271-6690. Your monetary donation funds dozens of vouchers each month, and the need continues to rise.

The Elm City Rabbis & Cantors present a New Haven community-wide
Introduction to Judaism class.

The course will begin on Tuesday, December 1, and will meet via Zoom from 7:00 - 8:30pm. This class will allow you to learn more about your Jewish heritage or prepare you or a loved one for the process of conversion.

Each student will need a rabbinic sponsor. 

$72 for members of New Haven area synagogues, $180 for non-members.
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