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Congregation Schomre Israel
5 Sivan 5779
   Shabbos Bamidbar and Shavuos 5779
  June 8, 2019 
     פרשת במדבר - שבועות     
      ה' סיון תשע"ט     

From the Rabbi's Shtender

You Are Royalty

  רב יוסף ביומא דעצרתא אמר: עבדי לי עגל
תלתא. אמר: אי לא
האי יומא דקא גרים כמה יוסף איכא בשוקא פסחים ס"ח ע"ב  

  Rav Yosef would request a special veal dinner
before the holiday of Shavuot because "if not for
this day, there are many Yosef's out in the
street." (Talmud Pesachim 68b)
   In 1968 the US Government passed legislation known as the Uniform Holidays Bill which moved Washington's Birthday, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day from a fixed calendar date to a designated Monday, thereby making a three-day weekend. This year in the Jewish calendar we also have a three-day
weekend, Shabbat followed by two days of Shavuot.  
    How exactly should we be celebrating these days -joy that we have the opportunity for so many mitzvot at one time, or a sense of dread, "What's this holiday, and how can I manage three days in a row?   
   "The Talmud tells us that based on the sentence, "Declare the Shabbat a day of pleasure," that Shabbat is to be a day of enjoyment. When it comes to Yom Tov, there is a disagreement among the rabbis (surprised?) as to how it should be celebrated.
   According to Rabbi Eliezer, the Yom Tov day should be either entirely "spiritual -for G-d " or entirely "a day of physical pleasure -for us". Rabbi Yehoshua says, "split it -half for G-d and half for us."Rabbi Eliezar explains the argument is only in regard to Passover and Sukkot. However, when it comes to Shavuot everyone agrees, we must also have "lachem -for you/us
because on this day the Torah was given.  

   "Rabbi Yosef on Shavuot ordered very fine veal because, as he said, if not for this day, I would just be another "Joe" out on the street. This is the day, the day of the Torah, that made him unique. And in fact, this is the day that makes us, the Jewish people, unique for on this day we received the Torah.
    In our prayers when we mention Shavuot, we call it the "Day of the Giving of Our Torah" for we are then thanking G-d for His gift to us. But when we otherwise refer to the holiday it is called the day, not of the giving of the Torah, but, of our receiving it.

    It did not and does not depend solely on G-d's giving but rather upon our receiving. For this is
the day that made us unique; this is the day that made us into a treasured nation; this is the day that made us into the Jewish people.  
    Yes, have a celebration -a physical one. Eat fine food, drink fine wine, wear fine clothes. You are royalty -for you have accepted the Torah.
(Originally appeared in the Voice)
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Sunday Following Services 
Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach,
Eliezer Langer



Download the Benjamin and Rose Berger Shavuot To-Go® 5779 from Yeshiva University -  http://w ww.yutorah.org/togo/shavuot.

This issue of Torah for Shavuot includes the following articles:
* Introduction-Chinuch and Hashpaah: Two Types of Education: Rabbi Yaakov Glasser (David Mitzner Dean, YU Center for the Jewish Future and Rabbi, Young Israel of Passaic-Clifton)
* A Woman of Valor has been Found: Ruth Amidst a Sea of Ambiguity: Rabbi Hayyim Angel (Instructor of Bible, Yeshiva College)
* The Deeper Connection Between the Torah Reading & the Haftarah: Rabbi Hershel Schachter (Rosh Yeshiva and Rosh Kollel, RIETS)
* Ma'amad Har Sinai in the Haftara for Shavuot: Naomi Grunhaus, PhD (Associate Professor, Rebecca Ivry Department of Jewish Studies at Stern College and Associate Faculty, Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies)
* Torah, Nevi'im, and Kesuvim: How are they Different, How are they
Similar? Rabbi Michael Taubes (Rosh Yeshiva, RIETS and YU High School for Boys, and Rabbi, Congregation Zichron Mordechai, Teaneck , NJ)
* Receiving the Torah Requires Preparation: Mrs. Penina Bernstein (Campus Rebbetzin, Beren Campus, Stern College for Women)
* From Mitzrayim to Mount Sinai: Reflections on Shavuos as the Conclusion
of Pesach: Rabbi Noah Gardenswartz (Rosh Kollel, Yeshivat Frisch YU Kollel; Talmud Faculty, Yeshivat Frisch)
Dedicated in memory of Cantor Jerome L. Simons
Download the publication for free at  http://www.yutorah.org/togo/shavuot.
The Benjamin and Rose Berger Torah To-Go is a project of Yeshiva University's Center for the Jewish Future.


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Ad Meah v'Esrim - Biz 120 

We commemorate the yahrtzeit of:



10    Fannie Horowitz                7 Sivan
12    Edward Bennett                      9 Sivan
13    Chana Rechel Langenthal    10 Sivan  
16    Esther Korfman                      13 Sivan
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 22    Barbara Eisen                         19 Sivan
 23    Lena Dombush        20 Sivan
 28    Gertrude Schreibman      25 Sivan\


May their souls be bound in the bond of eternal life.

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Mincha /Kabbalat Shabbat 7:00 PM
Shacharit Shabbat Day 9:00 AM
Shema before 9:09AM
Mincha after 1:32 PM
Shabbat Ends 9:09 PM  

Sunday and Monday Yom Tov Schedule
Weekdays Tuesday - Friday 7:00 AM


 News from the Social Action Coalition

Weighing In
Dear Schomre Israel Community,
Your support of the Morse School community throughout the academic year is greatly appreciated.  In addition to the food items you donate into the big box near the Gold Room, the Jewish Social Action Coalition uses grant money that has been awarded to them to purchase food from the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley.  (If you are not familiar with the Food Bank, look at their website at foodbankofthehudsonvalley.org).  Also, at Thanksgiving time we put together Thanksgiving baskets for families at the school by collecting donated food and gift cards to augment our Food Bank purchases.  Over the 10 month period from September through June over 6 tons of food have been provided to the school community!  The weight of the items obtained from the Food Bank comes to 12,407 pounds. The local Harding Club has provided the manpower for delivering this food to the school.  On a regular basis this food helps about 60 kids and their families.  The school social worker and psychologist rotate kids in and out as their circumstances change.
Additionally, once a month our synagogue provides breakfast food for the approximately 60 guests at the local homeless shelter.  We provide fruit and boxes of cereal.  Special thanks to the Sisterhood in underwriting this project.
The Jewish Social Action Coalition is a cooperative effort of the area synagogues and the Harding Club, as well as members of other organizations such as the Jewish War Veterans and interested individuals. 
As Schomre's representatives to the Coalition we thank you for your continued involvement and support.
Sandy Corwin and Debby Sullum

Any questions or concerns please contact
Sandy at 845-452- 2436 or Debby at 845-705-3656.


Kosher Korner

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Why do we eat dairy on Shavuot

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