Shabbos Bulletin
 Parshas Balak
Friday, July 19, 2019 / 16 Tamuz 5779


6:30  PM -- Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat/Maariv - Yehuda Solomon
7:46  PM -- Candle Lighting
8:04  PM -- Shkiah (Sunset)

8:30 -- AM -- Parsha learning -  David Sacks
9:00 -- AM -- Shacharis - Yehuda Solomon
9:26 -- AM -- Krias Shema (Latest time)
10:20 AM -- Krias HaTorah  -  Yisroel Kovacks  
11:00 AM -- D'var Torah - David Sacks,  followed by  Mussaf 
12:15 PM -- Kiddish

6:30 -- PM -- Pre-Mincha shiur - David Sacks
7:15 -- PM -- Mincha
7:45 -- PM -- Third meal
8:03 -- PM -- Shkiah 
8:45 -- PM -- Maariv followed by Havdalah
Shiva Asar B'Tammuz
Sunday marks the beginning of the period known as "the three weeks," during which we commemorate the sieges of Jerusalem which culminated in the destruction of the city and the exiling of its inhabitants (in 586 BCE and 70 CE). During these three weeks, we refrain from having our hair cut and from attending and participating in joyous gatherings and most kinds of celebrations. 

On the Shabbatot during the three weeks, we will read Haftarah selections (שלש דפורענותא) which give the prophets' perspectives on the circumstances surrounding the destruction of the first Temple.

@ The Loft, 9214 West Pico Blvd, 90035

4:24 -- AM -- Fast begins
8:30 -- AM -- Shacharis
10:15  AM -   Shiur: 'Spiritual Tools for an Outrageous World'  - David Sacks
8:02 -- PM -- Sunset (Shkiah)
8:31 -- PM -- Nightfall, fast ends.
PARTNERSHIP 2019-2020 / 5780
BH, our community continues to evolve and thrive. We want to thank all of you for your support and help throughout the past year. You made it all possible.

Right now you have summer on your mind but Rosh Hashana will soon be here and it is time to reserve your High Holiday seats and renew your memberships. 

We want to continue and expand on all that we are doing. Our shul provides Shabbat and High Holiday services, childcare programming, Kiddushim and Shabbat lunches, Sunday Minyan, classes, charity for the needy, special events and shabbatonim - all in a safe environment. Your partnership makes all this possible.

Partnership Details: 
  • Families – $1,620 per family (Includes 3 seats for High Holidays).
  • Couples – $1080 per couple (Includes 2 seats for High Holidays).
  • Singles – $600 (Includes 1 seat for High Holidays)
  • Friday Night Sustaining Patron – $500 (Includes 1 High Holiday Seat) 
  • Reserved Seats only – $216 per seat per holiday.

Security Fee:
Happy Minyan is providing excellent security. In addition to hired armed guards both Friday night and Shabbos day, we have our own CSS-trained, volunteer security team putting in the hours to keep us all safe. Security is expensive and essential. 

We ask that those who have not volunteered as civil, CSS-trained security please pay an additional $100 Security Fee. 

To become a Partner with the Happy Minyan, please click the button below for payment and to fill out the Membership form. Monthly payment plans are available. 

Support your amazing community and do a mitzvah!!

Tu b'Av Young Professionals Seudah Shlisheet

This Tu b'Av come connect with a group of young professionals in their 20's & 30's from Silicon Valley, San Francisco and Oakland at The Happy Minyan for Third Meal. We will serve delicious food ...and of course there will be lots of singing! 

Seudah Shlisheet
Sat, Aug 17
6:30PM - 9:30PM
9218 West Pico Blvd 90035
Visiting The Happy Minyan and need a Shabbat meal?

Are you a local member who wants to host?
If you are visiting The Happy Minyan and in need of a Shabbos meal or a place to stay, please email our head of the Hospitality Committee, Chaya Kamisher at: . She will do her best to find you a host! Please give her as much notice as possible. 
Members - if you have a spare room in your home, or you would like to add your name to a list of people that can possibly have out-of-town guests for a meal, please let us know!
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Thank you to Michael Schwartz for sponsoring lunch this month, as we bless the new month of Av. Sponsors are needed for
Mevarchim Hachodesh communal Shabbat lunch for
Cheshvan (October 26) and Kislev (November 23)
Kol Hakavod!
Thank you to those CSS certified team 
members who are volunteering 
this shabbat to protect our community and 
Jewish way of life and to our dedicated 
       Head of Security,  Howard Reichman !