Shabbos Bulletin
 Parshas Bechukotai
Mevarchim HaChodesh Sivan
Friday, May 31, 2019 / 26 Iyar 5779


6:30  PM -- Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat/Maariv
7:41  PM -- Candle Lighting
7:59  PM -- Shkiah (Sunset)

8:30 -- AM -- Parsha learning -  David Sacks
9:00 -- AM -- Shacharis 
9:15 -- AM -- Krias Shema (Latest time)
10:20 AM -- Krias HaTorah  -  Yisroel Kovacks
11:00 AM -- Mevarchim Hachodesh
11:15 AM -- D'var Torah -  David Sacks,  followed by  Mussaf 
12:30 PM -- Shabbat Mevarchim Hachodesh lunch sponsored anonymously.

6:00 -- PM -- 'Halacha & Kabbala, Body & Soul' -  Rabbi Tzvi Freeman
7:00 -- PM -- Mincha
7:30 -- PM -- Seudah shlishis, serving Sarah's Organic Gourmet!
8:00 -- PM -- Shkiah 
8:43 -- PM -- Maariv followed by Havdalah

@ The Loft, 9214 West Pico Blvd, 90035
Pray, eat and learn with us!

8:30 -- AM -- Shacharis
9:30 -- AM -- Bagels and coffee
10:15  AM -   Shiur: 'Spiritual Tools for an Outrageous World'  - David Sacks

8:00 - PM -- Spiritual Insights into the Parsha and Holidays -  Rebbetzin Olivia Schwartz  for women only at the home of Lisa Tofler: 8835 Key Street LA, 90035

Shavuot begins on Saturday, June 8 and ends nightfall of Monday, June 10. No work is permitted as we celebrate the time when G-d gave the Torah to the Jewish people at Mount Sinai more than 3,300 years ago. Hear the Ten Commandments being read on Sunday June 9. Yizkor is recited on Monday June 10.

Stay tuned for our all-night learning schedule!
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Sponsors are needed for
Mevarchim Hachodesh communal Shabbat lunch for Sivan (June 1) . Funds are needed at least one week in advance to place our catering order with Simon's Catering.
Moshav Mevo Modi'in
The former residents of Moshav Mevo Modi'in are now living in a yeshiva dormitory in Yad Binyamin. Students of the yeshiva moved into tents in order to make enough rooms available for all those who lost their homes! A donation "store" has been set up where the displaced can collect clothing and essential needs. The outpouring of love has been tremendous.

There have been many miracles surrounding the fire, starting with the fact that the entire community was able to evacuate within the 15 minute window and no one was hurt. The inside of Reb Shlomo's house was completely burned to ashes - except for the room that stored his holy books and personal belonging. This is totally unexplainable. The Beit Knesset and the Carlebach Center were also untouched, BH.

The Carlebach community of about 250 people are feeling fragile as they wait for the government to come up with a plan for intermediate/long-term living. They are in need of our support to rebuild their lives.

Please share these two links: a campaign for the entire community of Moshav Modi'in launched by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews and a campaign specifically to support the three Solomon families that lost their homes and music studio. Both campaigns are tax-deductible.
Kol Hakavod!
Thank you to those CSS certified team 
members who are volunteering 
this shabbat to protect our community and 
Jewish way of life and to our dedicated 
       Head of Security,  Howard Reichman !
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