Shabbos Bulletin
Parshas Behaalotecha
Friday, May 28, 2021 / 17 Sivan 5781
Dear Community,

This Shabbos will be our last Shabbos at the Prayer Garden, 1020 South Robertson. We want to the thank Wellness for Sale for giving us a beautiful and safe outdoor space to gather and pray during the Pandemic. As they reopen their event space to the public, we wish them much success.

The Minyan is working diligently to get us back indoors in a new home with Gd's help. Until then, we will continue to gather in private backyard gardens. Next Shabbat, June 4th & 5th both Friday night and Shabbat day services will be held at the Hoenig family's backyard, 9501 Oakmore Road, corner of Beverly Drive.

Let's take this moment to celebrate all the good news there is to celebrate:
  • L.A. County's case rate has dropped to 0.9 new cases per 100,000.
  • Los Angeles County remains in the least restrictive yellow tier .
  • On June 15, almost all sectors and businesses will be able to return to usual operations with some limited exceptions.
  • California has lifted its limits on indoor worship services.

As more people become vaccinated, numbers are dropping and a safer society is emerging. This a transitional and exciting time that we welcome with open arms.

Looking forward to a bright future together,

The Happy Minyan

1020 South Robertson Blvd

FRIDAY, May 28
6:30 PM--Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat/Maariv 
7:35 PM--Candle Lighting
7:53 PM--Shkiah (Sunset)

8:30--AM -Weekly Parsha class with David Sacks
10:15 AM--Krias HaTorah
11:00 AM--Mussaf
8:41   PM--Shabbat ends
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Reb Shlomo Carlebach zt"l on Behaalotecha

(Via Stuie Wax)

How do you know if someone gives you a message from G-d, or if someone gives you a message that is not so much from G-d? If someone comes and says 'listen, I want you to know, you have to change from top to bottom', do you know what kind of person this is? They have a knife in their hand and like a little butcher, they are cutting off this part of you and this part of you. 'Now you are ready to be a real good Jew'. How does it sound to you?

Now listen to this. G-d says to Moshe tell Aaron to kindle the light, which means to mamesh put fire into the hearts of every Jew. So Rashi says "Vayaas Keyn - Aaron Melamed Shelo Shina'. And Aaron did so - he didn't change anything which G-d told him to do. But let me ask you friends, isn't it obvious that if he would have changed G-d's words, he would not have been the high priest?

There are thousands of explanations for this, but let's see what the holy Alexanderer says.

Aaron Hakohen never changed a Jew; he just put fire into them.

Do you know how holy that is? If you have a real fire of G-d inside of you, you can utilize everything you have in the service of G-d just by the way you are.

Sometimes we tell our children change here, change there. Become better here, become better there. It's only because we don't know the secret of how to put a little fire into their hearts. Nebech, sometimes we butcher them around. 

I want to bless you and me, we should be privileged to be able to put the Torah into somebody's heart where they completely receive it on the inside. Let it be clear to us, it can only come from the real fire of G-d which is deep inside.

Good Shabbos!
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