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Parshas Mishpatim
"Parshas Shekalim"
Mevarchim Hachodesh Adar
Good Purim!
Friday, February 21, 2020 / 26 Shevat 5780


5:25  PM -- Candle Lighting
5:25  PM -- Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat/Maariv  - Yehuda Solomon
5:43  PM -- Shkiah (Sunset)

8:30 -- AM -- Parsha learning -  David Sacks
9:00 -- AM -- Shacharis - Yehuda Solomon
9:17 -- AM -- Krias Shema (Latest time)
10:30 AM -- Krias HaTorah  -  Yisroael Kovacs

When the Holy Temple stood in Jerusalem, each Jew contributed an annual half-shekel to the Temple. In commemoration of this annual tax, the 
Torah reading of the Shabbat that falls on or before Adar is supplemented with the verses ( Exodus 30:11 -16) that relate G‑d's commandment to Moses regarding the first giving of the half-shekel.

"Parshat Shekalim" is the first of four special readings added during or immediately before the month of Adar (the other three being  Zachor Parah and Hachodesh ).

The Shekalim reading is also related to the upcoming holiday of Purim. According to the Talmud, Haman's decree was averted in merit of the mitzvah of machatzit hashekel.

11:00 AM -- D'var Torah -  David Sacks
11:15 AM -- Mevarchim Hachodesh  followed by  Mussaf
12:30 PM -- Shabbat Mevarchim Hachodesh lunch sponsored by Debra & Tim Fletcher in honor the yahrzeit of Yehuda ben Chaim Dov HaCohen z"l.

4:50 -- PM -- Mincha followed by Third Meal
6:21 -- PM -- Shabbat ends, Maariv & Havdallah
SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 23 @ The Loft 9214 West Pico Blvd, above Schnitzly 

8:30 -- AM -- Shacharis

9:30 -- AM -- Bagels and coffee sponsored by  Yehuda & Laleh Masjedi  in the merit of  Sherry Talia bat Mahnaz Miriam  and  Benzion David ben Devorah  and all singles to find their basheret!

 10:15  AM -   Shiur: 'Spiritual Tools for an Outrageous World'  - David Sacks

Upcoming Events & Special Dates:
Next Shabbat Feb 28-29
Guest Rabbis from Yerushalayim, Rabbi David Aaron &
Rav Aaron Leibowitz

March 6-7
Shabbos Zachor

March 8
Operation Care: Assemble kits for the homeless

(full Purim Schedule to come)
Purim: Monday, March 9
Fast of Esther (5:53AM - 7:22PM)
Happy Minyan & Pico Shul Megillah Reading at The Mark (7:22PM)
*The Mark will close between communal Megillah reading and Purim Fest*
Purim Fest with Moshav & Special Guests (9PM, entry fee required, see flyer below)

Purim: Tuesday, March 10
Megillah Reading at Pico Shul
Operation Care: Distributing kits to the homeless
Happy Minyan Annual Family Purim Party @ Sarah Dakar's

March 15
A Women's Evening for Unity & Peace
Guest Rabbi Feb 28-29
Rav Aaron Leibowitz is the Rabbi of the Vaani Teffilah community in Nachlaot, Jerusalem. He is also the founder and CEO of ' Hashgacha Pratit ', an organization that broke the monopoly of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel over Kosher Supervision. His new project, ‘ Chuppot ’, challenges the monopoly by providing Orthodox weddings independent of the Rabanut. He is married to Miriam, who grew up on Moshav Mevo Modi'in, and they have five children.
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