Shabbos Bulletin
Parshas Vayishlach
Friday, November 23, 2018 / 15 Kislev 5779

FRIDAY, November 23

4:28  PM -- Candle Lighting
4:40  PM -- Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat - Yehuda Solomon
4:46  PM -- Shkiah (Sunset)
 6:15  PM -- 'TMT' (two minute Torah) - Rabbi Tzvi Freeman , followed by Maariv

(No morning class)
9:00 -- AM -- Shacharis - Yehuda Solomon
9:01 -- AM -- Krias Shema (Latest time)
10:20 AM -- Krias HaTorah  - Yisroael Kovacs
11:00 AM -- D'var Torah - Dov Meshaninov , followed by Mussaf
12:00 PM -- Kiddish
4:00 -- PM -- Mincha
4:30 -- PM -- Suedah shlishis
4:46 -- PM -- Shkiah
5:26 -- PM -- Maariv followed by Havdalah

@ The Loft, 9214 West Pico Blvd, 90035

8:30 -- AM -- Shacharis
9:30 -- AM -- Bagels and coffee
(No class this week)

8:00 - PM -- Spiritual Insights Into the Parsha and Holidays -  Rebbetzin Olivia Schwartz  for women only at the home of Lisa Tofler: 8835 Key Street LA, 90035
We did it! We raised $100,211 for Happy Minyan!

We cannot thank everyone enough for the outpouring of support and love for The Happy Minyan - “A beacon of light for all of Los Angeles”. This is absolutely incredible, a new chapter for our community. To quote Moshav Band, “Good things are comin' our way”!

Big shout out to Jonah Light   for the incredible images that were used in our graphics and to  Howard Reichman  for the heartwarming video that captured the unlimited joy Happy Minyan brings to so many people across the world. 

Massive thank you to our generous and kind benefactors: Aaron Biston and two angles , who believe so strongly in our vision and ability. Thank you to all the volunteers that gave of their time and went out of their comfort zone to make calls on behalf of our mission and of course to the hundreds of people who donated from all across the world taking us all the way to the finish line (and just beyond!).

We are more than blessed to have one another in our lives.

On behalf of the Happy Minyan,


If you missed the heartwarming video by Howard Reichman , here is it:
Kol Hakavod!
Thank you to those CSS certified team 
members who are volunteering 
this shabbat to protect our community and 
Jewish way of life and to our dedicated 
       Head of Security,  Howard Reichman !
Are you able to host someone who is in need of a Shabbat dinner or lunch? Please email