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Congregation Schomre Israel
23 Menachem Av 5778
Shabbos Eikev 5778
Shabbos Mevorchim Ellul
August 3-4, 2018
 שבת פרשת עקב  
  כ"ג מנחם אב תשע״ח  

From the Rabbi's Desk
Jewish War Veterans Sign Dedication
      Sunday, August 5, 11:00am
Jewish War Veterans Post #625 invites the community to the dedication of a street sign in memory of Private Herman Siegel. He was the first Jewish serviceman from Poughkeepsie killed in World War II. The dedication will be held on Sunday, August 5 at 11:00am at the corner of May and Forbus Streets in the city of Poughkeepsie. Parking will be available in the school lot across the street.
ke Egypt from which the Jewish people has left and differs spiritually from the land as it had been during the Canaanite days. A relative once visited from Israel when we lived in Albany. I asked him how did Israel compare tothe United State. He answered, without a moment's hesitation, we have everything in Israel that you have in America, just we have it in compact size; you have Howe's Caverns- we have Marat Hanitifim; you have the Grand Canyon - we have Mmachtesh Haqgadol; you have Mt. McKinley - we have Har Tabor; you have ocean, desert and farmland - so do we , only in smaller size. The only thing he conceded Israel did not have was 7-Up.

I saw him a few years later when we lived in California. I reminded him of our conversation and asked if anything had changed. Yes, he said, now we have Tempo Lavan, a 7-Up knockoff. Now he said there is absolutely nothing that we don't have in Israel. By the way, this was before American brands were licensed in Israel. Now their is a surfeit of American sodas, foods, etc. of every major brand.

This attitude that Tzvi Yarmos a"h had about the Land of Israel not not just admirable, but one that we should emulate.   "U'reh b'tuvYerushalayim" is a blessing that we should merit to see the good of Yerushalayim. It may also be understood as "You should see Good in Yerushalayim." May we always see good, not necessarily as Pollyanna, but to look at everything and everyone with the  proverbial "good eye" and thereby bring b'racha on ourselves and our loved ones.
Shabbat Shalom. 
Rabbi Eliezer Langer

Chair Yoga -11:30- 12:30  Monday 
   taught by Toni Farkas

Please mark your calendars for NO yoga on the following dates due to vacation and holidays.
8/20.   8/27.  9/3.  9/10.  9/24.  10/1



3 Yael Margalit Lapidus-Banks
5 Yisroel Fox
6 Shari Baum Bursztyn
9 Arline Bernstein
10 Ethan Geoffrey Grosman
12 Ari Miguel Lapidus
15 Stacey Bryn Rothbard
17 Rivkah Lipman
20 Asher Winter
20 Sharon Warren
22 Rachel Calli
23 Caroline Beatrice Kaplan
25 Eliana Sarah Ritz
26 Gary Wexler
27 Eli Chaim Bursztyn
28 Yeshaya Fox
29 Laila Sophia Ritz
30 David Bernstein
31 Sarah Mere
We wish much happiness and good health on this special day. עד מאה ועשרים שנה - Biz 120!!
This information comes from our Shul calendar. If you would like to be listed please contact us. 


We commemorate the yahrtzeit of:

  5        Yosef Zev Langenthal  24 Av
 6        Benjamin Levine            25 Av
 9   Frances Spira 28 Av
16   Doris Ruben 5 Elul
19   Benjamin Goldberg 8 Elul
20   Morris Weisfelner 9 Elul
24    Efroim Kessler           13 Elul
27   Jesse Effron           16 Elul
29   Marvin Skolnik           18 Elul
29   Roslyn Ehrenzweig           18 Elul
30    Clara Messinger           19 Elul
31   William Levine           20 Elul

May their souls be bound in the bond of eternal life.

This information comes from our Shul calendar. If you wish to add a name to this list please  contact us.

Schedule of Services 

Mincha /Kabbalat Shabbat 7:00 PM
Shacharit Shabbat Day 9:00 AM  
Shabbat Ends 8:52 PM

Sunday Morning 8:30 Shacharit 
Weekday Services 
Sunday and legal holidays 8:30 AM 
Shacharit 7:00 AM 
Mincha 7:00PM  M onday Board meeting and Mincha   

Yahrtzeit - 8:30AM Sunday Yahrtzeit of Yosef Zev Langernthal a"h, beloved father of Lucy Langer

Yahrtzeit - 7:00PM Wednesday night and 7:00AM Thursday
Yahrtzeit of Frances Spira a"h, beloved mother of Steve Spira.


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