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Shabbos Nachamu Bulletin
Parshas Va'etchanan & Tu B'Av
Friday, July 23, 2021 / 14 Av 5781
Davening this Shabbos is graciously hosted by
Aaron Biston
1719 S Holt Ave.
Between 18th & Airdrome
in the backyard garden

Shabbos & Tu B'Av

FRIDAY, July 23
7:00--PM--Mincha, followed by Kabbalat Shabbat
7:43   PM--Candle lighting
8:01   PM--Shkiah

8:30--AM -Weekly Parsha class with David Sacks
10:30 AM--Krias HaTorah & Haftorah, Isaiah 40:1-26, followed by Mussaf
8:42   PM--Shabbat ends

Shabbos Nachamu
The Shabbos after Tisha B'Av is called "Shabbos Nachamu" (Shabbos of comfort), which takes its name from the haftarah (Isaiah in the Book of Isaiah 40:1-26) that speaks of "comforting" the Jewish people for their suffering. It is the first of seven haftarot of consolation leading up to the holiday of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

Tu B'Av
The 15th of Av is a most mysterious day. A search of the Shulchan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law) reveals no observances or customs for this date, except for the instruction that the tachanun (confession of sins) and similar portions should be omitted from the daily prayers (as is the case with all festive dates), and that one should increase one’s study of Torah, since the nights are beginning to grow longer, and “the night was created for study.”
The Talmud tells us that many years ago the “daughters of Jerusalem would go dance in the vineyards” on the 15th of Av, and “whoever did not have a wife would go there” to find himself a bride. And the Talmud considers this the greatest festival of the year, with Yom Kippur (!) a close second!

As the “full moon” of the month of Av, it is the festival of the future Redemption, marking the end of the tragedy that marred the first part of the month. Until this day, we held siyumim and gave charity each day to mitigate our sadness and hasten the Redemption. But on the 15th of Av, this is no longer. Forty-five days before Rosh Hashanah , this is also the first day on which we begin to wish each other a ketivah v'chatimah tovah, to be signed and sealed for a good year.

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Reb Shlomo Carlebach zt"l on Parsha V'etchanan
(Via Stuie Wax)

Shabbat Nachamu

The month is called Menachem Av. Menachem is the Hebrew word for “Consolation,” so the name of this month means that G-d is begging us, His children, “Please, console Me.”

I heard this gevalt Torah from my uncle, who was one of the 6 million. He could have gotten away from Germany a thousand times, but he said, “As long as there is one Yiddele left in my city of Hamburg, I have to stay.” My father would always tell me this Torah which he heard before he left his brother, my uncle. My uncle would say like this:

This week the Haftorah starts with“Nachamu Nachamu Ami,” - “My people, Console, Console.” The Ribbono Shel Olam is begging us, “Please, Yidden, console Me; please, My People, console Me. Please mamesh console Me!”

And my uncle would say that we Yidden answer, “Menachem Av” - Our Father, we will console you. 

How do we console our father? We promise You that this will be the year. This year, we will come back to You. This year, we will come back to the Temple. This year we will bring Mashiach, let it be now!

Good Shabbos!
Parshat Va’etchanan: The Importance of a Listening Ear
Rav Shlomo Katz

In my role as a community rabbi, I spend a lot of time giving over words, whether it be through shiurim, song, halachic rulings, or advice. Like many people, I have always felt a tremendous amount of pressure when someone would confide in me in times of trouble. What do they really need to hear right now? Am I going to say the right thing? Am I going to sound smart enough? Sensitive enough? 
However, over the years I have spent far more time listening than speaking. I sense that this is exactly how it’s supposed to be. More than expert advice or practical solutions, all people are really looking for in life is to feel heard. When someone opens up to you, creating a safe, soft, non-judgemental space for those words to land provides far more comfort than any words of wisdom ever could.
The Shabbat following Tisha b’Av is known as Shabbat Nachamu. Although it gets its name from the haftarah from Isaiah, which speaks of comforting the Jewish people for all of their suffering, I think the core of what really brings us consolation can also be found in the words of Parshat Ve’etchanan:

“שְׁמַע, יִשְׂרָאֵל: ה’ אֱלֹהֵינוּ, יְהוָה אֶחָד.”
“Hear, O Israel: the LORD our God, the LORD is one.” (Devarim 6:4)

This week’s Parsha contains the most fundamental tenet of our faith. From the most educated of our people to those who know almost nothing about Judaism, everyone knows that the Shema lies at the foundation of our religion. While most assume this has to do with our belief in monotheism, I want to suggest it has just as much to do with the first word in this eternal prayer.
This Shabbat, may we be blessed with the ability to truly listen and deeply hear one another. Even when it’s painful, and especially when we don’t agree. Only this can bring our people and the world true consolation in troubling times.  

Good Shabbos,
Rav Shlomo


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