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PLEASE NOTE: Childcare will be provided for second days of Yom Tov

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Note:  There will now be two Mincha Minyanim Friday Night.


Welcome Rabbi & Mrs. Aaron & Ellen Brander, Rabbi Brander's parents for Pesach.

Pesach Break

The Kollel Avreichim are now on Pesach break.  Regular classes will resume on Tuesday April 26th.


Welcome to all of the Yeshivah Bochurim and Kollel Avreichim who are here for Bein Hazmanim.

Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov to David Schnabel (who used to learn at LINK, now living in Pasaic, NJ) and Yael Parkoff (great niece of GEne and Miraiam Greenberg, founders of LINK) upon their engagement Wednesday night in Denver! May they build a Bayis Ne'eman B'Yisrael!

Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov to Rabbi and Mrs. Chana Berdugo on the birth of a baby boy. May they merit to raise him to Torah, Chuppah, and Maasim Tovim!

Birchas Ilonos

For Birchas Ilonos (the yearly blessing upon seeing the blossoms of a fruit tree during the month of Nisan: There is a guava tree on the right side of Mrs. Linder's front yard that now has blossoms on it. Her house is 2 doors down on Saturn from the old LINK building on Robertson. The address is 8823 Saturn Street. The bracha may be found in the Artscroll Siddur on page 228.

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Father and Son Learning at LINK

Tuesdays and Thursdays

7:00 to 7:40PM

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