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Suggested Donation: $36 an hour.


The names (no limit) you give us will be read at the beginning of each hour. 

לרפואה, לזכר  נשמת 

If you are interested in, please contact Yoni Adler at

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Kiddush Levana

This Motzei Shabbos is the last night to perform Kiddush Levana for Chodesh Iyar.

Pesach Sheini

This Sunday is Pesach Sheni (14th of Iyar). It is customary to eat {Kosher L’Pesach} matzah. No Tachanun and no “Tzidkascha Tzedek" in Mincha on Shabbos.

Lag B’Omer

This Thursday (18th of Iyar) is  Lag B’Omer.  According to all Ashkenazi customs, haircuts, shaving, music, etc. are permissible beginning with sunrise (5:49am). No Tachanun on Thursday nor on Wednesday for Mincha. 

Mazel Tov


Mazel Tov to Naftali Shenker on his siyum of Seder Nezikin.



Hope you are all doing well!

BH our children's groups are in full swing! We have lots of new outdoor toys that the children are enjoying.

I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome Morah Sigal Bochur to our staff, Morah Sigal will be taking care of our younger groups to help ensure that the group runs smoothly. We are so happy to have her on our team.



Beezras Hashem each week we will have one of our very own LINK SHABBOS GROUP children write a Dvar Torah or inspirational story that they want to share. This is a very exciting new initiative and I hope to empower our children to express themselves in a beautiful way.


This weeks SHABBOS DELICACIES is written by a very chashuva boy Avi Modlinger who is 5th grade at Ohr Eliyahu. WAY TO GO AVI!

As always I would love to hear feedback

Good Shabbos 

Dina Ram

Formula Gemach

With a huge national formula shortage we have made a formula gemach with drop off locations in the city and valley for kosher unexpired and unopened bottles of formula, donations (some formulas people are desperately seeking are a fortune now online) and we have started to match people up.  The gemach is up and running in the valley now, it is in zechus refua sheelima Shayna Lia bas Shulamis a young mother in Pico.  Please text 310 981 8553 or email if you need formula or can donate.

All New LINK Website!


We are very excited to announce the launch of the brand new, user-friendly website. The site - which was designed and built by our very own Niva Taylor - includes an entirely revamped look and features new content, including photos, audio shiurim, staff profiles, videos, program information, davening times, donation link, and much more. We thank Mrs. Taylor for her herculean efforts on our behalf - check it out!


Partner with the Youth Department to help make our exciting programs

even more special by dedicating them in honor/memory of someone:

 Torah Tuesday & Thursday Learning program

 Shabbos Teen minyan

 Shabbos Groups

For more information on sponsoring any of these events email

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Father and Son Learning at LINK

Tuesdays and Thursdays

7:00 to 7:40PM

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