The "Three Weeks" between the 17th of Tammuz and the Tisha B'Av have historically been days of misfortune and calamity for the Jewish people. During this time, both the First and Second Temples were destroyed, amongst other terrible tragedies.


During this time, various aspects of mourning are observed by the entire nation. We minimize joy and celebration. And, since the attribute of Divine judgement (“din”) is acutely felt, we avoid

potentially dangerous or risky endeavors.



1. No weddings are held. (However, engagement ceremonies are permitted.)

2. We do not listen to music.

3. We avoid all public celebrations -- especially those which involve dancing and musical


4. We avoid exciting and entertaining trips and activities. (Kaf HaChaim - OC 551:41)

5. No haircuts or shaving. (Fingernails may be clipped up until the week in which Tisha B'Av


6. We do not say the blessing She-hechianu on new food or clothes, except on Shabbat.



The period commencing with Rosh Chodesh Av is called the "Nine Days." During this time, a stricter level of mourning is

observed, in accordance with the Talmudic dictum (Ta'anit 26): "When the month of Av begins, we reduce our joy."

1. We avoid purchasing any items that bring great joy.

2. We suspend home improvements, or the planting of trees and flowers.

3. We avoid litigation with non-Jews, since fortune is inauspicious at this time.

4. We abstain from the consumption of meat (including poultry) and wine. These foods are symbolic of the Temple

service, and are generally expressions of celebration and joy.

• On Shabbat, meat and wine are permitted. This applies also to any other seudat mitzvah -- for example, at

a Brit Milah or at the completion of a tractate of Talmud.

• Wine from Havdallah should be given to a child to drink.

5. We refrain from wearing newly laundered garments, or laundering any clothes.

• If the "freshness" has been taken out of a garment prior to the Nine Days, it may be worn.

• Fresh clothes may be worn for Shabbat.

• The clothing of small children, which gets soiled frequently, may be laundered during the Nine Days.

• Clothes may not be laundered even if done in preparation for after Tisha B'Av, or even if done by a non-Jew.

6. We do not bathe for pleasure.

• It is permitted to bathe in order to remove dirt or perspiration, or for medical reasons. This may be done only in cool water.

• Furthermore, the body should be washed in parts, rather than all at one time.

• Bathing in warm water is permitted on Friday in honor of Shabbat.


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Shabbos Chazon

This is Shabbos Parshas Devarim/Shabbos Chazon.

Welcome Back

We are excited to welcome back Rabbi Asher and Rebbetzin Batyah Brander from Eretz Yisrael! We look forward to another year of inspiration in Torah and Avoda from your leadership.

Bein Hazmanim

The Kollel is off for Bein Hazmanim beginning Monday, August 8. Regular classes will resume on Sunday morning August 28 (second day of Rosh Chodesh Elul).

Tisha B’Av

Please refer to the Tisha B’Av schedule for the times beginning with Mincha Shabbos afternoon.  Please note that we will not be having Shalosh Seudos at LINK.  One is allowed to have even meat and wine for SS but we must finish eating by sunset (7:50pm).


Many contemporary Poskim allow us to shower normally this Erev Shabbos, even though it’s technically Erev Tisha B’av.  On Shabbos, even though it's the 9th of Av, no public mourning is displayed but privately we do (e.g. no marital relations unless it’s the wife's mikveh night).  Please refer to the back of the Tisha B’Av schedule for more halachic details for Motzei Shabbos and Sunday.

Mazal Tov

Mazal Tov to Rabbi Mordechai and Mrs. Lori Lebhar upon the upcoming chasunah (Tues. night in NJ) of their son Michael Moshe to Bayla Weiner.  May they build a Bayis Ne’eman B’Yisrael!

Mazal Tov

Mazal Tov to Brian and Susan Ross on the engagement of their daughter Tirtza to Dovid Gewirtz, son of son Yossi and Carrie Gewirtz. May they build a Bayis Ne’eman B’Yisrael!

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Scott Sobel would love to have visitors as he recuperates from his latest knee surgery (and awaits his next surgery in October).  His address is 1136  S. Shenandoah #101.  Please call or text first to make sure it is a good time to visit at 323-377-4000.

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With a huge national formula shortage we have made a formula gemach with drop off locations in the city and valley for kosher unexpired and unopened bottles of formula, donations (some formulas people are desperately seeking are a fortune now online) and we have started to match people up.  The gemach is up and running in the valley now, it is in zechus refua sheelima Shayna Lia bas Shulamis a young mother in Pico.  Please text 310 981 8553 or email if you need formula or can donate.


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