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Congregation Schomre Israel
4 Adar I 5779
Shabbos Parshas Teruma 5779
 February 9 2019 
  פרשת תרומה   
   ד' אדר א' תשע"ט     

From the Rabbi's Desk

Model of the tabernacle in  
from wikipedia 
A Dvar Torah from my cousin
Danny Ginsbourgh 
   Why are all the measurements of the Aron, in the mishkan, 'incomplete'- fractional?; and, why are the length and the width of the Shulchan 'complete' numbers, while its height is fractional and'incomplete''? 
   The Kli Yakar offers a beautiful answer:The Aron represents Torah learning and avodat Hashem: In these critical areas of our lives, we should always regard ourselves as 'incomplete'; recognizing that, no matter what 'heights' we may have reached, we are a long way from being 'complete'. 
   However, in material matters, to which the Shulchan alludes, we should always be satisfied with our lot, as signified by the amot of the length and width of the Shulchan being 'complete'. 
   But why then, is the height of the Shulchan a 'broken' measure? 
   Explains Rav David Hofstedter:Though we are required to be happy with our own lot, this must not lead us to be 'blind' to the needs of others who are less fortunate, and to say to them: 'just as we are happy with our lot, so too must they be'.
But rather, from the 'height' of our 'complete' Shulchan, we should look out for those whose Shulchan is 'incomplete', and help them, so that their Shulchan is also 'complete'. 
   And, by helping them, we will be giving thanks to Hashem, for all His blessings, to us! 
Shabbat Shalom!
Eliezer Langer 


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10 Steven Isaac Fisher
14 Teresita Levi
16 Howard Fishman
16 Livia Pearl Ritz
19 Stephan Allen Brown
19 Yair Hillman
21 Justin Bennett
25 Deborah Sullum
25 Jacob Weinstein
28  Shimon Gedelia Winter
29  Joshua Shapiro
  We wish much happiness and good health on this special day. - Biz 120!!
This information comes from our Shul calendar. If you would like to be listed please contact us. 


We commemorate the yahrtzeit of:


  1. 14  Murray Gamberg 9 Adar I
    15  David Badian 10Adar I
    1 5 Jack Ruben 10 Adar 
    15 Brian Inkeles 10 Adar
    19  Jonathan Ruben 14 Adar I
    20  Pearl Schreibman 15 Adar I
    24 Zmira Langer 19 Adar
    24  Max Hochhauser 19 Adar
    25  Walter Hering 20 Adar
    27  Sophie Levine 22 Adar I
    28  Florence Fox 23 Adar I
    28 Dorothea Teitelbaum 23 Adar I
    28 Shevat 29 Shevat 2 Adar

May their souls be bound in the bond of eternal life.

This information comes from our Shul calendar. If you wish to add a name to this list please  contact us.

Schedule of Services 

Candle Lighting 5:01 PM
Mincha /Kabbalat Shabbat 5:00 PM
Shacharit Shabbat Day 9:00 AM
Shema before 9:34 AM
Mincha after 12:36 PM
Shabbat Ends 6:03 PM  

Sunday Morning 8:30 AM Shacharit   
Weekdays 7:00 AM

Monday 7:00 PM at the Levines'

Yahrtzeits this week:

Wednesday evening and Thursday morning Murray Gamberg beloved father of Stacey Gamberg

Please make an effort to join for Minyan
Looking Ahead  
     Pasta for Purim    
  Here is a suggestion for a new kind of gragger/noisemaker for Purim.  Please bring a securely closed box of pasta to shul with you when you come to hear the Megillah reading on Wed. evening, March 20th.  At the mention of Haman during the Megillah reading you can vigorously shake your Purim package of pasta.  After services pasta boxes will be collected to donate to the Morse School.  You are welcome to bring in jars or cans of sauce to donate, but use only the pasta for shaking!   
The Jewish Social Action Coalition thanks you.


 News from the Social Action Coalition
 Library Volunteers Needed

The library at the Morse School is up and running.  Although there is a part time librarian who works there, volunteers are still needed to help out.  The volunteers will help students select and check out books and reshelve books.  Some volunteers may choose to read aloud to groups of students.  All new volunteers will be trained--it's very simple.  Volunteers shifts are on Mondays and Thursdays for 2 hours.  The children are excited to come to the library and borrow books. This can be a very rewarding experience for our volunteers.

You can do this job once a week, once a month, or whenever it is convenient for you.  To see what shifts are available and to sign up go to (in the URL spot) and sign up for the times that work for you.

Sandy Corwin and Debby Sullum

Any questions or concerns please contact
Sandy at 845-452- 2436 or Debby at 845-705-3656.


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