Shabbos Shuva Bulletin
Parshas Ha'azinu
Friday, September 25, 2020 / 7 Tishrei 5781

6:15  PM--Garden Minyan led by Yehuda Solomon (arrive 6:00 for temperature check)
6:27  PM--Candle Lighting
6:45  PM--Shkiah (Sunset)

9:42  AM--Latest Shema
7:21  PM--Shabbat Ends

The Shabbat between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is called Shabbat Shuvah, Shabbat of Return because its special haftarah reading begins with the words ShuvahYisrael "Return O Israel," from the prophecy of Hoshea. It is also referred to as Shabbat Teshuvah because it falls during the Ten Days of Repentance.

The prayer service on this Shabbat is the same as on an ordinary Shabbat with the exception of the additions that are made to the Amidah throughout the Ten Days of Repentance. Avinu Malkenu is not recited. In the blessing at the end of the Magen Avotprayer following evening services on Friday night, the words ha-Melech ha-Kadosh are substituted for ha-El ha-Kadosh.


Due to safety precautions and limited socially-distanced seating, only those who have pre-registered can attend the outdoor Yom Kippur service. We look forward to when we can once again have our doors open to all those who wish to drop in!


6:00  PM--Mincha led by Yehuda Solomon
6:24  PM--Candle Lighting, Fast begins
6:25  PM--Kol Nidrei led by Yehuda Solomon
6:42  PM--Shkiah (Sunset)

8:00--AM--Shacharis led by Jeff Rohatiner
9:45--AM--Condensed Auction for remaining Aliyot & Kibbudim
10:15 AM--Krias HaTorah read by Dr. Jon Hoenig
10:45-AM--Yizkor (Please arrive by 10:30 in case we are running early)
11:00-AM -Mussaf led by Yehuda Solomon

2:00--PM*--Afternoon Break *approximately

4:00--PM--Mincha - Dr. Jon Hoenig
5:00--PM--Neila - Yehuda Solomon
7:18--PM--Holiday/Fast ends

Due to the epidemic, many people will not be able to attend the service this year. We want to give everyone a chance to participate in bidding for the Yom Kippur Aliyot and Kibbudim (honors) and are therefore offering a silent, online auction. If you will not be present at the minyan, all honors can be can be carried out by an appointed person. Whatever is not bid on prior to Yom Kippur, will be auctioned at the service. Bids will be accepted as they are received. We will accept syndicates for Maftir Yonah.
Please email your bid to:

These kibbudim (honors), which we wait for all year long, bring strength and blessings to those who bid on them and sustenance to the Minyan.

Kol Nidrei

• Pesicha $750
Standing in the holiest place in the shul to open the Aron Kodesh, a segulah for HaShem opening His gates to receive prayer and return blessings.


• Kohen Aliyah - SOLD
A blessing for closeness with Hashem through the revealed good.

• Levi Aliyah $3000
The Leviim are the teachers and this aliyah brings the blessing to be able to express the depths of your soul and to share your inspiration with others.

• The Rosh Yeshiva's Aliyah (Third Aliyah) $3000
A blessing for a year of successful Torah Study

• Fourth Aliyah, For Closeness to HaShem $3000
A blessing for deep teshuva and peace.

• The Yom Kippur Aliyah (Fifth Aliyah) $3000
A blessing for forgiveness, closure and a new start.

• The Rebbe's Aliyah (Sixth Aliyah) $3000
A blessing for connection to the oneness of the day, for purity and teshuva. A blessing for you body to truly emanate your soul.

• Maftir Shacharit $3000
A blessing for healthy boundaries.

• Hagbah $500
Raising yourself up to Hashem, a blessing for upward growth.

• Galila (can be under Bar-Mitzvah age) $500
A blessing for completing a projects.


• Maftir Yonah $10,000
This is the most important Aliyah of the day, as well as the last. This honor is a special segulah for wealth. In communities the world over this merit is bought for thousands of dollars. There can be no better investment than this (We are accepting syndicates for honor).


• Pesicha - SOLD
The Gate Keeper. Opening the gates of heaven at the most auspicious time of year for the most abundant flow of blessing and connection. This honor is a segulah for a long life.

May Hashem bless you a million times back for all of your support and generosity, and may you and your family and all of Klal Yisrael be written and sealed in the Book of Life, for a happy, healthy and sweet New Year – G'mar chatima tova!
From Everyone at The Happy Minyan, we want to wish you a g'mar chatima tova!
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Saturday, September 26

Musical Havdallah with Rabbi Yonah Bookstein 

Daat's The Way: A Motzei Shabbat Meditation with Yehuda Masjedi
9:00 PM 
Meeting ID: 828 0946 7763
Password: 016022

Wednesday, September 30

Weekly Seasons of Joy with Sam Glaser
7:30PM, Every Wednesday
Meeting ID: 71646005392

Shabbos Shuva Insights with Rebbetzen Olivia Schwartz
8:00PM - Live on Facebook, and recorded to view at any time

Thursday, October 1

Sing Your Way Into Shabbos - with Yehuda Solomon (now on Thursdays!)
7:00, weekly
Meeting ID: 831 2638 4540
Please pray whole heartedly for a refuah Shelema for:
Avraham Etz Chaim ben Devora (Adam Silver)
Shifra Frudel bas Raizel (Shifra Hastings)
Eden Melody Bas Aviva Batsheva (Newborn grand daughter of Chaya & Gary Kamisher)