April 16, 2020
MAA Sent the Following Press Release and ran an Ad to inform Marylander's that Arborist's are Essential and Ready to Work

As spring approaches, spring storms and tree damage follows. As essential businesses, Maryland Arborist's are here for you.

If you notice any safety concerns around your home, contact a licensed tree expert today. You can search by zip code to find one near you here .
Being a Maryland Arborist Member provides a number of benefits to your and your business. A few benefits to highlight are discounted events, educational resources and up-to-date news and information.
Thank You to our White Oak Sponsors
Sugar Maple Sponsor
Coronavirus Resources
MAA administration and Board Members hope that each of you are doing well and staying busy. MAA has been closely following the COVID19 situation in Maryland and taking the necessary steps to ensure that Maryland Arborists are able to continue to work during the quarantine. Starting Saturday, April 18th all Marylander's are required to wear face masks to public businesses.

For your safety and the safety of your employees and customers, we hope that you and your business are practicing the necessary protocols set by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

TCIA and ISA shared a press release providing insight why tree care is essential, read the full release here. ISA also shared a release with frequently asked questions that is available to you here.
Maryland SLF Permit
The Maryland Department of Agriculture has it's own Spotted Lanternfly permit course. Any business that needs to get a permit can now take the course here .
Webinars For You
Arborjet is offering educational opportunities on topics spanning the green industry. Webinars are free and available to all. View April webinars here and register today.
ISA - 10% Off
For a limited time, ISA is offering a 10% discount on online educational course. The discount is available through April 30th with the code ONLINETEN. Read more here.
List Jobs For Free
ISA members can post job openings on the MAC-ISA website for free. Currently there are openings in Frederick Gaithersburg, and Baltimore/DC Area. Read more here.
University of Maryland IPM Reports
April 10th - View Here

  • Ambrosia Beetle Update
  • Crape Myrtle Bark Scale
  • Mulch Madness
  • Spiny Witchhazel Gall Aphids
  • Eastern Tent Caterpillars
  • White Pine Weevils
  • Caterpillars Active on Euonymus
  • Native Holly Leafminer
  • Seed Maggots Very Active in Our Area on Early Planted Vegetables
  • Monitor for Scale Insects
  • Honey Bee Swarms
  • Sapsucker Damage on Arborvitae
  • Volutella Blight of Pachysandra
March 27th - View Here

  • How to make the most of digital plant problem diagnostics
  • Scooty Mold
  • Insects on Fruit Trees are a Month Ahead of Schedule in 2020
  • Hemlock Wooly Adelgid
April 3rd - View Here

  • Assassin Bugs
  • Pine Bark Adelgid
  • Boxwood Psyllid
  • Ambrosia Beetle Activity
  • Gymnosporangium Rusts Again: Cedar Quince Rust
  • Preventing Damage from Cherry Shot Hole this Year
  • Fern Scale on Liriope
  • Allium Leafminer Active and Spreading in Maryland
  • Sapsucker Damage
March 20th - View Here

  • Gymnosporangium Rust Galls Developing Now
  • Japanese Stiltgrass
  • White Pine Weevil
  • Spruce Spider Mites
  • Peach Leaf Curl
  • Indian Wax Scale
  • Mining Bees Early Activity
  • Stem Sawfly
March 5th - View Here

  • Early Insect Activity
  • Armored Scale on Ornamental Grass
  • 2020 MDA pesticide Container Recycling Program
Improve your Utility Arboricultural Knowledge with ISA
ISA is offering a variety of educational materials to help arborists improve their arboricultural knowledge. These educational resources will help both the expert and novice utility arborists expand their knowledge in utility tree risk assessment, techniques for vegetation control, current best practices in utility tree pruning and more. Learn more here.
How does a tree know when to wake up in the spring?
Deciduous trees have an amazing ability to measure when spring is coming through Chilling Hours. Chilling Hours are a measurement of the amount of time throughout the winter that a tree is exposed to temperatures that are between 32 F and 45 F. These hours accumulate quickly during warm winters and when they reach a certain point, determined by the genetics of the tree variety, dormancy is broken and the plant wakes up. Read the full article here.
New Industry Resources Page on MAC-ISA Website
As part of the MAC-ISA mission to promote safety while fostering education, we have added an additional resource page to the MAC-ISA website. The resources page can be accessed here and will help you earn CEUs online, get industry tips, access OSHA guidelines and more.
MAC-ISA is offering two $1,250 scholarships in memory of Dr. Frank Santamour. These scholarships will be awarded to undergraduate students studying arboriculture/urban forestry or a related field who have a genuine interest in a career in arboriculture. The 2020 scholarship application is dye by September 11th and can be found here.
New LTE's - Congratulations!
Congratulations to the individuals who passed the March LTE   exam:
Domenic Bello
James Clutter, Jr.
Joseph Demkovich
Keith Dugan
Ryan Goodwin
James Kelly
Nicholar Morgan
Magdaleno Reyes Rodriguez
Benjamin Rowe
Belbert Sensenig
Frank Simpson
Lana Welford
Jeffrey Wheatley
Otoniel Cruz Diaz Guerra
The April exam has been canceled, to stay up to date on future exams during this time, visit here. The website also has a study guide and other useful information.
According to the newest ANSI Z-133-2017 what section deals with Electrical Hazards?
A: Section 4
B: Section 2
C: Section 7
D: Section 13
E: None of these above
Each person (employee or otherwise) is responsible for their own safety while at work ad shall comply with the appropriate federal and state OSHA Standards along with all rules, regulation, and orders that are applicable to their actions and conduct. (See section 1.4)
True or False
Eastern Shore Pesticide Recertification Program
At Chesapeake College in Wye Mills, Maryland will be having a pesticide recertification on June 3rd. Learn more here.
IPM Scouts' 4-Day Training Program
Attend University of Maryland events across the state this June. Learn more here.
  • June 2 and 4 - Gary J Arthur Community Center - Glenwood, MD
  • June 9 - Reppert Nurseries - Laytonsville, MD
  • June 10 - Cavano's Perennials - Kingsville, MD
Arborist Certification Courses
In Richmond, VA attend a course taught by Eric Wiseman and Greg Dahle July 14 - 16. Or December 6-10 attend a course taught by Alex Shy in Chalottesville, VA. Learn more here.
Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ)
There will be an upcoming course in Charlottesville, VA on August 4-6. Learn more here.
TRAQ Renewal Courses
Save the date for courses on August 7th in Charlottesville, VA and one on October 23rd in Maryland, exact location to be determined. Learn more here.
MAC-ISA Annual Meeting
The annual MAC-ISA meeting will be held in Solomons, Maryland October 4th through 6th. Save the date and keep your eyes open for future dates.
Day of Arboriculture
Mark your calendars for November 14th! The 2020 Day of Arboriculture will be held in Washington D.C.