July 19, 2021
MAA Members,

Moving into the summer months, we appreciate the opportunity to spend more time out in the field, including preparation for our upcoming 43rd Annual Arborist Day Project. The planning committee met in May to complete a site-walk at the Baltimore County Center for Maryland Agriculture and Farm Park. The committee found a lot of work to be completed and hopes for a high turn-out of volunteers to assist. More information about this, our Day of Safety, and other events can be found under the "Save the Date" section of this newsletter.

We are also preparing for an upcoming election for our Board of Directors in 2022, and looking for new individuals who are interested in becoming more involved with MAA. Check out the information under "Industry News" if this is something you'd like to learn more about.

As new variants of the COVID-19 virus continue to emerge, we encourage members to check guidance from the CDC on how to safely operate your business as we move through this busy season.

Stay Safe and Healthy!

Danielle Bauer Farace
Executive Director
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Sugar Maple Sponsor:
Are You Interested in Becoming More Involved with the MAA?
The Maryland Arborist Association is looking for volunteers to serve on our Board of Directors ahead of our upcoming election in 2022. Serving on the Board of Directors is an exciting opportunity to network with other tree care experts across the field, plan educational events, and help to make key decisions to guide the future of the organization. The Board represents the members’ interest in the organization and holds ownership of the organization on behalf of the members.

The Board of Directors meets on average three times per year at various locations around the state. If you are interested in attending a board meeting to learn more, contact Executive Director Danielle Farace at 410-928-4888 or office@mdarborist.com.
CONFIRMED ID: POSITIVE ID for Aproceros leucopoda, the elm zigzag sawfly in VA
On May 19, two (2) specimens of larvae suspected as Aproceros leucopoda (Family: Argidae), also known as the elm zigzag sawfly, were submitted by Eric Day of Virginia Tech via Karen Williams, SPHD of Virginia, collected on Ulmus parvifolia at a historic park setting in Frederick County, VA. These specimens were confirmed by the National Specialist at the Systematic Entomology Lab of USDA-ARS as Aproceros leucopoda. This represents the first U.S. record of this genus and species, and this pest been categorized by NIS as a quarantine pest.
photo courtesy of Sawfly GenUS - USDA
The first North American records of this pest were reported by citizen scientists in Quebec, Canada in 2020. A fact sheet on the pest is available.

VDACS and Virginia Tech Extension staff are performing surveys for this pest to determine if this is an isolated find or if the pest is widespread.
Controlling Japanese Maple Scale
Unless Japanese Maple Scale is monitored carefully and controlled early, populations of this armored scale can spread throughout a nursery or landscape to many species of woody plants and build up to levels that cause dieback and even death of infested plants. Learn more using this fact sheet from University of Maryland Extension.
Maryland Receives Funding to Develop Wood Energy Projects
The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Maryland Forest Service has been awarded nearly $250,000 for a Wood Innovations Grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to develop priority projects with the Maryland Wood Energy Team. This partnership with the Maryland Clean Energy Center, Maryland Department of Commerce, University of Maryland Extension, the USDA Forest Service, and others aims to develop wood energy facilities that will produce new jobs and develop renewable energy markets for underutilized forest products, which will in turn benefit the health of Maryland’s sustainable forests. 
Member Resources:
The Maryland Arborist Association would like to remind members of resources shared in recent editions of our Shady Notes e-newsletter:


True or False?

Workers need to gradually build up a tolerance to working in higher temperatures.

(Clue – see the new OSHA Heat Safety Poster)
Prevent Heat Illness at Work
Follow these tips from OSHA to protect yourself and others:

  • Drink Cool Water. Drink cool water even if you are not thirsty — at least 1 cup every 20 minutes.
  • Take Rest Breaks. Take enough time to recover from heat given the temperature, humidity, and conditions.
  • Find Shade or a Cool Area. Take breaks in a designated shady or cool location.
  • Dress for the Heat. Wear a hat and light-colored, loose-fitting, and breathable clothing if possible.
  • Watch Out for Each Other. Monitor yourself and others for signs of heat illness.
  • If Wearing a Face Covering. Change your face covering if it gets wet or soiled. Verbally check on others frequently.
Protect Yourself from Ticks this Summer
The Maryland Arborist Association has been receiving reports of an increase in tick bites in recent months. There are six species of ticks found in Maryland and the majority of them are capable of transmitting diseases. Follow these tips from University of Maryland Extension to protect yourself:

  • Wear long pants, long sleeves, and close-toed shoes. Tuck pants into socks. Tuck shirts into pants.
  • Wear clothing/shoes treated with the tick repellent permethrin. It kills ticks on contact with the clothing.
  • Avoid sitting on logs, stumps, or the ground in brushy areas. Periodically inspect clothing and your body before ticks become attached. Use a lint roller brush to remove ticks from clothing.
  • Use insect repellents (such as DEET) according to label directions. Put sunscreen on first, then repellent. Never use DEET under clothing or on pets.
  • Shower when possible after being outdoors.
  • Throw clothes in a hot dryer for 10 minutes before washing, to kill any lingering ticks that may be attached to clothing.
PennState Extension is currently offering a free monthly webinar series on community forestry topics. The next session, focused on tree diseases, will be held on July 21.
University of Maryland Extension will hold an outdoor event on July 21 at the UMD Central MD Research and Education Center to diagnose insect, disease, and cultural problems on greenhouse, nursery, cut flower, and landscape plants. Bring samples for help with identification of plant problems. The program will focus on how to diagnose plant problems. Microscopes will be available for looking at samples. Stanton Gill, Karen Rane, Dave Clement, and Andrew Ristvey will be available to answer questions and provide additional information.
Join MAC-ISA on August 14 in Virginia Beach for a morning of learning with live safety demonstrations. Safety sessions include: Safety Around Utilities, Aerial Rescue Demonstration, and Balance Point Rigging Crane Demonstration. Space is limited. You must be pre-registered to attend, no walk-ins.
MAA & MOSH Present: 6th Annual Day of Safety and Health
The Maryland Arborist Association in partnership with the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH) - Division of Labor and Industry will hold their Annual Day of Safety and Health at the Howard County Fairgrounds on September 15, 2021. Registration for this event will open later this month.
Saluting Branches is a non-profit organization dedicated to recognizing and honoring our veterans. Their 7th Annual Day of Service will be held on September 22,2021 locally at Baltimore National Cemetery in Catonsville, MD. More details to come.
MAC-ISA will hold a Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) renewal course on October 3, 2021 in Solomons, MD. The requalification is a one-day refresher, with five hours of instruction, and three hours to take the exam. Current TRAQ holders can complete the abbreviated course as early as 18 months prior to their expiration date.
FALCAN Trucking Seminar
Save the Date for the Frederick Area Landscape Contractors and Nurserymen's Association (FALCAN)'s Truck and Trailer Safety Seminar to be held October 20, 2021 at the Urbana Fire Hall. LTE credits pending.
43rd Arborist Day Project
Mark your calendar for the Maryland Arborist Association's 43rd Arborist Day Project on on November 6, 2021 (rain date November 13) at the Baltimore County Center for Maryland Agriculture and Farm Park.
MAC-ISA will hold a virtual Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) renewal course on November 18, 2021 via Zoom. The course will be taught by Scott Sjolander. The exam is taken at a different time after the course but is included in the price.
This three-day course has been designed to assist tree care professionals and other professionals who wish to become ISA Certified Arborists. The next course will be held December 7-9 in Derwood, MD.
Upcoming exam dates have been posted online. The next exam is tentatively scheduled for June 9, 2021. However, if state buildings are still closed to the public, the exam will need to be held outdoors and will be weather dependent. Those interested in taking the exam need to submit their exam application paperwork so they can be contacted with up-to-date exam information.