June 27, 2019
MAA Members,

We at the Maryland Arborist Association, were pleased to host a number of successful events over the past few months. The first, our 41st Arborist Day Project at Adkins Arboretum in Ridgely, MD, received good turnout despite the rain! Thank you to the companies who participated: A&A Tree Experts, Inc., Bartlett Tree Experts – St. Michael’s, Beaver Tree Service, Inc., Carroll Tree Service, First Energy, JD Outdoors, LLC, Lewis Tree Service, and TD Mayer Consulting. The work completed at Arborist Day was featured in a local newspaper, the Star Democrat. You can read it online by clicking here .

We also hosted an Evening Plant Diagnostic Clinic in partnership with University of Maryland Extension at Woodmont Country Club last month. University of Maryland Extension Specialists David Clement, Stanton Gill, and Karen Rane provided brief updates about disease and pest problems that they have been seeing already this year. Eric Wenger of Complete Lawn Care and Paul Wolfe of Integrated Plant Care shared information on recent pesticide regulations in the county. Participants then had the opportunity to walk the grounds with Phil Normandy of Brookside Gardens who identified and gave history on tree species. Everyone who attended left with a microscope attachment for their smartphone that they can use to take pictures of pest problems while working in the field, compliments of MAA. Photos from both this event and Arborist Day are available on our Facebook page .

Be sure to mark your calendar for our next event, our annual Day of Safety and Health, held in partnership with Maryland Occupational Safety & Health (MOSH), coming up on September 11, 2019 at the Howard County Fairgrounds. Our board will be meeting later this month to finalize the agenda, and event details will follow soon-after. This is a great opportunity to get CEU credits before the year ends. 

Stay Safe!

Lindsay Thompson
MAA Executive Director
(443) 262-8491
Thank You to our White Oak Sponsors
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Boxwood Blight Risk Model Under Development 
Researchers at Oregon State University (Dr. Leonard Coop) and Virginia Tech (Dr. Chuanxue Hong) are collaborating to create a boxwood blight risk model, similar to models that apple growers currently use to predict apple scab and fire blight outbreaks. The boxwood blight model uses temperature and rainfall data from local weather stations along with research data on factors influencing spore development and sporulation, to create a risk index that may help identify periods of favorable weather for infection. The model assumes that there is a source of the pathogen on the site (that is, it does not predict movement of the fungus).

The web-based model can be found here . There is also an app version available for Android or IPhone (search on “boxwood blight” where you get apps for your device). To use the model, enter your location and choose a weather station near you. You can set a time span for risk assessment, and the results will be displayed as either a graph or table (Figure 1 shows an example of the table format). There is introductory information on the app version with symptom photos under the “Intro” tab.

The model should be used as a reference only since it has not yet been fully calibrated or validated (the developers clearly state “use at your own risk”). Keep in mind that the risk models used for fire blight and apple scab prediction were developed decades ago and have many years of validation research behind them, and we don’t yet have that same body of research for boxwood blight. Ongoing research will help refine this model with the eventual goal of providing excellent protection from boxwood blight while minimizing fungicide treatments. The developers are interested in getting feedback on this draft model. If you have comments, email them to Karen Rane , University of Maryland Extension Plant Pathologist.

To find more information on managing boxwood blight, including sanitation procedures and fungicides, visit the Virginia Boxwood Blight Task Force website .
New APHIS Pest and Disease Website
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) in March 2019 launched a new “Pests and Diseases” webpage. The new page lists all pest and disease programs managed by APHIS as part of its mission to protect American agriculture and natural resources.

Vermeer Mid Atlantic Earns Pinnacle Award Company receives award while celebrating its 50th Anniversary
Vermeer Mid Atlantic (VMA) celebrated being awarded the 2018 Vermeer Pinnacle designation in recognition of its efforts to provide a superior experience for customers. The Pinnacle Award is given annually by Vermeer to select dealer partners who are top performers in sales, marketing, aftermarket support and equipment safety and functionality training for its employees and customers.

"Vermeer Pinnacle dealers provide an exemplary customer experience," said Tony Briggs, vice president of sales and distribution at Vermeer Corporation. "This award highlights dealers across the globe who consistently lead in a variety of key business performance metrics."

The achievement, which makes Vermeer Mid Atlantic a multiple-time Pinnacle recipient, comes at a momentous time as the company celebrates 50 years in business. “It’s a tremendous accomplishment to be considered a Vermeer Pinnacle designee, and I am truly proud of the effort and commitment from our entire team,” said Mark Boyle, President of VMA. “To celebrate receiving the award in our 50th year in business is incredibly special.”

Vermeer Mid Atlantic founder, John Vos, started his career at Vermeer in the cleanup crew at the Iowa headquarters, and then he diligently worked to become a demo representative. After years of dedication, John was given the opportunity to open his own dealer location in Maryland in 1969, which has developed into what is now Vermeer Mid Atlantic.

VMA now represents 12 locations spanning Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina South Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio. To learn more about Vermeer Mid Atlantic and the services it offers, visit VermeerMidAtlantic.com .
Local Tree Care Company Gives Advice on Preventing Storm Damage
Anthony Richie of A&A Tree Experts, Inc. was recently featured on WBAL 11, advising consumers on how to prepare for storm damage, following a string of severe storms early in the season. In the segment, he suggests that consumers should be proactive and contact local companies to have their trees assessed before other storms come through creating greater damage.

New LTE's - Congratulations!
Congratulations to the following individuals who passed the April & May LTE   exams:
Javier Alvarez
Edwin Argueta
Michael Donald Burke
Randy Cain
Tony Casper
Timothy F. Dumantt
Joshua J. Ferpas
Jeffrey Flemming
Kristopher Daniel Graves
Oscar Jandres
Richard Lefebure
Floyd Lucas Norris
Tyler Adam Phillips
David Pope
Richard L. Potter
Ryan J. Stewart
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According to the newest ANSI Z-133-2017 before leaving a stump grinder unattended the operator shall ensure what has taken place? (Clue – See sect 5.5)
                               A: Key left in ignition
                               B: Key removed and pocketed
                              C: Wheel has stopped rotating
                               D: Cutting wheel fully extended off ground
Machine Guarding
Moving machine parts have the potential to cause severe workplace injuries, such as crushed fingers or hands, amputations, burns, or blindness. Safeguards are essential for protecting workers from these preventable injuries. Any machine part, function, or process that may cause injury must be safeguarded. When the operation of a machine or accidental contact injure the operator or others in the vicinity, the hazards must be eliminated or controlled. 

MAA & MOSH Fall Safety Event
The Maryland Arborist Association’s annual fall safety event will be held on September 11, 2019 at the Howard County Fairgrounds. Maryland Occupational Safety and Health will be sponsoring again this year. More details coming soon. 
MAC-ISA’s three-day course has been designed to assist tree care professionals and other professionals who wish to become ISA Certified Arborists. It has been developed to help prepare individuals for the ISA certified arborist exam, which is usually scheduled the day after the course. The course content is consistent with the Arborist Certification Study Guide (2010 edition) and the domains of the exam.
The Tree Risk Assessment Qualification Course is a two-day educational course followed by a 1/2 day assessment that includes both a written and field component. The course prepares the participant to take the TRAQ assessment to become ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified. It is required that you attend the course and successfully complete the assessment in order to receive the ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification.
Arborists United for Veteran Remembrance is an opportunity for tree care professionals throughout the country to unite and do what we do best – provide exceptional tree care – to keep our veterans cemeteries safe, beautiful places for all those who visit. Being held at more than 50 locations across the U.S., there is an opportunity to participate locally at Baltimore National Cemetery. 
MAC-ISA 2019 Annual Meeting – October 6-8, 2019 – Blacksburg, VA
Maryland Licensed Tree Expert exams are administered on the second Wednesday of each month at the Department of Natural Resources Headquarters in Annapolis. Upcoming exam dates are July 12, and September 11, 2019. To register, please contact Ms. Romcesa Estep, 410-260-8531.