June 15, 2022

MAA Members,

Summer is here, and we hope that our members are making the most of this time with the longest day of the year upon us. The Maryland Arborist Association Board of Directors certainly has! 

We recently held our first of two Evening Plant Diagnostic Clinics this year, at Brookside Gardens. We were joined by nearly 50 attendees who had the opportunity to learn about insect, disease, nutrient, and water stress issues they may encounter in the field. The second of these events will be held at Woodmont Country Club on July 21. Keep an eye out for registration details coming soon. 

We are continuing to plan to other upcoming events as well, including our Day of Safety & Health to be held this fall. The Board of Directors also formed a committee to review the procedures for our Annual Arborist Day of Service event, for which organizations are now able to submit an application to be considered for service. Our hope is that through this new process, we are able to provide greater benefit to both our members and their local community throughout the states. More details on this program can be found under the "Industry News" section of this newsletter. 

Stay Safe and Healthy!

Danielle Bauer Farace

Executive Director

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Maryland Arborist Association Accepting Applications for Service Day Projects

The Maryland Arborist Association (MAA) is proud of its history in giving back to the Maryland community. For over 20 years, the members of the MAA have logged thousands of hours and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of man hours to volunteer for arboriculture service projects across the state. New this year, the MAA will now be accepting applications from organizations who are interested in being considered for their annual Arborist Day event.

Each year the MAA chooses a new site to hold our annual Arborist Day event. This event is centered around volunteer work for a local Maryland community that could use the association's help. The purpose of this event is to provide tree care service to organizations that otherwise could not afford to do so, to preserve the landscape and protect the safety of visitors to the site.

“Through the application process, we look forward to expanding our reach to various organizations around the state in need of service,” says MAA President Ron Muir. “The event is a great opportunity for our membership to gain exposure while benefiting the local community.”

In order to be considered for this event, organizations must complete an application and agree to the MAA terms and conditions. Applications will be reviewed by the MAA’s Arborist Day Committee and site visits will be conducted to evaluate the need and feasibility for the event. Applications should be submitted by August 15, 2022. 

Long Range Weather from NOAA for 2022

The following was provided by Stanton Gill, Extension Specialist in IPM and Entomology, University of Maryland Extension Central Maryland Research and Education Center, and Professor - Landscape Technology Program, Montgomery College

NOAA put out there prediction for the summer of 2022 . First off we will see an average increase of temperature by 1 F this summer. This does not sound like much but this is significant. The other long rage prediction is for hotter and drier than normal for the western part of the United States. The east coast will have rainy that normal summer. Looks like the use of fungicides will be increasing in 2022 on the east coast.

June 1 was the official start of hurricane season. Oh, Boy! The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Climate Prediction Center on Tuesday forecast 14 to 21 named storms, six to 10 hurricanes and three to six major hurricanes -- of Category 3 strength or greater.

The 2020 and 2021 seasons both exhausted the hurricane name list and broke records. Looks like it will be a scramble to come up with new names for hurricanes in 2022. Arborists may have plenty of business this summer when these storms roar through. 

Boxwood Blight Resources

A group of scientists have been working diligently to address this Boxwood Blight, and have collaborated with AmericanHort’s Horticultural Research Institute to develop a website where some of the most recent research information is posted. Under the “Knowledge Center” tab, they have posted videos, a symptom photo gallery, and extension resources related to boxwood blight and its management.

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Maryland Celebrating 30th Anniversary of Pesticide Container Recycling Program

The Maryland Department of Agriculture’s (MDA) Pesticide Regulation Section has announced the 2022 dates and drop-off locations for its Pesticide Container Recycling Program. On certain days from June through September farmers, pesticide applicators, and other users can recycle used plastic pesticide containers at no cost at locations in Frederick, Harford, Kent, Montgomery, Talbot, Washington, and Wicomico counties.

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Spotted Lanternfly Update

Brian Kunkel (University of Delaware Extension), Suzanne Klick and Stanton Gill (University of Maryland Extension) started out trials to evaluate a new systemic insecticide for potential control for spotted lantern fly. They are working closely with a nursery in Harford County. Here is what they saw out in the field recently. Nymphs are very active about the size of large aphids. They are hard to spot at first and when spotted they move onto the other side of stems rapidly. This made taking pictures of early instar nymphs difficult. Suzanne prevailed in the end and she obtain the picture you see attached with this article. They applied drenches of a new systemic material. They will evaluate the level of control in 2 weeks and again later in July when the lest hyperactive nymphs begin to settle down a bit.

They found nymphs feeding low foliage such as multi-flora rose. In their plots the nursery owner had been mowing down ailanthus trees so it was mainly new shots that they found nymphs present on.

At the Harford nursery site they report some activity of spotted lantern fly in 2021 and there was dramatic increase of activity in 2022.

They are also working with a nursery in Frederick County in evaluating use of ailanthus traps plants grown in 10 gallon pots which are being treated with systemic insecticides.

MAA members are reminded that the Maryland Department of Agriculture expanded it's Spotted Lanternfly quarantine earlier this year to include the following counties: Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Cecil, Frederick, Harford, Howard, Kent, Montgomery and Washington, as well as Baltimore City. This quarantine restricts the movement of regulated articles that might contain the spotted lanternfly in any of its life stages, including egg masses, nymphs, and adults.

You can report sightings through MDA’s online survey. Other informational materials are available on the program’s website

Maryland Announces Extension of Certification and Renewal Dates for Lawn Care Professionals

The Maryland Department of Agriculture has announced new certification and license renewal dates for businesses and individuals hired to fertilize lawns and turf. 

Certified Professional Fertilizer Applicators (PFAs) and licensed businesses now have until December 31, 2022 to renew their certifications and licenses instead of June 30, 2022. The move was made to help lawn care professionals and businesses keep their renewals up to date by changing the deadline from peak season to off-season. Click here to find out what lawn care pros and licensed firms need to know.

Are You Interested in Becoming More Involved with the MAA?

The Maryland Arborist Association welcomes participation from our membership at our Board of Directors meetings, planning for upcoming events, and more. Working with the MAA Board of Directors is an exciting opportunity to network with other tree care experts across the field and help to make key decisions to guide the future of the organization. The Board represents the members’ interest in the organization and holds ownership of the organization on behalf of the members.

The Board of Directors meets on average three times per year at various locations around the state. The next Board of Directors meeting will be held on July 13, 2022. If you are interested in attending a board meeting, contact Executive Director Danielle Farace at 410-928-4888 or office@mdarborist.com.

Member Resources:

The Maryland Arborist Association would like to remind members of resources shared in recent editions of our Shady Notes e-newsletter:


True or False?

Qualified line clearance arborists and qualified line clearance arborist trainees performing line clearance after a storm or under similar conditions shall be trained in the hazards associated with this type of work and in the recognition of the hazards of step potential. 

(Clue – See ANSI Z-133-2017 Sect – 4.3.6)

Summer Storm Cleanup

Natural disasters can cause widespread flooding and damage to property and infrastructure. Cleanup and recovery activities involve hazards that can cause serious injuries or death. OSHA urges employers and workers engaged in cleanup and recovery to be aware of these hazards and how to protect workers.

When performing tree trimming and debris removal, the following protective measures should be taken:

  • Contact the utility company to de-energize and ground or shield power lines. All tree trimming/removal within 10 feet of a power line must be done by trained tree trimmers.
  • Establish and clearly mark a danger zone where tree debris may fall onto workers. Stay alert at all times.
  • Use work gloves, a hard hat, work boots, hearing protection and eye/face protection. Wear chaps when using a chainsaw.
  • Watch out for chainsaw kickback. Do not cut with saw tip.
  • Do not get too close to a chipper. Never reach into an operating chipper.
  • Use mechanical equipment to lift heavy objects. If not possible, use extra people and proper lifting techniques.

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Heat Illness Prevention

Every year, dozens of workers die and thousands more become ill while working in hot or humid conditions. OSHA recently revised their Heat Illness Prevention campaign webpage to consolidate resources on the dangers of working in the heat and how to keep workers safe.

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IPM Scouts' Diagnostic Program

University of Maryland Extension will host an IPM Scouts' Diagnostic Program on June 23 at the UMD Central MD Research and Education Center to diagnose insect, disease, and cultural problems on greenhouse, nursery, cut flower, and landscape plants. Bring samples for help with identification of plant problems. The program will focus on how to diagnose plant problems. Microscopes will be available for looking at samples. Stanton Gill, Karen Rane, and Dave Clement will be available to answer questions and provide additional information.

MNLGA & UMD Extension Biological Control Conference

The Maryland Nursery, Landscape, and Greenhouse Association and University of Maryland Extension will be holding their 2022 Biological Control Conference to encourage the adoption of practical and effective biological control for the nursery, greenhouse, arboretum, and landscape industries.

2022 Arborist Certification Course

MAC-ISA's three-day course has been designed to assist tree care professionals and other professionals who wish to become ISA Certified Arborists. It has been developed to help prepare individuals for the ISA certified arborist exam, which is usually scheduled the day after the course. The course content is consistent with the Arborist Certification Study Guide (2022 edition) and the domains of the exam.

The next available course for registration will be held July 12-14, 2022 in Charlottesville, VA.

Upcoming LTE Exams

Upcoming exam dates have been posted online. The next exam is scheduled for July 13, 2022. Those interested in taking the exam need to submit their exam application paperwork so they can be contacted with up-to-date exam information. 

Evening Plant Diagnostic Clinic

Join MAA and University of Maryland Extension on July 21 at Woodmont Country Club to discuss insect, disease, nutrient, and water stress issues. Dinner will be provided and MD LTE, Pesticide, and ISA credits will be available for attendees.

University of Maryland Extension Drone School for Professional Horticulturists

The purpose of the drone school is to train professional IPM Scouts, professional horticulturists, nursery and greenhouse managers, arborists, and certified pesticide applicators in practical use of drones through lecture and hands on experience. The course will provide information on practical use of drones in horticulture and how it can be applied in horticultural crop systems. This entry level course will cover the types of drones, what is involved with obtaining a commercial drone pilot license, FAA requirements, insurance requirements, and state pesticide certification process. Students will learn how to map out an area for a drone application. Hands on experience in flying small drones will be provided.

This is a three part training to be held in Maryland on July 28, August 4 and August 11, 2022 . Limited 1 person per company and first 16 people to sign up.

UMD Advanced Landscape IPM Lab-Field Course

This 2-day course being held at University of Maryland will consist of both field walks around campus and activities in the lab. Sessions will focus on diagnostics of plant disease and insect problems, and pest and natural enemy identification using live and other specimens, and interactive activities. Labs will be run by instructors Drs. Paula Shrewsbury, Mike Raupp, and Karen Rane.

For registration and course details: Email Amy Yaich at umdentomology@umd.edu.

SAF National Convention

Registration for the 2022 SAF National Convention is now open! Join the Society of American Foresters in Baltimore (yes, in person!) for this year’s SAF National Convention on September 20-24. This year's Convention will highlight the power of collaboration and will explore the wide range of work done to manage forests and other natural resources in urban, suburban, and rural communities with a focus on innovation and cross-disciplinary engagement.