A few weeks ago, I was grooving with joy to some tunes along the river where people were doing their usual walking or jogging routines. Some passersby didn't even notice or kept their imaginary NYC blinders on; a few made eye contact and smiled, perhaps reminding them they need to have a little fun themselves. And then there was one woman who on her round trip back asked me what kind of exercise I was doing. I simply replied, "Dancing."

Puzzled, she looked at me again and said, "Just dancing?" and I was like "Yup, just doing my thing!" She was pleasantly intrigued and amused, but as I mention in today's PGG, some people can't conceive of the fact that I was not doing some sort of learned "program" or following an instructor. For me, moving my body in a way it wants to, to music I love and feels good deep in my bones, is how I feel alive and free. It's also the best stress-busting mood-lifter you can find, and it doesn't cost a thing!

Dance has always been something I've loved; it makes me feel most connected to myself and allows me to express whatever energy and music is flowing through me (I was also a choreographer when younger, which is a different, but related expression). Especially over the past couple years (sans in-person Zumba or Nia classes, or live music performances), I've taken more and more to dancing around my apartment as well as outside in the park or by the river, or anywhere the spirit moves me! It's been necessary for my mental, emotional and physical well-being and has helped me to move through and release the big energies and shifts we've been experiencing.

During such transformative, extraordinary times with so much happening on so many levels - all being amplified and aggregated by our technology - it's easy to lose yourself and feel drowned out by all the the 'noise' around you clamoring for your attention to tell you what to think or do, who to love or hate, or what to watch or buy. But it's more important than ever that you take the time to shut off the outside world and tune into your own voice, and listen to what wants to be expressed - whether that's through a career, hobby, relationship, or yes, even just your body.

Today's PGG reflects all those themes, and the PGG Video of the Week reminds you it's no accident who you are at this time in history so you better do your thang. This week's Instagram post is an example of me dancing al fresco, and for our PGG Vibe of the Week why not get your weekend started bailando to this beautiful, unique talent gone way to soon, but who certainly left her mark before she did at age 23 - a great mashup of Selena's Cumbia Medley

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