Fit Friday Issue #17
Shake off your Summer Stresses
With vacations and time out of the office, to friend-filled cookouts and lazy beach days, the summer is time for relaxation and rejuvenation. However, even the easy-breezy summer months can be affected by the everyday stresses of city life. As you know from our previous issues, too much stress can cause elevated cortisol levels that can lead to chronic stress, fatigue, and weight gain.

Working out is a great way to relieve stress year-round. After reading the tips below, be sure to check out our summer fitness specials to de-stress and save! Get a Summer Fun 10-pack or a Summer Madness 20-pack! See details below.
Follow these tips to reduce your summer stresses and have the best July and August yet!

1. Practice Self-care : Self-care has become a buzzword these days, and for good reason. Just like your car, you cannot run on empty. You need to find ways to fuel yourself and restore your mind and body. This can look different for everyone - maybe it's spending time in nature, having lunch with your friends, taking a yoga class, enjoying a bubble bath, or having your home professionally cleaned. Whatever your method, make time for self-care. You deserve it!
2. Don't skimp on sleep : Sleep is a basic human need that so many of us do not prioritize, especially with all the summer plans and parties that disrupt our usual routines. Lack of sleep is first and foremost a physical stress on the body. Your mind and body will have to work twice as hard, and operating on little sleep can cause emotions to run high. Read up on sleep here.
3. Remember to breathe : Breathing is another basic human function. Our brains and bodies need oxygen to survive and thrive. In stressful moments, we may forget to take full breaths to restore our body. A few deep, clarifying breaths can do wonders, or check out more breathing tips here.
4. Change your mindset : When you're stressed it's important to have perspective. Remember that everything has the ability to change and imagine the near future when things are not as stressful. Try this exercise next time you're in an overwhelming situation and see if you can more easily find calmness and balance.

5. Laugh a lot : It is often said that laughter is the best medicine, and to some extent that's true! Laughter helps release cortisol and reduce tension in the body. Watching a funny movie or TV show to unwind at the end of the night can make all the difference for your mood.
6. Make room for meditation : Taking just five minutes a day to meditate can have significant impacts on your mental health and stress levels. If you are new to meditation or don't know where to start, there are many great meditation apps that can help, like Calm and Headspace.
7. Create a calming atmosphere : Your home should be a refuge from the stress of the city. Create a calming home using colors, textures, and scents that bring you peace. Diffusing essential oils is a great way to calm all of your senses.
8. Cut back the caffeine : Although caffeine can make you feel more productive, too much can make you anxious and put stress on the mind and body. Start reducing your intake in the afternoons by replacing coffee or tea with herbal tea and lots of water.
9. Eat well-balanced meals : Blood sugar management is equally as important for your stress levels. By being aware of how your meals are made (a good mix of fat, protein, and carbs) you will have control over your blood sugar and how that affects your overall mood. Get some well-balanced meal prep tips here.
10. Don't be afraid to get help : If you are experiencing chronic stress or stress that is triggering panic attacks, seek help from a mental health or medical professional. Your health and well-being is top priority!
Summer Madness Specials
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