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Dear #Positivity Friends,

The winter solstice is almost upon us. December 21 will bring the longest night and the shortest day of the year, a fact that either inspires us to kick up our heels and celebrate or to crawl into our caves and hunker down for the winter. I like to think of it one of those beautiful moments that happen throughout the year to remind us how lucky we are to live amidst nature’s wonder. Take the polar night, where the sun never rises above the horizon between mid-November and the end of January inside the Arctic Circle. Would it be weird to be in the dark for more than two months? Probably. But how magnificent it is to behold!

As you might imagine, I’m in the camp that does a jig for the winter solstice. Let’s follow the lead of the ancient and modern cultures around the globe and toast this magical convergence of time and space!

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With hope and positivity,

#Positivity® Stories

Polar Bears on the Move

Polar bears are hitting the ice on Canada’s Hudson Bay. Every fall before the bay freezes over, scientists with Polar Bears International outfit a dozen or so female polar bears with GPS devices so they can follow their movements across the ice in search of food. Using the nonprofit’s Polar Bear Tracker at https://polarbearsinternational.org/polar-bear-tracker, you can follow these bears on their journeys until the ice melts in the spring. Take Anuri, for example. This 22-year old mom (a.k.a. Bear #1) and her cub have traveled 333 kilometers between October 31 and December 3 this year.

Polar Bears International is based in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. The organization is committed to the conservation of the polar bears and the sea ice on which they live. 

Second Life Bikes

In Asbury Park, New Jersey, Second Life Bikes repairs and sells affordable used bicycles, parts, and accessories. All of the bicycles and parts for sale are donated and have been mechanically refurbished. Here’s the best part: local youths are invited to work in the shop for 15 hours learning bicycle maintenance and repair in exchange for a bike of their own that they’ve restored themselves. After their training in the shop, the kids have the skills to keep their bikes rolling for a good long time. They’ve also had a nice taste of volunteering in their the community at the shop.

Wheels in the Woods

State parks in five states have become more accessible than ever. Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, and South Dakota are now offering all-terrain wheelchairs to visitors who have mobility challenges so they can experience nature as they never could before. The 500-pound chairs are like something you might see at a monster truck rally, able to traverse terrains ranging from rocky inclines and snow to sand and shallow surf. Some parks offer this service for an additional charge, while others provide the chairs for free with park admission. Each park has its own reservations system and designated trails for these vehicles. “We want to create an unforgettable outdoor experience for everyone, not just for people who can walk,” said Jamie McBride, a program consultant with the Parks and Trails division of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in an interview with the Washington Post. “People have told us this is life-changing.”

Moshe Means Business

Flexibility is key to sustaining your business in changing times. Embracing change and the learning that comes with it can help you navigate the currents of fluctuating markets. 

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The Bald Eagle: The Improbable Journey of America’s Bird 

by Jack E. Davis

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jack Davis has written a soaring natural and cultural history of the bird that has been America’s national symbol for centuries. It’s a most unusual portrait of a species that has been feared, revered, nearly driven to extinction, and come back in numbers not seen since before this country was settled. The book tells the compellingly dramatic story of the eagle—the animal and the symbol—and features a whole cast of characters who have influenced the eagle’s journey, from the drafters of the U.S. Constitution to ruthless hunters and avid birders to the amalgam of naturalists, scientists, and activists who saved the species from disappearing. Two fun facts you’ll discover: 1. Artist Andy Warhol was a big eagle-o-phile. 2. Eagles are monogamous and considered among the finest parents on planet earth. You should read this book just to get to the bottom of those juicy pieces of information!

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