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Sally and I love to go to the ocean where we have found a small inlet bay and rent a quiet bungalow for about 10 days every winter. There we go DEEP with God with very little to disturb us. Enjoy the pictures below.

However, on our way to this secluded get-away we pass by very popular beaches that so many people frequent. If you have ever been to these beaches you will notice there are many people on the sand, a fewer number splashing in the shallows and a handful of people swimming in deeper waters.

Those who are on the sand are mostly happy building sand castles, tanning and enjoying the sun, doing little or nothing. Some are curious about the water and even take off their sandals and walk where the waves meet the sand. Others slowly venture out and start splashing in the shallows. But most are satisfied just where they are.

The people in the shallows are jumping, splashing and sort of swimming. They are in waist high water and are able to stand on the sandy bottom. They are a bit more quenched.

Then there are a small number of people who venture into the deep. They are excited to explore all that the ocean offers. It makes no sense to them why anybody would be satisfied experiencing only the sand and shallow water.

To me, the people on the sand, in the shallows and in the deep all represent the church members of today. They gather in churches because they love their sun, sand and surf. The churches for the most part are catering to the sunbathers and splashers. Nominal Christianity consisting of form and ceremony without the Power to live a life-changing walk In Jesus.
I believe God is calling us to leave the sand, to leave behind the shallows and to venture into the deep surrendered, faith walk with God! Most are afraid of such an adventure. They want you to soak up the sun with them on their beach blankets. Some would have you splash with them as they play in the shallows, which cost you little to nothing.

God however is calling His people into the DEEP experience of Oneness with Him, delivering you from all your captivity into the true gospel Power-the choice is yours!
“So then, because you are shallow and neither on the sand nor in the deep, I will…” Rev 3:16
Jim Hohnberger
Empowered Living Ministries
Empowered Living MInistries
Jim & Sally Hohnberger
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