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The power of the I AM Presence

The November 2022 Prophetic & Apostolic Monthly Insight Chronicle of Christ Consciousness & Spiritual Alchemy International Virtual Ministry

Chief Apostle D. DeWayne Rudd, Sr. - The Spiritual Oracle/Teacher


Shalom My Beloved!


Welcome to the beautiful month of November!


Pierrette and I sincerely greet you in the name of Christ Consciousness! We want to express our deepest gratitude for your loyal friendship, your faithful discipleship, and your benevolent generosity!


Thank you

Thank you

Thank you


Lauryn Hill correctly said a few years ago, “Everything we do should be a direct result of our gratitude for what God has done for us!” I sincerely and humbly agree. Personally…. It is my daily spiritual practice to begin and end my day with gratitude. I truly believe gratitude is the only reason I have been able to manifest my dreams, fulfill my calling, and create my vision. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude is absolutely the master key that will unlock the infinite treasure chest of God’s Promises!


So, November is the month of Gratitude and Thanksgiving!


Spiritually, the month of November is all about the sacred warrior and using spiritual acts as a mirror to remind us that we are fighting the real internal battles with ourselves; not externally, with other people. It is a special month in which we are recommended to realign ourselves spiritually through PMS, to refocus our spiritual priorities, and to regain our inner strength through affirmations, fasting, and kingdom giving.


I want you to begin November every single day of this month expressing your sincere gratitude specifically for these things:


☆Express gratitude for your health!

☆Express gratitude for your wealth!

☆Express gratitude for your promotion!

☆Express gratitude for your past, present, & future!

☆Express gratitude for your protection!

☆Express gratitude for your children and your parents.

☆Express gratitude for your relationships!

☆Express gratitude for your residence!

☆Express gratitude for your transportation!

☆Express gratitude for your employment.

☆Express gratitude for your spiritual growth!


This is what I know for sure……. When you are thankful it causes whatever, you are thankful for to increase.


Scripture says (1Tim.4:3-4, Phil.4:6, Psalm 100:4) 4 powerful things about the power of thanksgiving:


1.   Every request to God should be made with thanksgiving.

2.   God created everything to be received by thanksgiving.

3.   Nothing is refused when the request is made with thanksgiving.

4.   Enter your prayer gates with thanksgiving and praise.


It is a proven scientific experiential fact that gratitude absolutely creates MAGIC, MIRACLES, AND MONEY!


In November I will experience magic, miracles, and money!


Scripture says that being THANKFUL will create major blessings:


1.   You will receive abundant grace - 2Cor.4:15.

2.   You will be enriched (increased) in everything - 2Cor.9:11.

3.   Your wants will be supplied - 2Cor.9:12.


What is the practical magical supernatural power of gratitude?


♡Gratitude opens the door to more covenant relationships. 

♡Gratitude improves physical health. 

♡Gratitude improves psychological health.

♡Gratitude enhances empathy and reduces aggression. 

♡Gratitude allows you to sleep better.

♡Gratitude improves self-esteem.

♡Gratitude increases your mental strength.

♡Gratitude improves your self-esteem.

♡Gratitude increases your mental strength.

♡Gratitude makes us happier.

♡Gratitude makes people like us more.

♡Gratitude strengthens positive emotions and it eliminates toxic emotions.

♡Gratitude makes us more optimistic.

♡Gratitude increases your spirituality.

♡Gratitude makes you less self-centered.

♡Gratitude increases physical longevity.


Practice gratitude every single day! When gratitude is coupled with kingdom living and kingdom giving it creates a kingdom lifestyle of pleasure, prosperity, and abundance.


Now………. What is our prophetic insight for the month of November? It is understanding our purpose for human existence. Romans 8:28 says we were called into this life according to His Purpose! His purpose is a reference to your Inner spirit. Your spirit had a purpose in mind when it decided to be born hidden in a physical body!


What was it? It was to experience its nature, to explore its power, and to see if it could remember Itself while existing in a physical avatar.


◇The nature of your spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, and temperance. THERE IS NO EARTHLY LAW THAT CAN WORK AGAINST THESE FORCES!

◇The power of your spirit are the gifts of your spirit which are wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, discernment, communication, and Interpretation.

◇Ecc.1:11 clearly reveals that we don’t remember former or future things! We don’t remember our past lives nor do we remember the future lives we’re presently living right now! Failure to remember the past and the future makes us creatively vulnerable in the present moment. Only the Holy Spirit within us can bring THESE EXPERIENCES back to our remembrance (John 14:26)!


The Bible is replete with much evidence that our divine purpose for being present in the third dimension is based upon experience, exploration, and remembrance. The Bible speaks about a book of remembrance. The Book of Remembrance is not an actual literal book…. It is actually an allegorical (Gal.4:24) representation of the totality of the infinite INFORMATION (past, present, & future) that the inner spirit within you possesses. Your inner spirit remembers EVERYTHING and EVERYONE; it remembers all of the innumerable incarnations we have experienced, and because it RETAINS all information related to any of your incarnations and it’s activities from any life experience no matter where it took place and no matter what kind of avatar it took place in, your inner spirit should be consciously questioned about your past and your future. Scripture says, Ask ME about things to come and concerning the work of MY HANDS command ME (Isaiah 45:11)!


* You have a divine right to know how many lifetimes you’ve lived!

* You have a divine right to know how many times you’ve functioned In a female avatar versus a male avatar.

* You have a divine right to know how you exited each lifetime.

* You have a divine right to know the lessons you learned and the progress you’ve made.


It is clearly evident that we are the gods of amnesia. During our incarnations we are completely dominated by a spirit of forgetfulness.


What have we forgotten that we desperately need to Remember? Ecc.1:11


1. Our divine Nature - 2Peter 1:4, Gal.5:22 - Our divine nature is called the fruit of the spirit.

2. Our unlimited Power - John 5:3, 2Cor.4:7, Ephesians 3:20 - Our unlimited power is described as the gifts of the spirit in 1Cor.12:8-10.

3. Our eternal Oneness - Romans 12:5 - We are inseparably connected as One Christ functioning in many bodies.

4. Our divine Purpose - Phil.1:21, Romans 8:28-29 - We are being lived by our inner spirit.

5. Our eternal Home - Psalm 23:6 - Our eternal home is functioning in a house or a container of God forever.

6. Our constant Return - Ecc.12:7, 2Cor.5:8 - Whenever we exit a physical body or a physical dimension we always return back to the heavenly realms.

7. Our Triumph - 2Cor.2:14, Romans 14:8 - Whether we are living in a body or dead without a body we always triumph!


In Ecc.1:5-7 & Ecc.12:7 the great King Solomon mentions 4 natural objects and 1 spiritual entity that all follow the same law of return which states……. everything and everyone return to its original source.


1.   The sun always returns to the place where it arose.

2.   The wind whirls around in a grand circular motion but it always returns to its beginning place.

3.   All rivers always return to the ocean; their source.

4.   Time that was becomes time that is and time that shall be is only the time that once was.

5.   All spirits return back to the Spirit who gave them life.


The Bhagavad Gita says that the end of a cosmic cycle is one hundred fifty thousand billion of the earth years; then we all Return to The Oneness (God) only to be Released Again from The Oneness to experience other avatars and other realities! How many innumerable lifetimes do we experience within a one hundred thousand-billion-year cycle?  Life is actually infinite; it has no beginning and no ending. Infinity is life and Life is God. 1John 5:20 says God is eternal life!


In the Gita Krishna tells Arjuna this amazing spiritual truth…” Many, many births both you and I have passed through. I can remember all of them, but you cannot. And whoever, at the time of physical death, quits his physical body, remembering Me alone, instantly attains My divine nature and will never be born into this world again. Of this there is no doubt. Whatever state of mind and being one remembers when he quits his physical body, that is the state of being and mind he will maintain in the next world without fail. According to the Vedas, there are two ways of passing from this physical world—one in light and one in darkness. When one passes or transitions in the light, he does not come back to this physical realm; but when one passes in the darkness, he always returns.


Is reincarnation an experience validated by scripture? Absolutely. In Malachi 4:5-6 the reincarnation of Elijah was prophesied by Malachi the prophet 900 years before it actually happened! In Mt.11:12-14 Jesus himself recognized John the baptizer as being Elijah the prophet who existed during the reign of Ahab and Jezebel!


The great Rumi spoke about reincarnation in this amazing poem:


I looked for my self, but my self was gone. The boundaries of my being had disappeared in the sea. Waves broke. Awareness rose again. And a voice returned me to myself. It always happens like this. Sea turns on itself and foams, and with every foaming bit another body, another being takes foam. And when the sea sends word, each foaming body melts back to ocean-breath.


A strange but true story about reincarnation:


“When I was your age, I changed your diaper,” said the dark-haired boy to his father. Ron looked down at his smiling son, who had not yet turned two. He thought it was a very strange thing to say, but he figured he had misheard him.

But as baby Sam made similar remarks over the next few months, Ron and his wife, Cathy, gradually pieced together an odd story: Sam believed that he was his deceased grandfather, Ron’s late father, who had returned to his family. More intrigued than alarmed, Ron and Cathy asked Sam, “How did you come back?”

“I just went whoosh and came out the portal,” he responded.

Although Sam was a precocious child—he’d been speaking in full sentences from the age of 18 months—his parents were stunned to hear him use a word like portal, and they encouraged him to say more. They asked Sam if he’d had any siblings, and he replied that he’d had a sister who “turned into a fish.”

“Who turned her into a fish?”

“Some bad guys. She died.”

Eerily enough, Sam’s grandfather had a sister who had been murdered 60 years earlier; her body was found floating in San Francisco Bay. Ron and Cathy then gently asked Sam, “Do you know how you died?”

Sam jerked back and slapped the top of his head as if in pain. One year before Sam was born, his grandfather had died of a cerebral hemorrhage.


The most important thing we came back here to remember is actually mentioned in Ecc.12:1…. we returned to remember that we are gods! 


We are literally gods hidden in physical avatars. Nothing happens in this realm without seed, a sower, and soil!


◇You are the sower.

◇The soil is your mind.

◇The seed is thoughts, words, emotions, imagination, decisions, and actions.

Remember…. The only reason why anything has ever happened in our world is because it was either an individual or a collective SPIRIT who created it! 


Know this:


John 4:24 – God is Spirit.

Heb.12:9, Psalms 104:30 – God fathered spirits or created spirits by releasing them from Itself to function as individual independent spirits.

Job 32:8 – We are all individually spirits.


Our physical world/universe was created by a spirit like you and me.


a.      Gen.1:1 – a god (not God) created the heavens and the earth.

b.      Col.1:16-19 – Jesus was that spirit or God who created everything in this dimension.

c.      John 1:1-5 – The process of creation involves thought, emotion, and words!


The thought that became the word that was spoken by emotion……is always responsible for any material physical manifestation!


In Mt.12:35 and in Mt.15:18-19 Jesus said, Creation is always something or someone who is brought forth (whether it is good or evil) from the heart (via mind & emotion) of human beings! Knowing this is extremely important…. Everything that happens in this physical universe is always BROUGHT FORTH via our thoughts, our words, & our emotions, which triggers our imagination, our decisions, and our actions! If it is not brought forth from the creative faculties (thought, words, emotion, imagination, decisions, & actions) of a human being IT WILL NOT HAPPEN – Pro.26:2!


•  If your body gets sick it was brought forth.

•  The house you live in, the car you drive, all of your material and financial assets were all brought forth.

•  The relationship you have was brought forth.

•  The job you have was brought forth.

•  If your relationship is destroyed or if it succeeds it was brought forth.

•  If your relationship is filled with ecstasy, bliss, and happiness or misery, depression, or anguish it was brought forth.

•  If you connect with a soul mate or if you don’t it was brought forth.

•  If you are raped, molested, or murdered it was brought forth.

•  If you are harmed because you ended up in a negative vibrational environment it was brought forth.

•  If you wreck your vehicle, it was brought forth.

•  If you receive a million dollar, check it was brought forth in this lifetime or in a previous lifetime.

•  If you end up bankrupt or filthy rich it was brought forth.

•  If you die prematurely or experience longevity it was brought forth.

•  If you end up in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people doing the wrong thing it was brought forth.


Every human being is a god or a creator whether they know it or not. Acts 14:11 clearly says…. The gods have come down (not a geographical descent but a descent in consciousness and vibration) in the likeness of men (our humanity is only the illusion of clothing that our spirit wears). We are THOSE GODS! Our ONLY problem is amnesia, forgetfulness, unconsciousness.


My assignment during this incarnation is to assist you with your REMEMBRANCE! Please, let me do my job! How? Faithfully attend the daily virtual Spiritual Alchemy classes, meditate on the daily texts, and always practice the kingdom principles you’re being taught!


Enjoy November!


Yours In Christ Consciousness,


Chief Apostle D. DeWayne Rudd, Sr.

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