All students in grades 1 and up will take part in our school wide sedder on April 14th. Our students look forward to this every year, and a lot of preparation goes into it. We look forward to seeing all of our students on April 14th
What are Shalom School Golden Shekels?
You may have heard you child's excitement talking about our Shekel Fair, and you may have asked yourself "What is a Shekel Fair?"

A Shalom School Shekel is a gold plastic coin that we use to reward students. There are multiple opportunities to earn shekels. Some of these include: being on time, participating in services, thoughtfully answering questions, being helpful, being a mench, completing an additional assignment, positive attitude, etc...

We have a Shekel Fair quarterly, and students have the opportunity to spend their shekels for a variety of prizes ranging from 1 shekel to 75. Students can also save their shekels for the end of the year Shekel Fair, where the prizes will be pretty big (we have some big earners and savers!)

We hope that you will assist us in encouraging your child to earn shekels!
What are Shalom School Madrichim?
Starting in 7th grade, our students have the opportunity to become madrachim, or, teacher's assistants. We have always been lucky and had some great leaders in training...some of them go off to teach Sunday school in their new cities when they move away for college, and some return right back to us to become Shalom School teachers!
Ask any teacher and you will soon hear how valuable these teens are to us! Madrachim work hand- in -hand with teachers to deliver lessons, often working with small groups of students. Madrachim also create and teach mini lessons throughout the year.
We are so proud of our madrichim dedication to Jewish education !
OUR 2018-2019 Madrachim Are:
  • Zoey Loncon
  • Sarah Loncon
  • Catherine Bock
  • Shaina Rotker
  • Jake Freidman
  • Kate Bossler
  • Charles Harris
  • Eleanor Rothschild

Our yearly fundraiser is on its way.
Help us reach our goal
Every year thanks to our generous donors we can offer quality curriculum, affordable tuition and security for our students.
Send your check to Shalom School,
9 Lee Blvd, 31405 Savannah

Parent-student study sessions:
Our first round of Parent-Student Study Sessions was very successful. Here is the schedule for the next round on
April 7th:
9:30-10:45: Kindergarten and First Grade
10:45-12:00: 4th and 5th Grade
Color War Was Amazing!
Could you hear the screams from the street? Our students had a BLAST competing in the first, now annual, COLOR WAR! We had ice cream sundaes for snack after building up quite the appetite.Students visited 4 stations where they completed both Jewish knowledge and physical challenges.
Mazal Tov to the Yellow team who took the final victory!

After Color Wars, we were treated to quite the performance from Rabbi Haas famous Purim Shpiel . There was a lot of laughter, and it was the perfect way to end before the short break.


We said a very tearful goodbye to our dedicated teacher, Risa Perl at the end of March. Risa taught for many years, and this past year was teaching our Level Bet and 2/3 teacher.
Risa is adored by her students and will be missed. We look forward to welcoming her back in the future!
Classroom News
1st Grade: During this past month, the first grade Hebrewsaurs learned about the Jewish holidays of Purim and Passover. They mastered more prayers like modeh ani and mi chamocha. They created beautiful works of art, told stories of bravery and freedom, and reviewed more Hebrew letters. They also got to participate in color wars, having a fantastic time learning and competing.
4th Grade: This past month the boys have learned about Purim, Samson, Samuel and competed in Color Wars. It was a packed month!
5th Grade: 5th grade reviewed the story of Queen Esther and Mordechai. We discussed the faith it took for Mordechai to refuse to bow down to Haman and the courage it took for Esther to speak out for the Jewish people. In history, we learned about the beginning of the split in Judaism between the Orthodox, Reform, and Conservative movements. We learned how each movement sought to find a way to both keep traditions that made them Jewish, but find their place in an increasingly changing world.
6th Grade: This past month our 6th grade class has been studying WWII, several prophets, and the upcoming holidays of Purim and Pessach. We welcomed our parents to class this past Sunday and played a fun round of Sunday School Jeopardy, and put them to the test in a pop quiz over what we have learned so far this year. 
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