Wishing a Happy Hanukkah to all of our wonderful families! 
        Winter Break form December 19 to January 8

   If you have a child age 2 to 4, join us at Mickve Israel for            SHALOM SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE 
                 Sunday December 2 nd from 10 to 11am  
               for a morning session filled with play, song, story and snack. 
This will be a great opportunity to meet other families and to stop by our classrooms to have a pick at what we do at Shalom School. 

Join us Sunday, December 9th at 11:30am for our              Hanukkah program presented by grades prek to 6th. 
A Latkes party hosted by Mickve Israel Sisterhood will follow the program.


C lassrooms News
PreK/K has been enjoying learning bible stories, like the Tower of Babel, and about upcoming holidays like Hanukkah. Everyone very much enjoyed the grandparents and special friends breakfast that we had recently. Getting to sit with the people we love and sing for them was a very enjoyable experience for all of us.
1st Grad e  Hebrewsaurs have been doing great things.  We have learned dozens of Hebrew words and made daily flash cards to help remind us to incorporate them into our day.  We had great discussions about 'What G-d means to us' with our rabbis and each other, and then we made vision collage boards. We have continued our letters, bible stories, and lessons in Judasim, like tikun olam, mitzvot, derech eretz, and tzedakah.  We premiered our Hebrewsaurs song at the Grandparents/Special Guest day, so if you missed it, please join us at the Chanukah program on December 9th.  Happy Holiday

 2nd/3rd grade class has been very busy learning more about Abraham, the sacrifice of Isaac and the kidness and Rebecca
. Our class has engaged in discussions about the importance of taking action and helping the elderly.

4th Grade boys are going wild with their mastery of history and prayers. We are looking forward to what will be a stellar performance in the Hanukkah Program.

6th grade is enjoying getting to know their new teacher, Ms. Emma. The students are busy learning about tikkun olam and preparing for Hanukkah!
Shalom School Families to support the SJF campaign

The Savannah Jewish Federation is now running it's annual campaign. As a Shalom School parent, it is important that you know that the  SJF  has a major role in our school; Close to 20% of our funds come form the  SJF  allowing us to provide a quality program while keeping affordable tuition rates for our parents.
We hope that in return you will choose to  support  this year campaign. Donation can be made  HERE .
Thank You!

you are now able to pay Shalom School tuition using your credit card. 
              2nd semester tuition is due January 1st. 
Please note that a 3% processing fee will be added to your balance but you can always chose to mail a check if you wish to avoid that fee.
!!PUBLIX card program change !!

  Key cards are no longer be accepted. Over the years, Publix has donated $10,629 to our school thanks to the parents and staff who have their card scanned when buying groceries. 
will now input their phone numbers at check out to continuing supporting our school.
Here's how it works.
1. If you don't have a Publix account, please take a minute to register for one at  PUBLIX.COM (click on Sign Up in the upper left hand corner).
2.       Once you have an account, go to publix.com/partners and choose our school to earn rewards. You will need to enter the zip code 31405 for Shalom School name to come up.
Please keep supporting Shalom School through Publix's reward 
program and sign up today. Thanks!!!

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