If you have a toddler, join us at Shalom School for     
this Sunday May 5th, 9:30-10:30 am   
                     for a morning session filled with play, song, snack! 
           This will be a great opportunity to meet other families!

Please join us for our
End of the Year Celebration
Sunday, May 19th at 11:30am
Our students will perform, you won't want to miss it!
What Do You Do with Tzedakah Collected On Sunday?

We are so happy to see so many of our families bringing in tzedakah on Sundays. Whether or a penny or a dollar, the act is meaningful and the students take pride in giving.

Every Sunday we add up the tzedakah and set it aside. On the last day of school the annual classes suggest and vote on projects that are meaningful for them.

We have had some great suggestions put forth by students, and we have given locally and abroad.

We encourage you over the rest of the school year to discuss with your students which projects and organizations are meaningful or significant for your family and why.
What A Great Seder!
Mah Nishtana echoed in the hallways during our annual school-wide seder . Students participated in a mock seder and discussed the holiday and symbols on the seder plate. It was delicious and fun!

Classroom News
PreK/ Kindergarten: PreK/K has really enjoyed these last few sessions. We were excited to have our parents join us for a study session. We talked about our own Seders and got to know each other better. Some families got to meet each other who may not have before. We’ve enjoyed decorating our own afikomen covers and helping our art teacher with a special school-wide project. We’re excited to perform for the end-of-the-year program, too!
1st Grade:This month was all about my favorite holiday, Passover! The 1 st grade Hebrewsaurs discussed Passover's themes, symbolism, traditions, family foods, seders, and more. We had visits from parents and grandparents, mock seders with friends, school-wide art projects and lots of learning. The children are mastering Hebrew letters and Gemilut Chassadim every week!
2nd/ 3rd Grade: This month was all about Passover. We reviewed the parts of the Seder, and learned songs to help us remember the order of the Seder and the plagues and of course, reviewed the Four Questions. We dove deeper into each critical player in the story of Passover; HaSh'm, Moshe, Miriam, Aron, Paroh. We analyzed Moshe's relationship with HaSh'm and his personal journey as a developing leader of the Israelites. We learned about mitzvot of caring for your family and community from their examples and realized how we all have unique strengths that serve a higher purpose when utilized for the betterment of our community. We will finish this year off as mensches and stronger Hebrew readers! 
4th Grade: We have had a packed month! We're really working hard on Hebrew, started our study of Israel and had a fun and engaging session with parents where we researched Passover traditions around the world. Did you know in Gibraltar they use real brick dust in the charoset?!
5th grade learned about the 12 spies who explored the land of Canaan after leaving Egypt. Out of the 12 spies, only 2 were willing to trust in G-d's promise that the People of Israel could claim the land and defeat their enemies. Because the people sided with the other 10 spies, G-d punished the Jewish people to wander in the desert for 40 years. Sometimes trying new things or traveling to new places can be scary, but we can't let fear stop us from moving forward.
6th Grade: The 6th grade class has been hard at work learning all about Judaism in the 20th century. We also started practicing several prayers that the students will lead during their Bar/ Bat Mitzvahs. With only a month of Shalom School left, we will continue to wrap up our studies and prepare for 7th grade next year.
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