Join us THIS Sunday, November 4th for our annual bingo fundraiser.  We will gather in the Social Hall directly after classes.  
****Food, Fun, PRIZES!****
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We need you, parents, 
to help us with our Bingo and our Grandparents Breakfast.
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For Bingo,(11/4) we need : 1 person to pick up the pizzas, 1 clean up and 1money collector
  Grandparents and Special Friends Breakfast (11/18) we need: 
3 cooks, 2 set up/clean up persons

November 18th: Grandparents and Special Friends Breakfast

Rabbi Haas, Rabbi Henkin and Eva Locker will be leading a discussion about the tragic event of the Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh  this coming Sunday from 10-11am for 
students  6th grade and up.
  YOU MUST give your child permission to attend by responding to THIS email in order for your child to participate in this discussion
C lassrooms News

1st Grade: Mrs. Lisa- The first grade Hebrewsaurs have had a great month!  They sang and signed Oseh Shalom at the community Shabbat service wonderfully. The children explored imagery, dreams & fears, faith, and responsibility when discussing who G-d is to them.  Finally, they have furthered their knowledge and comfort with Hebrew letters. They can't wait for the fall events like the bingo activity, grandparent's/special friends day, and the Chanukah program where they will have lots of chances to show what they've learned so far. See you all there!!
2nd/3rd Grade: Miss Risa's 2nd/3rd grade class has had an exciting month. We started our adventure of the Torah with the book of Genesis, learned about Noah and the Ark, studied the laws of keeping kosher which included a lively discussion and wonderful drawings of what a kosher meal would like. The students drew some pretty amazing plates.  
The children are so enthusiastic about learning and participate in class discussions with the same enthusiasm. Until next time...
4th Grade: Mrs. Michelle- Students have thoroughly enjoyed creating their own illustrated Torah one chapter at a time through research and resources.  We are busy working on Hebrew vocabulary and learning Jewish values.
5th Grade: 
The 5th grade has been learning about the stories of Ruth and Devorah. Ruth showed her courage in following Naomi to land far from where she had been raised. Devorah showed wisdom in her leadership of the Jewish people. Both followed their faith in G-d to discover a meaningful life. We have also been looking at the Jewish life in Europe that led to the cultural split between Sephardic and Ashkenzic Jews.

6th Grad e:This month the 6th Grade class of Shalom School has been continuing the study of Jewish history, as our people spread throughout Europe in the diaspora. We tied that to our lessons in G'milut Chasadim, concerning the importance of community in maintaining our identity. Just this past week we looked at the establishment of modern Hebrew, for use in the newly forming State of Israel.


As of this week, you will be able to pay Shalom School tuition using your credit card. 
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!!PUBLIX card program change !!

 As of September 30th, key cards will no longer be accepted. Over the years, Publix has donated $10,629 to our school thanks to the parents and staff who have their card scanned when buying groceries. 
Beginning October 1, 2018, customers 
will input their phone numbers at check out to continuing supporting our school.
Here's how it works.
1. If you don't have a Publix account, please take a minute to register for one at  PUBLIX.COM (click on Sign Up in the upper left hand corner).
2.       Once you have an account, go to and choose our school to earn rewards. You will need to enter the zip code 31405 for Shalom School name to come up.
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